What is a Microsoft MVP?

When you bring specialists onto your project or into your office, you want to know you’re working with the best. In a technical field like Microsoft programming, it can be difficult for executives and project managers to tell which consultants really know their stuff. When you work with a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving excellent service from a not only qualified, but outstanding, Microsoft experts. At Excel Consultant, we want our clients to feel at ease and confident in our work, so our team is composed of Microsoft MVPs, along with instructors, programmers, and specialists of a similar caliber.

What is an MVP?

According to Microsoft, MVPs “are community leaders who’ve demonstrated an exemplary commitment to helping others get the most out of their experience with Microsoft technologies. They share their exceptional passion, real-world knowledge, and technical expertise with the community and with Microsoft.” In other worlds, MVPs have developed extensive skill with Microsoft programs and they use this knowledge to improve both the function of the software itself and users’ understanding of it. These experts are not employees of Microsoft, but individuals whose work adds to the value of this software in some way. The first MVPs were programmers who used their Microsoft mastery to provide tech support on the first online forums, but since then, the title “MVP” has grown to encompass a variety of professionals.

Becoming an MVP

Since it is a respected credential, earning the title of MVP has rather rigorous requirements. To become an MVP, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  •  Submit an application or be nominated by your peers, colleagues, or clients.
  • Be able to demonstrate significant accomplishments with Microsoft tools within the last year. Since MVP is an annual title, you must have your contributions reviewed by a committee of discerning Microsoft employees every year to maintain your status.
  •  Remain active in Microsoft community events and groups, such as forums, conferences, blogs, or podcasts.
  • Many individuals are nominated to become MVPs every year, but very few meet the criteria for this designation. Microsoft reports: “Of the 100 million technical community participants worldwide, about 4,000 are MVPs.” Excel Consultant is proud to be a member of this selective, respected group.

Our Microsoft MVP

Our very own Jacob Hilderbrand has been awarded the status of Microsoft MVP for the past three years. He earned his MVP title by using his comprehensive knowledge of Excel to help individuals and businesses succeed. He is active as a forum owner and moderator, blogger, and article writer, sharing his knowledge with Excel Consultant’s clients and the greater Microsoft technical community. As one of our senior developers, Jacob also leads our team of consultants, setting an excellent example for them and encouraging them to constantly improve their skills.

Experience the Value of Excel Consultant’s Professionals

Our acclaimed team of consultants can help you make the most of Microsoft. Contact us today to learn more about our Microsoft MVPs or find out how we can help your company succeed.

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Optimizing Your Business Performance with Our Microsoft MVPs

Optimizing Your Business Performance with Our Team of Microsoft MVPs


Microsoft is just one of our clients to benefit from the Microsoft Most Valued Professional program and the Excel and Access MVPs on our staff over the past few decades.


What exactly is a Microsoft MVP and how can the accomplished Microsoft solution experts on Excel Consultant’s team can help you optimize your operations? Below we will give you a good overview of the Microsoft Most Valued Professional program and what working with one of the top Microsoft Excel or Access MVPs can mean to you and your organization. Read the Microsoft Case Study.


Microsoft Most Valued Professionals - MVPs


No matter what kind of business you run, chances are, you do so with the help of Microsoft software. For example, as Microsoft notes, “80 percent of the Fortune 500 is on the Microsoft Cloud.” Enterprises of all sizes can benefit from at least one of the programs in the Microsoft Office Suite, and likely multiple applications, especially with Microsoft programs’ expanding capabilities. In all likelihood, your company depends on Microsoft to function. However, it’s also probably true that your business isn’t making the most of everything this software has to offer. These multifaceted applications are so versatile and valuable that most executives don’t realize their full potential.


Some of the best know Microsoft MVPs and their websites


Jacob Hilderbrand, Microsoft Excel MVP


Fortunately, the Excel Consultant team is here to change all that. Our programmers, instructors, and consultants have made it our mission to help our clients enhance their operations with the power of Microsoft software. Our specialists have earned the prestigious title of “Microsoft MVPs” due to our exceptional expertise and unparalleled service. In the following blog, we explain how you can optimize your business performance with Microsoft MVPs.


What Makes a Microsoft MVP?

“Microsoft MVP” certainly sounds impressive, but what exactly does this title mean? Of course, “MVP” stands for “Most Valuable Player,” but to whom? Microsoft awards this honor to “technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community… They have a very deep knowledge of Microsoft products an services, while also being able to bring together diverse platforms, products and solutions, to solve real world problems.”


What it takes to be a Microsoft MVP


As is to be expected for such an esteemed designation, the selection process for Microsoft MVPs is very competitive. In fact, Microsoft notes: “of 100 million technical community participants worldwide, about 4,000 are MVPs.” That’s just 0.004 percent!


To reward these MVPs for being in the top half a percent of all Microsoft software aficionados, the company provides them with distinct advantages: “key benefits to MVPs include early access to Microsoft products, direct communication channels with our product teams and an invitation to the Global MVP Summit, an exclusive annual event hosted in our global HQ in Redmond.” These special privileges empower Microsoft MVPs to become even more valuable players in their communities and to their clients.


Excel Consultant is proud to employ a team of impressive Microsoft MVPs. For example, Jacob Hildebrand, our USA Lead Developer, has gone through the discriminating application process to achieve this honor not just once, but for three consecutive years!


Jacob and the rest of our consultants utilize their outstanding qualifications and proven dedication to assist our clients.


Why Your Business Needs an MVP

So, you understand what a Microsoft MVP is, but does your business really need to partner with one of these software virtuosos? Our answer, of course, is a resounding: “yes!” Even if you think your Microsoft programs are running smoothly, they’re almost certainly not offering everything they could for your enterprise.



A Microsoft MVP could benefit your business performance by:

  • Consulting with you to determine which areas of your operations could be improved. With our Microsoft MVPs’ attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of this software, we can spot inefficiencies you might have never noticed.
  • Streamlining and simplifying your spreadsheets. Excel is a powerhouse of a program, but it can easily become a tangled, time-consuming mess. Even if it’s technically doing what you need it do, a Microsoft MVP can program Excel to automate key administrative tasks. Speeding up your invoicing, payroll operations, inventory, and other functions could save your company time and money.
  • Customizing your applications to operate exactly as you need them to. Microsoft programs are already very useful, but personalizing your software can help you accomplish your goals even more efficiently and effectively. Our Microsoft MVP development team can program a state-of-the-art solution just for your business.
  • Teaching your team how to better run Microsoft programs. A major aspect of being a Microsoft MVP is contributing to the community of users with educational tools and guides. Excel Consultant’s Microsoft MVPs offer a variety of training services to help you and your team harness the true power of your software.


