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Our company has been the only international 5-Star Rated Microsoft Certified Partner providing Microsoft Excel and Access consulting services to businesses, government agencies, educational institutions as well as individuals in North America and the UK since 1994. Also known as The Smarter Microsoft Solutions Provider.


We have done the same with Microsoft Access, Office, Power BI, SQL Server, Azure and SharePoint. We have been able to accomplish this because we have both programmers and trainers dedicated to each of the Microsoft applications. This puts us in the position to assist you at the expert level.


Our Consulting Services don’t just cover Microsoft Excel, but all of the Microsoft Applications from the programs in Microsoft Office to Power BI, SQL Server, Azure to SharePoint.

We are able to do this because we have both programmers and trainers dedicated to each of these applications, so we are able to assist you at the expert level.




Here is a list of the Microsoft applications in which we work. Drilldown for more detail.


Before we develop Excel business solutions, we work closely with every client to understand their individual goals and the challenges they are facing.

More often than not, clients have an existing Microsoft Excel application using macros/VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) or an Access database solution in place; however, these can often be faulty and poorly constructed. This results in errors and added work, which ultimately means time AND money.

Our expert consultants thoroughly analyze the system you have in place, assess the problems you are facing, and develop strategies that will garner the results you seek.  Our project discovery is laser-focused and we don’t miss.

We’ve already provided effective, quality solutions to clients of all sizes in a variety of industries, including business, government agencies and educational institutions.


Let us be the solution to your Microsoft technology challenges.





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