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Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) - Mini Graphic

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the ExcelConsultant.Net website, the Excel and Access, LLC E&A Team, and the local Microsoft Excel Consulting Services that we Provide to Business. This is just a partial list of the questions we are frequently asked. If you have additional questions regarding our expert Excel Consulting Services, our Excel Classes & Seminars, or our Free Excel Help Resources, please simply send us an e-mail, or complete our simple to use contact form , asking your question(s), and we will reply as soon as possible. We might also post your question here, so check back frequently.

Q. Who is Excel Consultant (ExcelConsultant.Net)

A. We are a team of Professional Excel and Access Consultants, Programmers, Developers, Trainers, and Instructors. We are Microsoft Excel MVPs, Microsoft Access MVPs, Authors, Excel MVPs, Educators, and Business Experts. Everyone on the team has 15+ years of Microsoft Excel, Macros, and Access programming/training experience in a corporate environment.

Q. What does ExcelConsultant.Net do?

A. We provide local Excel and Access services in three primary areas (3-Service Lines), 1) Excel & Access Consulting and Programming, 2) Excel & Access Classes, Training, Seminars and Webinars, and 3) Free Excel Help Resources.

Q. What Services does ExcelConsultant.Net Offer?

A. We assist companies with all of their Excel & Access service needs, be they 1) Excel programming, 2) Excel consulting, 3) Excel development, 4) Access programming, 5) Access Consulting, 6) Access development, 7) Excel classes, 8) Excel training, 9) Excel seminars, 10) Excel webinars, 11) Access classes, 12) Access training, 13) Access seminars, 14) Access webinars, 15) Excel articles, 17) Excel videos, 18) Excel examples, 19) Excel downloads, 20) Access articles, 21) Access videos, 22) Access examples, 23) Access downloads, etc. If it can be done in Excel or Access, we do it, and we do it at the expert level.

Q. How long have we been in Operation?

A. We have been in operation locally since 2004 under the name Central Data Financial Systems. In 2010 we changed our name to Excel and Access, LLC to better reflect what we do. I. E., we work with Microsoft Excel and Access. Still today, the majority of our work involves providing Excel and Access services in Accounting, Finance, and Business environments. We are business experts in addition to being Excel and Access experts.

Q. What are our Operating Hours?

A. We operate from 6am to 11:30pm, seven days a week, excluding holidays.

Q. Where is ExcelConsultant.Net located?

A. We are an international agency with developer offices positioned across the globe located near our major client centers. The primary corporate office is located in the Irvine, in sunny Southern Orange County California. That is where Christopher and his non-development staff are based. There is a secondary but smaller corporate office in Manchester England to cover the UK operations. Our main developer offices are in San Francisco, San Diego, Irvine, Los Angeles, Santa Maria, Dallas, Arizona, Oregon, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Seattle, Manchester, London, and Sydney, with more on the way. There is a good chance that we are local to your office.

Q. How many Projects back our Talent?

A. The team members have completed well over 4,000 Excel and Access projects as a whole. It is really hard to beat that much experience. A benefit of which is the speed and efficiency that our developers bring to the table. Chances are we have done what you need to have done several times over. This level of experience reduces the amount of time a project takes us to complete, and that in turn reduces the cost of the project, down to the lowest level possible. You benefit from our experience. Plus our work is so good and on point that there is no wasted time on rework. We get it right the first time.

Q. What is our Payment Policy and Practice?

A.We typically work against a retainer. We can accept Google Checkout, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and company checks. Our rates start at $75 an hour and they increase from there, depending on the complexity of your needs. We offer free consultations and free estimates, to give you an idea of the cost before you commit to having any work done.

Q. What Industries do we Service?

A. We pretty much work with any and all industries. The individual team members have completed well over 4,000 projects as a group, and with that they have worked with most industries possible. But we do come across a new one now and then. We just completed a project for LinkedIn.Com and that was our first social media client.