These are just a few of the ways partnering with one of our Microsoft MVP could help your company excel.


Our Microsoft Application Successes

When it comes to optimizing your business performance, our Microsoft MVPs prefer to let our past results speak for us. The Excel Consultant team has:

  • Consolidated and streamlined Honda’s finance databases in order to enhance their new BI (Business Intelligence) system.
  • Improved the data analysis operations surrounding PepsiCo’s employee onboarding and certification process so they could better evaluate their progress. Since then, PepsiCo has collaborated with Excel Consultant’s Microsoft MVPs on numerous other projects, as well.
  • Created a customized data aggregation and spreadsheet system in Excel for the major financial firm, Morgan Stanley.
  • Programming a sales and distribution tracking tool for Red Bull to help the company better manage its hundreds of accounts. This was a complex computing conundrum that other technology consultancies had failed to solve, but the Excel Consultant Microsoft MVPs were up to the task.
  • Designing and developing new Excel templates and BI tools for Microsoft itself. That’s right; our Microsoft MVPs are such valuable players that the company brought our team on to help optimize their own operations!


The solutions Excel Consultant provided for these companies helped them all minimize waste and maximize profits. We are delighted to have helped them.



Are You Ready to Optimize Your Business Performance?


With a Microsoft MVP on your team, the sky is the limit! Excel Consultant can help your company leverage all the advantages of Microsoft software to boom your business. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.



Our clients have had the opportunity to work with some of the leading Microsoft MVP’s

  1. Smitty – Ralph Lauren
  2. Zack – Microsoft
  3. Crystal – GE
  4. John – Tech firm
  5. Kevin – Aryzta
  6. Jacob – Microsoft
  7. Jordan – HP
  8. David – Local New York clients
  9. Bob – Tech firm

Our Microsoft MVPs

A Look Back at Our Microsoft MVP’s Work

Over the years our clients have had the opportunity to work with the numerous Microsoft MVPs that have been a major component of our team of Microsoft Excel and Access experts. Their contributions have lead to our raising the bar in our niche and have been nothing short of outstanding. Their efforts have been a critical factor in our continued growth year after year.

For those of you that don’t know what Microsoft MVPs are, according to the Microsoft website they “are community leaders who’ve demonstrated an exemplary commitment to helping others get the most out of their experience with Microsoft technologies. They share their exceptional passion, real-world knowledge, and technical expertise with the community and with Microsoft.” As one of our clients you are able to tap the skills and experience these uniquely talented individuals have to offer.

The 2016 Microsoft MVP Summit

The reason I bring this up is that this week is the 24th annual Microsoft MVP Summit, held by the Microsoft corporation. This week many of those MVPs that have worked so closely with some of our largest and best known clients (Microsoft, Red Bull, LinkedIn, etc.) are gathered in Redmond and Bellevue Washington, attending exclusive closed-door sessions on the various aspects of the Microsoft applications, attending Microsoft dinner parties and social gatherings. These MVPs are so dedicated to their work and our clients that they actually find the time to work while they are there.1 Jacob, our Lead Microsoft developer and Microsoft Excel MVP for example is working on numerous projects while he is there.

Looking Back at the Work Our Microsoft MVPs Have Done

The reason for this blog post is not only to take a few moments to look back at the work our Microsoft MVPs have done directly for our clients over the years, but also to look back at all of their non client-specific efforts, such as our Microsoft Excel VBA Certification course at VBAExpress.Com or the library of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access training videos. While not developed for a specific client they are accessible to all of our clients and site visitors. Below is a partial list of our Microsoft MVP efforts.

  • Our Microsoft Excel Templates That Microsoft Hired Us To Develop, that are free to you
  • We Developed A Microsoft Excel and A Microsoft Word College Course
  • Our Microsoft 2010 Excel For Small Business Book
  • Excel and Access Training Videos
  • Excel VBA Training Certification
  • Microsoft Help Forums.
  • Here is some of the feedback our clients have provided on our MVP’s work

    Excel and Access, it’s proprietors, it’s quality and level of work are all phenomenal. We enjoyed our engagement with them on a special project. They were flexible, nimble and was able to meet our very high standards, requirements and tight deadlines. They were available and met the deadlines comfortably. We would hire them again if need arises. They care about their clients and made sure we were satisfied with the completed work.

    I would recommend their work to anyone, especially if you are looking for an elegant solution with limited resources. They will deliver a sophisticated solution, on time, to automate any need via Excel or Access – Mary Ann Kim, LinkedIn

    Christopher and his team performed superb work while supporting our business planning process. He and his team helped create a fully integrated planning tool and subsequent Rollups which has helped us manage our business effectively. I would highly recommend his company for any work needed in Excel or Access: Quick, accurate, and reliable – Ryan Conway, Vice President of On Premise – North America, Red Bull

    Excel and Access, LLC provided my consulting company with an Excel MVP who literally hit a “home run” for my client. My client is ecstatic with the Excel model that was built stating that the results were “above and beyond all expectations”. As a business consultant hiring this Excel MVP, I found everyone at Excel and Access, LLC to be of high integrity, easy to work with and to be creative out of the box thinkers that went the extra mile to work under high pressure deadlines with superlative results. I highly recommend Excel and Access, LLC – North America, Lora Griffith – Director, Program Management at Global Payments

    5-Star reviews like that show you what our MVPs have been capable of producing over the years. We have hundreds more of testimonials just like that, from companies such as PepsiCo, HP, amazon, and from many companies you will not recognize. But in the end it shows that our commitment to our clients not only gets results but also one that sets the bar in this space.

    As a final note, our work with Microsoft is the one we discuss most often given we make our living working in their applications. Microsoft is the top of the heap, the client of all clients. We have been blessed to have the opportunity to work with them several times. One of our long-term Microsoft Excel MVPs actually went to work directly for Microsoft this year, on the “Excel Team”. That is a dream job. The Excel Team designs Microsoft Excel.

    Microsoft is one of our repeat clients. On one project two of our Microsoft Excel MVPs worked on the Excel templates that ship in Microsoft Excel, and can also be found on the Microsoft website. One of our Microsoft Excel MVPs worked on several Microsoft Excel Power BI projects for internal use at Microsoft. If Microsoft hires us to deliver the solutions they need to run their business and to deliver to their clients, perhaps you should too?

