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The only 5-Star Google Rated We have a 5-Star Google Review Rating International Microsoft Certified Microsoft solutions provider with a 25 year track record of providing superior services to companies such as Microsoft. Since 1994 we have worked locally, nationally and internationally with Business Organizations, Governmental Agencies, Educational Institutions, non-profits and individuals of all sizes and requirements. No matter where you are, we have the team and skills to meet your needs.

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Microsoft Certified Since 1994
Trusted Worldwide by Tens of Thousands of Companies, Governments, Schools & Non-Profits
Tens of thousands of organizations (Businesses, Government Entities, Formal Educational Institutions as well as Non-Profits) and over 1 million individual users across the globe have benefited from the work our portfolio of companies have internationally produced since our founding in 1994.

♦ From our paid professional services in all of the Microsoft applications, (Microsoft Consulting, Programming, Training and Development), to the dozens of free Microsoft Excel templates our Microsoft Excel MVPs developed for the Microsoft Corporation and Microsoft's millions of global Excel users (These Excel templates are free to the users of MS Excel and all of them are embedded in every version of Excel since 2013, as well as being freely available on the Microsoft Corporation's website for download and use to this day). ♦♦ Our free Microsoft Help forums (VBAExpress.Com) covering all of the Microsoft desktop productivity applications (Microsoft Office, SQL Server, Azure, VB.Net and Power BI) have benefited countless millions over the past several decades. ♦♦♦ In addition to building applications for educational institutions like Hard and UCI, we have developed two online college courses that are offered in over 50 community colleges across the country. ♦♦♦♦Add all of our free training videos and webinars and you can quickly see the numbers of organizations and individuals we have assisted since 1993. All along the way our work has improved the efficiency, accuracy and knowledge of countless millions of data visualization experts, data scientists and millions of Microsoft's clients.

We would like to help you today; contact us for a free 45-minute consultation, it simply starts with a conversation and ends with your expectations being exceeded, that is how we maintain our five-star rating.
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Are you going to risk the success of your project by hiring a Microsoft Excel consultant off of a discount freelancer website, an after-hours individual, or a company of one? Or are you going to hire a firm that Microsoft hires when they need help?
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