The primary industries we have worked with, doing multiple clients in the same industry are: Automotive (Ford, BMW, Toyota, Honda, etc.) Governmental Agencies (Social Security Administration, Department of the Treasury, United States Postal Service, Southern California Edison, U.S. Army, Department of Veterans Affairs, the US Navy, San Diego Police Department, Santa Clara Valley Water District, etc.), Technology (Verizon, IBM, JVC, Toshiba, AT&T, General Electric, etc.), Financial (Merrill Lynch, American Express, Union Bank, etc.), Restaurants (Red Lobster, Smokey Bones, El Pollo Loco, etc.), HealthCare (GE Healthcare, Tenet Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Walgreens, Amgen, etc.) Education (University of Arizona, Charles Drew University, Fred Pryor Seminars, American Association of Community Colleges, Coast Community College District, International Knowledge Measurement, Progressive Business Audio Conferences, Orange Coast College, Growth Education, etc.) and the list goes on...


Retail, Entertainment, Accounting, Automotive, Banking, Communications, Construction, Consulting, Consumer Products, Education, Electronics, Energy, Entertainment, Finance, Government, Healthcare, Investing, Legal, Social Networking, Manufacturing,etc.

Q. What is our Privacy Policy?

A. We treat all information received as strictly confidential. If you have a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) we will quickly sign it and return it to you. If you do not have one we have one of our own that we can provide. That said, you do not need to use a NDA; we treat your project the same, regardless.

Q. How do we Work?

A. We work either by the project or by the hour, based on your particular needs. We work remotely or onsite as well. We work with you, every step of the way. There are no surprises; you help to manage your project and as such you are 100% aware and involved in the work that will be performed. Furthermore, you only pay for work that is agreed upon in advance, during the estimation process. There are no hidden costs or expenses.

Q. How Soon can we Start your Project?

A. We can start your Excel or Access project in less than 2-minutes. Really. I can start your project as soon as you reach me. In most circumstances I can initiate a GoToMeeting with you and your team and me and one or more members of my team within 2-minutes of your initial call. We are that quick, we have that many resources, and we are that committed to providing you with your unique solution, and in most cases that is the same day you contact us. Why wait?

Q. Do we Offer Free Consultations and Estimates?

A. Yes, Absolutely. We always begin with a free consultation and a free estimate. We can usually provide the estimate within a few hours of your initial call or e-mail. We work against the estimate, &/or a formal Statement of Work (SOW).

Q. Do we Follow the 'Standards for Ethical Programmers'?

A. Yes, Absolutely. We are business professionals and we work as such. You can read the Standards of Ethical Programmers at [LINK TO MY PAGE HERE], or at [THEIR LINK HERE].

Q. Do we Provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

A. Yes, if your company does not have a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) we can use the one that we have for our firm. That said, we treat all projects with the same level of privacy and protection, regardless if we have an NDA or not in place. To date, since 2004 we have never had issues where an NDA was needed and only about 10% or less of our clients us them.

Q. Does ExcelConsultant.Net Outsource their work?

A. Never, absolutely never. I have taken great pains to insource the best Excel and Access talent available, in the world. As such I have a team of amazing experts that are here to work with you, no matter where in the world your business operates. We have developers located around the world to work with you in your time zone. If I have the need for additional resources I have the contacts in place to quickly bring them onboard. As such we can always start your project the same day, without the need for outsourcing.

Q. Do we provide onsite services?

A. Yes. We will come to your place of business for both consulting and training projects, anywhere in the world. Of course there is an added cost for onsite work, to cover the additional expenses and time. That said, we do our best to keep them minimal. In most circumstances, remote Excel and Access programming works very well. 50% or more of of the time training can be handled remotely, but it is just as common for us to come to your place of business to train you and your team. If you want us onsite, we will come onsite, anywhere in the world, from New York, Texas, Irvine California, Seattle Washington, and to Toronto Canada.

Q. Does ExcelConsultant.Net work with students?

A. No. Never. Sorry. We work with business, small and large, but not with students or households.

Q. Does ExcelConsultant.Net use India based labor?

A. No. Never. And you know why. I have rather built an internal team of excellent Excel and Access developers that work where you work (USA, UK, Au, China, etc.). They speak fluent English and have a strong business background. My Excel and Access consultants are professional developers and this is their primary source of income. Hence, no use of Indian labor.