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One-On-One and Face-To-Face Microsoft Excel Training


♦ Live, One-On-One and Face-To-Face Microsoft Excel Training. One Student, One Instructor. 5-Stars!


♦ Work Face-To-Face with Two Legendary 1st Generation Microsoft Certified, Microsoft Excel MVP’s. The True Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts. Approximately 130 Microsoft Excel MVP’s in the world.


♦ The BEST way to learn Microsoft Excel. Just you and the trainer going over what you need to learn.


Our industry leading Microsoft Excel training is either Onsite (Face-To-Face), or Remotely (One-On-One), based on your location and your budget. Want us onsite, not a problem, we will be more than happy to come onsite, to meet you, your team, and to see your operations and other areas where we can potentially assist you.  Two great options, both being the best way to learn Microsoft Excel.


One-on-one Excel training is the BEST way to learn Excel.


Our Legendary Microsoft Excel MVP’s are the instructors for our live, face-to-face, one-on-one Microsoft Excel Training sessions, conducted out of New York, Texas, or California.


Remote, One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training is the best way to learn Microsoft Excel for a number of reasons:

  1. You work One-On-One with a Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel MVP.
  2. It is just you and the instructor, so you get 100% of the instructors attention.
  3. The Excel training agenda is 100% based on your needs and interests.
  4. We go at your pace, we will stick to the topic until you are ready to tackle the next one.
  5. You can change the training agenda on the call, on the fly, to your changing interests and needs.
  6. We can record the session and we will provide a copy, free of charge.
  7. Our Microsoft Excel Trainers and Programmers are Microsoft Excel Certified, Microsoft Excel MVP’s. The best of the best, the true Excel subject matter experts.


Our Live, Face-To-Face, One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training is offered locally and onsite in New York, Texas and California. Onsite at your location or remotely across the globe, you choose what fits your needs and your budget. Developed for Business, Colleges, Government, Non-Profits as well as Individuals.  Simply the BEST WAY TO LEARN EXCEL. PERIOD.



So powerful, yet so SimpleIt is you and the Microsoft Excel Trainer, that is it.  A computer, an Excel file and personalized one-on-one Microsoft Excel training session with a legendary Microsoft Excel MVP. An expert in Excel, a seasoned data visualization expert.  There is literally no better nor faster way to learn MS Excel.



You can ask anything you want to ask, we can work on anything you need to learn.  We will go at your pace. We can adjust the training on the fly. You are guaranteed to learn Microsoft Excel.


We will not move on to the next topic until you are ready to move forward. We can see if you are getting the topics we are teaching you.  We can adjust the agenda on the fly, as we observe you in the learning process. And in many cases we can provide you with a free video of the training, if we recorded it.  No charge. Great for reviews of the materials taught.



There is literally no better, nor faster, nor more affordable way to learn Microsoft Excel. Add a Legendary Microsoft Excel MVP and you see how golden this offer really is.



One-on-one Microsoft Excel Training, New York based

Client Testimonial on our live one-on-one Microsoft Excel training



The Legendary Microsoft Excel MVP is the game changer here. He is literally internationally known as the Microsoft Excel subject matter expert.  Working with an Excel MVP is the best way to go when it comes to both Excel programming and Excel training.  But good chances working with one outside our organization.  There are in any year roughly 130 Microsoft Excel MVP’s in the world.  Some such as Bob have been a Microsoft Excel MVP since the first class back in what, 1995. Others just as Jacob have been an MVP for 5-10 years.  Work with the Excel subject matter experts and see the Excel and Access, LLC difference.  We bring you the best trainers and the best programmers in all of the Microsoft applications, not just Excel.


Microsoft Certifies the Microsoft Excel MVP’s annually, some new ones come on, some older ones fall off, all for a very good reason; they know Excel and they support both Microsoft and the Excel community as the Microsoft Excel subject matter experts.  That is one reason you will see them on many of the top forums, like ours, VBAExpress.com. How good are they?  Several of our Microsoft Excel MVP’s have worked on our Excel and Power BI projects with Microsoft, and one of our Excel MVP’s was hired by Microsoft to work on their Excel Team in Seattle. A very small group of very sharp individuals.  Why work with anyone else?



Smarter Microsoft One-On-One, Face-To-Face Training Solutions



Live, Face-To-Face, One-On-One, Microsoft Excel Training, Our Clients:

  1. Big Businesses (Microsoft, GE, PepsiCo)
  2. SME’s
  3. College Sector (USC, UCI, Harvard)
  4. Government Sector (US Navy, DMV, City of Long Beach)
  5. Non-Profits Sector (YMCA, Queen Mary)
  6. Small Businesses, Individuals


Microsoft Excel One-On-One Training Industries & Departments:

  1. Accounting
  2. Finance
  3. Operations
  4. R&D
  5. Marketing
  6. Purchasing
  7. HR
  8. IT
  9. Legal
  10. Auto
  11. etc.



What Sets Us Above the Competition:

  1. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner and have been since 1994.
  2. Our Senior Microsoft Excel Trainers are Microsoft Certified Microsoft, as Microsoft Excel MVP’s.
  3. Our Microsoft Excel Trainers are the Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts.
  4. We have been doing this since 1994, decades more than our competition, many whom who have less than 3-5 years Excel programming experience.(That is not an expert; that is a beginner in our book).
  5. We guarantee our work.  We support our clients, and we stand behind our work.
  6. The Microsoft Corporation has hired us several times now.  If Microsoft hires us for Excel help, well then perhaps we are also the best choice for you.  We are the Microsoft Excel experts.



One-on-one Microsoft Excel Training


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Free Consultation – Microsoft Excel Training



About The Smarter Microsoft Solutions™ Provider

The “Smarter Microsoft Solutions™” Provider


Google Plus 5-Star rating


Google Ranks us on page one of the SERPs and Google posts our client reviews on their social media platform, Google Plus.


A cut above: Since 1994 we have been the only Google 5-Star Rated International Microsoft Certified solutions provider with a 25 year track record of providing superior programming services to companies such as Microsoft, IBM and AT&T. Just is just one of the many KPI’s that makes us The Smarter Microsoft Solutions™ Provider.



What makes us the Smarter Microsoft Solutions™ Provider – over three decades of daily hands on development experience programming for the largest companies, government entities, educational institutions, non-profits and individuals, globally.


