Core Team

Core Team – Know Who You Are Working With™

Founder, Visionary, Chief Executive Officer
Microsoft Excel MVP - Lead Excel, Access, SQL Server, Word, Outlook, VB.Net Developer
Director Client Services - Irvine, Senior Project Manager, Local Business Development
Director of Microsoft Power BI (on premises, cloud and mobile), Senior Project Manager
Lead Excel, Access, SQL Server, & SharePoint Consultant, Business Development (London)
Lead Microsoft Access Developer/Trainer, Project Manager, Business Development (Los Angeles)
Senior Microsoft Access, Word, Outlook, Excel Developer (New York)
Senior Excel Trainer (PC and Mac cross-platform expertise)
Microsoft Application Expert (Irvine)
Excel / VBA / Access Developer (Irvine)
Senior Microsoft Excel, Access, and SQL Server Developer (Irvine Office)
Excel, Access Developer (Irvine Office)
Access Developer/Trainer (Irvine Office)
Senior Excel, Power BI Developer (Texas) - Previous Microsoft Excel MVP
MS Access / VBA / SQL Developer (California)
Excel, Access, SLQ Server Developer (New York)
Client Support Services (Irvine)
Excel, Access and SQL Server Developer (Irvine Office)
Excel, Access, SQL Server (UK)
Client Services Manager