Since 1994 we have helped Thousands of clients worldwide, as a Microsoft Certified Partner & Application Developer.

Consulting, Programming and Training in Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL Server, Azure.

Geared for Business, Government, Education, & Non-Profits.
About Us - The Smarter Solutions Provider

♦ Since 1994 we have been an internationally operated Microsoft Certified Partner and Applications developer. We have a 25+ year track record of providing superior services (Smarter Solutions) to organizations such as Microsoft, the DMV, and Harvard.

♦ Work with our dedicated team of internationally based Microsoft Excel MVP's, Microsoft Data Visualization Experts, Data Scientists and a Microsoft Certified Partner & Application Developer. Always make sure you know who you are working with (Are they outsourcing your work to India.)

♦ We work locally (New York, Texas, California, Ontario, London, etc.), nationally (USA, CAN, UK) and Internationally with organizations of all types - Business Organizations, Governmental Agencies, Educational Institutions, Non-Profits and Individuals. No matter where you are located we have the team of Microsoft experts with the skills to exceed your custom Microsoft Programming, Consulting, and Training needs.

Testimonial: “As per usual, your service is A+. We have been using Excel and Access Experts for approximately 5-6 years now and will continue as our needs require.”


The Microsoft Corporation hires our global team of Microsoft Excel MVP’s and Data Visualization Experts for our advanced Microsoft Excel and Power BI programming expertise when they need outside assistance to run their business, Read Why




We work in all of the Microsoft Applications


Microsoft Power BI & Power Pivot Changed the Game. 

Are You Ready? Don’t Be Left Behind.  Bring Your Data to Life!






♦  We have an international team of Microsoft MVP’s. There are only 130 or so Microsoft Excel MVP’s in the world in any given year. Our clients have worked with over a dozen of the top Microsoft MVP’s such as Jacob, Crystal, Kevin, Smitty, Zack, and John, to name several. Microsoft MVP’s are the subject matter experts.

♦  Microsoft Certifies the MVP’s for a reason, Microsoft Excel and Access MVP’s know those applications like no other, and they work closely with Microsoft as well as the Microsoft community of experts and users.

♦  Since 1994 we have helped thousands of organizations with their Microsoft Excel, Access, Office, SQL Server and Power BI applications.  Of the 7,000+ projects we have completed over the past 25+ years for our international base of clients, over a thousand of those clients have worked with our Microsoft Excel MVP’s, our Senior Team of Data Visualization experts. Work with the best, work with a proven team, work with a proven firm, 25+ years in operation as a Microsoft Certified Partner.  There is no comparison to the Smarter Solutions provider.


The Microsoft Excel MVP Advantage


Client testimonial from a long-term repeat client that works with our Microsoft Excel MVP’s.



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Smarter Solution
Microsoft Certified Since 1994, 25+ Years in Operation, 8,500+ Projects, Always 5-Stars
Manhattan New York Office

Manhattan's Financial District

We are the original New York Excel Help provider; New York based companies and colleges have been coming to us to Get Excel Help for 25 years and counting.

Providing onsite Excel, Access, Office and Power BI consulting services to New York and New Jersey since 1994.

See why Ralph Lauren’s CFO hired our dedicated team of Microsoft Excel MVP’s to come onsite on Wall Street to work with him and his finance and accounting team.

Once he saw our Excel trainers he had to hire our international staff of Microsoft Excel Data Visualization experts. We worked closely with their internal finance and accounting teams and directly with the CFO on several key projects at Ralph Lauren that went on for several years. Great company, great products.

Data Visualization Experts

Microsoft Excel, Access, and Power BI are our Data Tools

Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel and Access Data Visualization Experts & Excel MVP’s



Data Visualization is the graphical representation of data


Microsoft Excel, Access, and Power BI are amazing applications and they take Data Visualization to new heights.

Work with a Data Visualization Expert if your custom Microsoft solution needs to include charts, graphs, Pivot Tables, DashBoards and more.


Microsoft Excel and Power BI Dashboards are advanced Data Visualization Tools


Microsoft Excel dashboards as a business tool are a presentation powerhouse, and they are the Excel tool that Microsoft Excel data scientists, Excel visualization experts and Excel developers use to present KPI reports and analysis on your organization’s data, BIG, small or HUGE







Trusted Worldwide by Thousands of Companies, Government Offices, Educational Institutions, Non-Profits as well as Individuals
♦ 8,500+ Completed Projects, tens of thousands of organizations (Businesses, Government Entities, Formal Educational Institutions, Non-Profits) and over 1 million individual users across the globe have benefited from the work our portfolio of companies have internationally produced since our founding in 1994. 25+ Years in operation as the leading Microsoft Solutions Provider.

♦ From our paid professional Microsoft Excel, Access, and Power BI financial modeling solutions to our consulting, programming and training services, to the Microsoft Excel templates our team of Microsoft Excel MVP's developed for the Microsoft Corporation, to our free Microsoft Help forums at VBAExpress.Com. Our Microsoft Excel, Access, and Power BI financial modeling services are always done at the expert level.

♦ We would like to help you today. Please contact us for a free 45-minute consultation. It starts with a conversation and it ends with your expectations being exceeded, that is how we earn so many 5-Star Google Reviews. Same Day Service, one of the many things that we bring to the table.

* As seen on the Microsoft.Com website and embedded in every version of Microsoft Excel since Microsoft Excel 2013 was released. (We worked on Microsoft's Excel Templates with and for Microsoft in addition to working on several Microsoft Power BI projects for Microsoft's internal use at their company headquarters. Our Microsoft Excel MVP's worked on those projects). If Microsoft counts on our advanced Microsoft Excel and Power BI solutions, so can your organization!

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The successful completion of your organization's custom Microsoft Excel, Access, Office or Power BI project is determined by your ability to hire a reputable corporation with a long track record of proven success.

Microsoft hires us because we deliver results.
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