The following KPI’s make us The Smarter Microsoft Solutions™ Provider.

  • Opened our doors in 1994, 25 years and counting
  • A Microsoft Certified Partner for 25 years
  • A team of Microsoft Excel, Access, Power BI MVPs
  • Most of our development staff worked in the other databases and spreadsheets prior to the release of Microsoft Excel in 1985.
  • Our average experience ranges from 30-45 years as professional programmers
  • Local offices in New York, California and the United Kingdom
  • Our international team of Microsoft experts have helped thousands of clients over the years
  • Microsoft hires us when they need Excel and Power BI help.


Is it a Smarter Microsoft Solution?


A Microsoft Certified Partner for the past 25-years.


Our wall of fame, 25 Microsoft Certified Partner Awards and counting:


Our Core Team

The Smarter Microsoft Solutions™ Advantage – Results!
Our Lead Testimonials


Would you like to have results like this, the next time you hire a Microsoft consultancy? If so, please contact us today.


We Are Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel Experts


We Are The Leading Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel Experts, We Have Been Since 1985, 32 Years and Counting!


Few of our competitors were even alive in 1985! More like the year 2000 or later. Children Really. Most don’t even know the history of Excel. How good can you be if you do not fully understand the application you are using? Make sure you know who you are working with, and make sure they are truly Microsoft Excel experts, preferably a Microsoft Certified international corporation that Microsoft hires us when they need Power BI or Excel help.


Microsoft Excel 2019 experts


The Senior Excel team at ExcelConsultant.Net has been programming in Microsoft Excel since its original release in 1985. That is a whopping 32+ years of Excel experience. Most of our competitors have never even worked in the various Excel for the Mac releases. How can you can you call yourself an expert if you cannot program in the various versions of Excel?

Before 1985 we worked in Lotus 123. Back in 1985 we worked in Microsoft Excel on the Apple Macintosh. Later in the Windows version. No one has worked in Excel longer, other than those that initially developed and tested it that is. Literally. Our least experienced senior Excel expert has 19 years experience programming in Microsoft Excel, and our average Excel programmer has 22 years experience.


The Senior Excel team at ExcelConsultant.Net has been programming in Microsoft Excel since its original release in 1985. That is a whopping 32+ years of Microsoft Excel programming experience. Before then we worked in Lotus 123.


We have worked in Microsoft Excel since the first replease


Our team of Microsoft Solution experts have more experience than most people in our space.

  • Excel = 33 Years
  • Access = 26 Years
  • SQL Server = 29 Years
  • Office = 28 Years
  • Azure = 8 Years
  • Sharepoint= 17 Years
  • Power BI = 7 Years
  • Lotus 123 = 38 Years


Microsoft Office 365 Expert Programmers


A lot of people use Microsoft Excel, over a billion of them, but of those less than 5% are what you would call an Excel expert.



How many people use Microsoft Excel? Well that depends on who you ask. If you ask Brad Yundt he would tell you “Microsoft claimed that 30 million people used Excel in 1996. That’s an impressive number of accountants, but then the engineers started using Excel, and the rest of the world followed. The figure is a whole lot higher today.”


Microsoft claimed that 30 million people used Excel in 1996. That’s an impressive number of accountants, but then the engineers started using Excel, and the rest of the world followed. The figure is a whole lot higher today. Microsoft bragged in 2016 that more than 1.2 billion people use Microsoft Office.


What Sort of Things Indicate Someone Who Might Be A Microsoft Excel Expert?


It is pretty rare to find a freelancer that is actually a well vetted and qualified Excel expert. Most freelancers are actually below the intermediate level, and no where near an expert. An expert is someone at the top of the skills range, not the closest to the bottom.


People are able to charge what they are worth. If they could charge more they would. Write this down, “you usually get what you pay for”; experts of course do demand a higher rate.


Think of it this way, in your organization, where you work, if they hired someone to do your job how successful would they be if they hired someone at a dramatic discount to what they pay you? Do you make what you are worth or far far less? Are you overpaid based on the rates of freelancers, or are freelancers paid what they are worth, based on the skills they bring to the table.

Of course you can see the dilemma, when you search for a non-expert, an intermediate level programmer or a freelancer or under-qualified consultant. Basically it comes down to this, people are able to charge what they are worth. If they could charge more they would. Period. So their rate should clearly tell you if they suck or if there is a chance they can do the work. Write this down, you usually get qhat you pay for; experts of course can demand a higher rate.

We are Microsoft Office 365 Experts

Our team of Microsoft Solution experts have more experience than most people in our space.

  • Microsoft Certified Partner – 25 Continuous Years
  • link to msft profile

  • Microsoft Excel MVPs
  • Microsoft Access MVPs
  • Microsoft Sharepoint MVPs
  • Microsoft MVPs
  • Experts Exchange – Excel
  • Experts Exchange – Access
  • Experts Exchange – Word
  • Experts Exchange – Outlook
  • Microsoft Help Forums Provider


Why Manhattan Businesses Should Work with our Staff of Local expert Microsoft Excel Consultants

Why Manhattan Businesses Should Work with our Staff of Local expert Microsoft Excel Consultants


Partnering with a Microsoft Certified Partner in close proximity to your NYC-based organization offers numerous advantages. Find out how our Microsoft Excel Consulting Experts can help you to run your business the way that you want to.


* As seen on the Microsoft.Com website, and as seen embedded in Microsoft Excel (Excel Templates).


We have been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 1994


With the advent of the Internet, it’s easier than ever to connect with anyone, including and even those thousands of miles away. This capability has dramatically changed the way people work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “the share of workers doing some or all of their work at home grew from 19 percent in 2003 to 24 percent in 2015,” and these numbers will undoubtedly continue to rise. Working from afar is even more popular in highly technical fields. In a world transformed by telecommuting, when you need a sophisticated software solution, it may seem like a remote Microsoft Certified Excel and Access consultant is your most optimal solution. Call us today for a free consultation and to find out how we can assist you with all of your Microsoft Solution needs, 877-392-3539.


However, despite the seeming convenience of this choice, there are times where your unique situation means you would be better served by a local programming professional, particularly in a bustling city like the Big Apple. The Excel Consultant team of Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI experts works with a wide variety of clients in this metropolis, from major retailers like Ralph Lauren to neighborhood institutions like the New York Police Department. To even better serve enterprises in the Empire City, we recently expanded our Manhattan New York office, allowing us to assist companies, colleges, government agencies and non-profits in person. In the following blog, we explain why Manhattan businesses should work with our team of local Microsoft Excel and Access experts, consultants, programmers and trainers.