Q. Does ExcelConsultant.Net Unprotect files from your previous employer?

A. No, never, sorry. We unprotect files, but not files that you do not own or have rights to.

Q. What forms of payment can we accept?

A. Google Checkout, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and company checks.

Q. How to Join our Team of Exceptional Talent?

A. We are always looking for new talent. If you have the skills to please our clients then we want to talk to you. Please send examples of your work.

Q. How do we work remotely?

A. We use programs such as GoToMeeting, GoToAssist, GoToMyPC, Skype, IM, E-Mail, Box.Net, and the telephone.

Q. What applications do we work with?

A. We primarily work in Excel, Access, Macros (VBA), Outlook, Word, SQL Server, SharePoint, and VB.Net. As such we can integrate and automate any and all of the applications mentioned here.

Q. Do we work with Excel for the Mac?

A. Yes, we not only provide Excel programming and consulting services for the Apple Mac version of Excel to business, one of our Microsoft Excel MVP developers actually trains Apple on Excel at their corporate office. He also trains Excel at Microsoft. So yes, we are Excel for the Mac experts. We even work in Lotus 123 if you can believe that people still use it.

Q. What Does an Excel Programmer Do?

A. Typically a Microsoft Excel programmer spends most of their time typing advanced VBA (Macros). This is the way to automate Excel, using Visual Basic for Applications. An Excel programmer also works with formulas, charts, reports, etc., but they spend most of their time in the Visual basic Editor.


A Microsoft Excel Consultant is slightly different than an Excel programmer as much of their work is in the consulting aspect of the project. More face-to-face communicative work. An Excel consultant still types VBA and they still work with formulas, charts, reports, etc., but they tend to do more work that involves analysis, decision making, model design, etc.

Q. How do you Hire an Excel Programmer or Excel Consultant?

A. We are often asked what is the best way to hire an Excel consultant or an Excel programmer. The best way to hire an Excel consultant or Excel programmer is to hire ExcelConsultant.Net. A while back I wrote an article on it, [CLICK HERE] if you would like to read it.

Q. Who are the Premier Excel Consulting Experts?

A. We are. The best of the best; accept nothing less. Microsoft Excel MVPs, Microsoft Access MVPs, Educators, Public Speakers, Programmers, Consultants, Authors, Trainers, Business Experts, CPAs, and more.


When Microsoft needs Excel work done, or Apple needs Excel training, who do you think they call, the E&A Team?

Q. Who Provides Premier Excel Help?

A. We do. We have been the leading Online Excel Help Provider with International Offices Since 2004. When people went to Google to Get Excel 2013 Help who do you think they came to? With the original Excel Help website going up in late 2004, early 2005 we have an established track record of Success. With the proven experience of the E&A Team that 4,000+ projects provides you can trust us to deliver exceptional results each and every time, Guaranteed.

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Q.Who do you Speak with when you call ExcelConsultant.Net; How Important is Customer Service?

A.When you call or e-mail you speak with me, Christopher, the owner of the company. Why, because customer service is critical in this business. I have a vested interest in your success. Responding to your inquiry in seconds or minutes versus hours or days is also critical. We have the resources, so why wait?


Making sure you get the exact help you need is my job. That means I must communicate with you in order to understand your needs, and to decide which of our Excel and Access developers is the best fit for your project. Close is not good enough, especially when we guarantee all of our work, as we have since 2004. We must be spot on. That is my job.


You can call, e-mail, chat, or you can use the contact form to reach me. I am always here and if I am not already on a call I am 100% available to speak with you, seven days a week, 6am to 11:30 pm. While you wait for the other guys to respond we can have your project at least started, if not completed. We are that fast. Give us 2-minutes and we will start your project. Once again, why wait?


Don't take my word for it, click to read this testimonial about our 6am to 11:30pm availability


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