The Nuances of New York City

Millions of people live in Manhattan and hundreds of thousands of businesses call this city their home. Real estate alone on the island is worth over a trillion dollars, according to a recent report from CNBC. Crowded cafes, the buzz of Wall Street, high-end fashion boutiques, and myriad universities are just a few of the diverse industries booming here. In this fast-paced, competitive environment, every enterprise needs all the computerized help it can get.


Of course, the Microsoft desktop productivity applications are the mainstay of modern businesses. Microsoft Excel worksheets, Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft Power BI Dashboards, Word, Powerpoint, and the rest of the Office Suites (Windows and Mac) are indispensable for running a company in the twenty-first century. The vast majority of companies, colleges, government entities and non-profits use these on a daily basis. The Excel Consultant team of Excel and Access experts can help you make the most of them with advanced advice, innovative instruction, and state-of-the-art Microsoft Solution development so that your Manhattan venture can prosper.


Our expert Microsoft Excel and Access consultants have worked in Manhattan since 1994.


The Advantages of a Local Consultant

Although working with a remote Excel or Access expert clearly seems to offer a good number of benefits, teaming up with a local Manhattan consultant is simply another choice. Working with a team of consulting, programming and training professionals in close proximity to your business organization provides a multitude of advantages. These include:

  • More in-depth onsite consultations. Ultimately, phone calls, emails, and video-conferencing tools are not as effective as a face-to-face meeting. Our local Manhattan expert programmers can sit down with you and your team to get to know your company, government office, colleges and non-profit to find out exactly what you need, provide detailed demonstrations, and offer our exhaustive advice. Amidst hundreds of generic video call presentations, droning phone calls, and repetitive emails, our personalized, in-person advice stands out.

  • Superior, in-person training. One of the main services our team of Excel Consultants offers is Onsite Microsoft Excel, Access, Office training. We offer micro-group workshops, classes, one-on-one instruction, seminars, an our Microsoft Excel Academy, and more. While we can certainly educate you on Excel, Access and Office remotely with our webinars and training videos, we’ve found that most clients learn best from close, personal tutelage. Working directly with you allows us to more immediately answer your questions and show you the details of your Microsoft Office software. With our local consultancy at your disposal, you can come to our beautiful office to learn, or, as most clients prefer, we can come to you. Training you in the comfort of your workplace means we less travel for your team.

  • A better understanding of the local market. How could one of our UK programmers, let’s take Ian for example, consultants and trainers in London possibly appreciate the more particular aspects of your Upper East Side clientele? Top local consultants like ours consistently work with hundreds of Manhattan businesses, government offices, colleges or non-profits. We comprehend the unique dynamics and demographics that drive this market. When you work with us, you’ll have to spend less time explaining your business model, giving you more time to enhance it with Microsoft’s desktop productivity and database software.

  • Simpler tech support. You’ve probably experienced the extreme exasperation of attempting to get help with your computer remotely. “Have you tried turning it on and off again?” “Click the red ‘X’ on your right…no, above the taskbar…yes, to the right.” “Yes, clicking that key should allow you to open a new spreadsheet…” You can solve your computerized conundrums a lot faster by employing a local consultant who can physically come by your office. Being able to see and interact with you and your software in person makes tech support exponentially easier for all involved.

  • More advanced, comprehensive software development. The Excel Consultant team specializes in providing truly affordable, customized, cutting-edge Microsoft solutions, let’s call them Smarter Microsoft Solutions, for your business. We often work closely alongside you to streamline your workflows. Understanding the way your business operates in person helps us optimize it. Furthermore, programming on your premises allows us to instantly catch any glitches and make adjustments to enhance your system. For these reasons, Excel Consultant regularly sends at least two and up to five professionals onsite during development.


For these reasons and many more, Excel Consultant encourages all New York City clients to work with a local consultancy like ours.


Our Manhattan New York Office for onsite local work


Our Masterful Manhattan Team

When selecting a team of local software specialists to help you maximize your Microsoft capabilities, we strongly suggest considering ours. The expanded Excel Consultant Manhattan office is centrally located in the financial district at 42 Broadway, New York, NY, 10004.


Our highly advanced team is composed of numerous Microsoft MVPs and partnered with a Microsoft Certified Partner. This means our experts have earned some of the highest accolades possible in the Microsoft world. In addition, some of our longest tenured, most skilled consultants work out of our beautiful Empire City location. For example, Senior Access Developer, Helen Feddema, frequents this office. Throughout her prestigious, decades-long career, Helen has earned dozens of awards and even authored a multitude of books on Microsoft software. The rest of our New York City-based team is commensurately credentialed.


Does Your Big Apple Business Need an Excel Consultant?

Our new and improved Manhattan office can help! Contact Excel Consultant today to learn more and schedule an appointment.


Visit our Manhattan New York office for a free consultation


Should You Hire A Local or Remote Microsoft Consultant?

Should You Hire A Local or Remote Microsoft Excel, Access & Power BI Consultant?


Excel Consultant describes the differences between local and remote Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI consulting, highlighting the many benefits our team of specialists offers.


Remote, or local: that is the question. It may not be the original Shakespearean query, but this is the common conundrum companies face when they decide to bring on a software Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI consultant. Hiring a tech expert can work wonders for your company, helping you maximize your efficiency by enhancing the programs you already work with every day.


In this modern age of business, understanding how to leverage the digital tools at your disposal could make or break your company’s success. For many clients, choosing to collaborate with a Microsoft master is the easy part—figuring out just who to work with proves more difficult.


Should You Hire A Local or Remote Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI consultant?


You need a Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI consultant you can trust with a comprehensive knowledge of the applications you use: a veritable Microsoft master. One of the most significant selections you must make in this process is whether to use a local, in-house consultant, or work with a remote specialist. At Excel and Access Consultants, we’re committed to helping our clients through every phase of programming assistance. In the following blog, we provide all the data you need to determine whether or not you should hire a local or remote Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI consultant.


Local Versus Remote Basics

First, it’s important to understand the essential differences between the two types of Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI consultants. A local expert comes in person to your office to meet with you, work on your company’s computers, code programs, and train your team. A remote Microsoft specialist performs all of the same functions, but from afar. Fortunately, especially in our current “Cloud” era, it’s simple to go over your options, create a consulting plan, program your computers, design customized codes, and even instruct you on how to use your newly improved software online and via phone.


Smarter Microsoft Solutions


Remote Work By the Numbers

We understand that working with a consultant who is physically outside of your office can feel unfamiliar to some clients. However, this is absolutely the future of this industry. Telecommuting is undeniably on the rise, given the many benefits it provides. The latest statistics say it all:


“Telecommuting has risen 79 percent between 2005 and 2012, and now makes up 2.6 percent of the American work force, or 3.2 million workers, according to statistics from the American Community Survey,” as reported by the New York Times. Remote work is booming because it allows employees to be more productive, companies to save overhead costs, and clients to enhance their operations more economically and efficiently.


  • According to Gallup Polling, “thirty-seven percent of U.S. workers say they have telecommuted, up slightly from 30 percent the last decade by four times greater than the 9 percent found in 1995.” These numbers continue to climb, especially in tech-related fields
  • Forbes notes: “thirty million Americans now work from home at least one day a week, with that number forecast to increase sharply in the coming years…by 2020, 1 in 3 people will be hired to work online.” Remote work is expected to expand even more exponentially in future years. You can leverage this to your advantage by becoming an early adopter
  • “Regular work-at-home…has grown by 115 percent since 2005, nearly 10 times faster than the rest of the workforce,” according to Global Workplace Analytics. These numbers suggest that remote work is the future of not just technology or consulting, but all types of business operations.
  • In a recent survey reported on by Forbes, “91 percent of remote workers believe they ‘get more work done when working remotely.’” This means that when you hire a remote Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI consultant, you’ll pay less for more productivity.


These are just a few of the notable numbers that help explain why Excel Consultant offers remote services.
Worldwide and World-Class: Excel Consultant’s Remote Team


Excel Consultant’s Remote Team


By employing remote experts, Excel Consultant can bring you the best possible talent for your technological needs. Our Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI consultants come from all over the world and have outstanding qualifications. For example, a few of our team members include:


  • Jacob, a four-time Microsoft MVP and our USA Lead from California. Jacob has served as the lead developer on many of our most impressive projects, such as those for LinkedIn, Red Bull, and even Microsoft itself.
  • Stan B, another USA Lead based in Los Angeles. He is an Access specialist who has previously lent his skills to major clients such as DIRECTV and the University of Southern California.
  • Paul Delke, Senior Project Manager and Programmer in our Irvine Office (and, given the marvels of modern remote technology, around the globe). Paul is also a part of Talon Computer Associates, one of our frequent collaborating consultancies, which has earned the esteemed title of Microsoft Certified Partner. This means that Talon (with Paul as one of its most important team members) has met Microsoft’s exceedingly high standards for service, skill, and success in its software.
  • Dennis Taylor, one of our Senior Excel Trainers. He calls Denver home but has traveled extensively throughout the United States in Canada providing high-quality, innovative Microsoft instruction.
  • Helen Feddema, a New York City native, prolific author of Microsoft books, and “Sage” level Access coder.


This is just a sampling of our sophisticated team of remote specialists. Fortunately, in this digital age, you don’t have to live in Los Angeles, Irvine, Denver, or New York City to work with any of our Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI consultants! Instead, you can partner with the programmers, trainers, and advisers that exactly meet your needs. Furthermore, remote options allow these Microsoft maestros to collaborate on your code across state and even national lines, allowing you to enjoy the highest quality service. We serve clients in various locations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.


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What You Need to Know About Freelancing Websites Before You Hire a Microsoft Excel Consultant

What You Need to Know About Freelancing Websites Before You Hire a Tech Consultant

In our digital landscape, any service, person, or product you require is quite literally at your fingertips. Do you need a handyman? There’s a website for that. Are you looking for a babysitter? Just log on to the online portal. Do you want someone to walk your dog? Just download an app.


While some smaller businesses turn to freelancing websites for discount Microsoft Excel consultants, it is important to know that these websites house digital drifters. Find out why Excel Consultant is a better choice.


Avoid Freelance Websites that outsource work to Indian Tech Labor


It can be tempting to take on the same mindset as you look for a tech consultant. When you need to streamline your spreadsheets, declutter your databases, or enhance your Excel functionality, it might seem easiest to simply find a software specialist on a job board. However, while Internet listings like oDesk, Craigslist, or BackPage may appear to offer a plethora of programmers, these are, in fact, not, the places to find truly quality tech consultants.


Excel Consultant works with Microsoft Certified Partners and employs multiple Microsoft MVPs on our team, so we know how to deliver outstanding service in this field. With decades of combined experience in this industry, we’ve met and exceeded many clients’ tech consulting needs. In many cases, individuals, businesses, and organizations who failed to find appropriate assistance on Freelancing Websites came to us for a real solution to their computerized conundrums.


Ultimately, our goal is to help everyone make the most of their Microsoft programs and expand their enterprises in the process. To that end, we want to help you find the right specialist for your needs rather than wasting time with unqualified amateurs. In the following blog, we tell you what you need to know about Freelancing Websites before you hire a tech consultant.


Job Board Basics

To explain why Freelancing Websites may not be the best place to find your next tech consultant, we first need to go over what they are. In this twenty-first century of business, they have become increasingly common, so you’ve likely come across one, even if you didn’t realize exactly what it was. HR Examiner explains: “one one level, the definition of a Freelancing Websites is simple. It is an operation that converts web traffic into potential candidates.” Basically, Freelancing Websites are the main tool by which companies can find the contractors they need online.


Avoid Hiring A Microsoft Excel Consultant on a Freelancer Website


There are two basic methods by which Freelancing Websites connect companies with contractors:

  1. An organization or enterprise seeking a specific type of specialist can post its gig, project, or position on the job board. Potential contractors who frequent the site can see these posts and, if interested, send in applications so the company can determine if they are a good fit.
  2. Individuals who desire to offer their services can create profiles on Freelancing Websites that detail their experience and skills. Companies seeking contractors can then search these.
    databases for certain keywords to find contractors and contact those who seem to suit their needs.


In either case, the Freelancing Websites links companies with potential consultants.


Although they are undeniably convenient, HR Examiner likens the process of using Freelancing Websites to mining oil: “since the conversion process involves matching traffic with hiring requirements, the underlying business is an information age version of the oil industry. The traffic acquisition experts identify potential ‘oil fields’ and experiment with methods and techniques for extraction. The ‘refinery’ produces ‘product’ at a level that, hopefully, is a match with the market needs.” So, even according to experts in the field of hiring, going on a Freelancing Websites is akin to attempting to strike it rich as an oil tycoon; while you may find a rare worthy candidate, you’ll more than likely end up wasting your efforts on unrefined, sub-par staff.


Disadvantages of Digital Drifters

As the oil mining metaphor suggests, the primary problem with job boards is the poor, or at the very least, inconsistent, caliber of consultant they tend to offer. Creating a profile on a Freelancing Websites or replying to a job posting requires minimal commitment on the part of the contractor. Just like you only need to push a few buttons to find a consultant, they only need to click a couple keys to reach out to you.


This makes the supposed “specialists” you find on Freelancing Websites not much different from drifters, taking on work when they need it, but not necessarily promising any real responsibility or enduring relationship with your company. Just like you wouldn’t hire someone who walked into your office off the street, you might want to think twice about employing a contractor who aimlessly drifts into your inbox from a Freelancing Websites.


Furthermore, while a tech consultant you find on one of these platforms might appear highly qualified, his or her credentials could be highly suspect, since there often isn’t a reliable way to verify them. In addition, when employing a relatively anonymous individual from a Freelancing Websites, you have no guarantee that he or she will provide steady work that’s up to your standards.


How Excel Consultant Compares

If Freelancing Websites are out of the question, how should you go about finding a tech consultant to resolve your digital dilemmas? Fortunately, Excel Consultant’s advanced team of advisers, instructors, and programmers is ready to assist you. Our firm has connected hundreds of businesses with expert, legitimate professionals around the globe. Excel Consultant offers a valuable, versatile team with a wide variety of skills, so we can always find a Microsoft master to match your particular preferences. Furthermore, our consultancy has an excellent track record of success with these types of software projects. Rather than struggling to mine for rare oil on Freelancing Websites, allow us to bring the valuable resources you need directly to you.


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How Businesses Become More Productive Using Microsoft Excel

How Businesses Become More Productive Using Microsoft Excel


Said another way, How Do Businesses
“Excel Efficiently“


Fact: Did you know that 60% of the Excel 2013 templates that come within Microsoft Excel were done by our company. Yes, several of our Microsoft Excel MVP’s worked on our organization’s project for Microsoft. Some project! And boy do we know how to make Microsoft Excel templates. Using Excel templates is one way how businesses become more productive using Microsoft Excel. When you use an Excel template the file is already setup, all you need to do is to add your data! See the ones we are working on for Excel 2019.


Below is an image showing the Microsoft Excel 2013 templates we built for Microsoft:
We can assist you with your Microsoft Excel files


5 Key Uses of Excel in the Work Place – Below is a list of five of the more common uses of Microsoft Excel that allows business to become more productive using Microsoft Excel and there are one or more free Microsoft Excel templates to assist you with each of these.

  • Financial Analysis and Financial Reporting
  • Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Labor Scheduling
  • Sales Tracking
  • Accounting


If you are not using Microsoft Excel in your organization, chances are that you are most working harder than you need to. 85% of businesses that use Microsoft Excel could benefit from learning exactly how businesses become more productive using Microsoft Excel. That is one of the more common things businesses, government agencies and educational institutions hire us to do for them. The benefits are huge, the ROI meaningful.


Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet of choice that most successful businesses use, for a wide variety of purposes. Some organizations use Microsoft Excel for budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting. Others use Microsoft Excel to set up pricing for products, or sales tracking. The point is this, if you’re not using Microsoft Excel efficiently, you’re not being productive in business. Do you want to learn how businesses become more productive using Microsoft Excel? If so, you came to the right place. Read on to learn ways you can use Excel to be more productive in business.


Microsoft Power BI is how the most efficient businesses work in Microsoft Excel.
Microsoft Power BI for Business


Labor Scheduling

Labor scheduling can be complicated, but using one of the free Microsoft Excel scheduling templates will allow you to get the work done in short order. I am sure you would agree that between having to manage the ever-changing scheduling needs of your employees and keeping up with the constant demands of your business, scheduling can be a hassle and real time sink even for the most organized organization.


An easy to use solution is to simply do your labor scheduling in an Excel workbook. This allows you to have a visual representation of the schedule and you can easily manipulate the data and with the click of a mouse, email the labor schedule to each of your employees. This method is fast, easy and simple. This is how businesses become more productive using Microsoft Excel.


Processing Data

Haven’t you heard – big data is in. Companies want data on their consumers and want to know the status of their business metrics. For those that know how to process and interpret the data, rest assured you will be paid handsomely for your knowledge! Often times businesses use Microsoft Excel to sort through big data.


Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool to use to stay organized when processing data because they have a really innovative feature called a pivot table. A pivot table allows you to organize raw data and sort them into easy to understand tables by rearranging the categories. This feature allows you to save time and make decisions quicker.



Sales is the life blood of any business and organizing your prospects is crucial to the success of any salesmen. You guessed it, Microsoft Excel is an excellent too to use to organize your prospects. Here’s a bonus, salesman can use excel as a full CRM platform too.


Microsoft Excel works great with Sales data.



While accounting can be extremely complex, using a free Microsoft Excel accounting template makes it a snap. These templates are worth their weight in gold because to the skilled Excel user these workbooks allow a business to quickly become more productive using Microsoft Excel. That is why organizations use Microsoft Excel in the first place. These tools provide you with easy to use accounting solutions.



We understand that reading about how businesses become more productive using Microsoft Excel is not exactly the same as making your business more productive using Microsoft Excel. But do’t worry mate. We are the Microsoft Excel experts, when intricately know that Excel is the perfect desktop productivity tool for any business. If you want to unlock its true powers, but you don;t want to do the work, you need to talk to the experts. When it comes to making your organization efficient in Microsoft Excel, hire the Microsoft Excel programming experts.


How Businesses Become More Productive Using Microsoft Excel


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What You Might Not Know About Microsoft’s Vision

What You Might Not Know About Microsoft’s Vision

It’s absolutely undeniable: Microsoft is a company of mammoth proportions. What You Might Not Know About Microsoft’s Vision is what Microsoft the powerhouse it is today. It’s a household name throughout the United States and even in the global marketplace. It is also how we at Excel consultant make our living. But what you might have not know is this, what has been Microsoft’s Corporate Vision, since 1982?


Microsoft Corporation’s Vision Statement & Mission Statement (An Analysis)


Many people are familiar with the company’s famous founder, Bill Gates, known for being the wealthiest man in the world and an avid humanitarian, but few know about Microsoft’s founding vision. It is due to that vision that Microsoft has changed the way we compute and communicate many times over.


This rings especially true to the Excel Consultant team, manned by Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) and as a Microsoft Certified Partner who have dedicated their careers to helping businesses prosper with these programs.


Microsoft Corporation’s Vision Statement


According to Microsoft: Microsoft Corporation’s vision statement is “to help individuals and businesses realize their full potential.” This vision statement is based on the value of the company’s computer technology and software products. Microsoft’s vision statement has the following significant components:


  1. Individuals and businesses
  2. Help realize
  3. Full potential


As experts in this field who’ve made it our mission to maximize the potential of Microsoft products, we’ve discovered a stunning truth: while most people are intimately familiar with Microsoft’s work, most have no idea what the company’s true vision for its products is.


What was Bill Gates’ and other Microsoft founders’ central concept for their software, based on their corporate vision? Are people using Microsoft applications the way they were truly intended? What was and is Microsoft’s ultimate goal in designing what have become some of the most popular programs on the planet?


In the following blog, the Excel Consultant team will endeavor to answer these questions and more. Read on to learn what you might not know about Microsoft’s vision.


Microsoft’s vision


A Brief History of Microsoft

As the History Channel describes, “in 1975, at a time when most Americans [used] typewriters, childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen [founded] Microsoft…originally called Micro-Soft, for microprocessors an software—in order to produce software for the Altair 8800, an early personal computer.”


Gates famously left Harvard University to pursue this business, but this risk paid off: “in 1987, the year after Microsoft went public, 31-year-old Gates became the world’s youngest billionaire.” From the start, Microsoft leaders were motivated by their drive to stay on the cutting edge of computing technology, making their customers’ lives more convenient with these new tools.


Based on conversations at the Microsoft Corporation from the early 1980s, even prior to the 1985 release of Microsoft Excel for Mac (the first ever Excel program), its founders were intent on changing the way users interacted with their various desktop productivity and database applications, with its foundation in the corporations vision statement of what their software should ultimately do.


The History of Computing Project notes that, on October 6, 1987, Microsoft announced “Excel for Windows…[offering] interactive, dynamic linking of sheets; one-step, automatic macro re-order; and sophisticated, high-resolution output” plus “completely integrate, on-sheet database management.” These functions emphasized integration and automation, providing hints as to Microsoft’s vision for the future.


How We Use Microsoft Today

To fully comprehend and contextualize Microsoft’s vision from the 1980s to now, we need to address how its applications are actually being used today. The vast majority of the millions of people who utilize Microsoft applications treat them as standalone software. These products cater to a diverse user base, from students writing papers in Word to financial analysts spending hours in Excel.


Microsoft programs also transcend barriers between commercial and personal use. For example, many people use Microsoft Outlook at work, a required application for business email, and at home, as a viable option to stay in touch with friends and family.


While not ideal, it may be workable for the average person to segment Microsoft’s software, pulling up PowerPoint, Word, or Outlook as needed, never giving a second thought to the fact that these applications could be linked. However, if you take a look (or perhaps a click) into the cubicles of most senior executives, vice presidents, CFOs, and other business leaders, you’d likely find two things.


First, that Excel is essential to their operations. This spreadsheet and data analysis software is widely considered the most utilized desktop productivity tool. It runs enterprises across America, the UK, Canada, and beyond, so its importance should not be understated.


Second, you’d unfortunately probably also discover that, even if they are adept with Excel, these executives haven’t linked the rest of their Microsoft Office programs together in service of their operations.


Some particularly savvy “power” users may add one or more of Microsoft’s data-centric applications to their list of software programs, such as Access, SQL Server, Azure, or Power BI. However, even these more knowledgeable executives haven’t realized that their Microsoft programs are actually best leveraged as an interconnected network of applications. The very vision of how these applications would work as one has been the focus since day one.


The Hidden Power of Microsoft Programs

So, what is Microsoft’s true vision for its software applications? At Excel Consultant, our team of Microsoft maestros believes the company’s dream was to create a suite of office productivity tools and a series of database tools for business, government, education, and individuals to use as one unified solution.


This ideal is seemingly simple, yet powerful. While its full potential remains unrealized by most Microsoft users, this concept is one of the most important in the company’s history, and this integration between products has contributed to Microsoft software’s popularity.


One of many clues that this is Microsoft’s underlying premise is VBA. Visual Basic for Applications is Microsoft’s programming language, which comes free with every program and allows for seamless integration, customization, and automation. Of course, the irony is that a program like Excel, used on its own without any modification to its VBA, is void of the very code that makes Microsoft applications so advantageous.


Just as Google wants its users to quickly find what they are looking for on the search engine, Microsoft wants its users to harness the capability of its tools, combining them such that users have to exert as little effort as possible for superb results. Unfortunately, most consumers remain totally unaware of this extraordinary aspect of Microsoft software.


They still copy and paste from program to program, alter formulas, insert columns, open Outlook, attach files, add email lists, visually verify results, and more. This is exactly how not to use Microsoft applications; this goes against the very vision Microsoft applications were built on.


Fortunately, the Excel Consultant team is here to change that. We’ve embraced Microsoft’s vision and are here to help you unlock the hidden capabilities in the programs you love. Through automation, integration, and apt VBA coding, we can help you enjoy everything Microsoft truly has to offer.


Are You Ready to Learn More About Microsoft Software and how you can use it?

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Should Your Organization Integrate Microsoft Excel and SQL Server

Should Your Organization Integrate Microsoft Excel and Microsoft SQL Server To Enhance Performance


From small Data To BIG Data To HUGE Data – MS Excel/SQL Server Solutions


From small to medium to large to big to huge data


This post picks up on “The Integration & Automation Series” of posts, from where we left off on our last post, Should you integrate Microsoft Excel and Access in an attempt to work with BIG Data. In that post we discussed how to integrate Microsoft Excel (Front-end) with Microsoft Access (Back-end). This post like that post applies to Businesses (Both Large and Small), Government Offices such as the DMV, Educational Institutions such as Harvard and individuals that work with Microsoft Excel as one of their primary data manipulation and reporting tools, wither as a stand alone app or via integration and automation. In this post our topic is “Should Your Organization Integrate Microsoft Excel and SQL Server?”. If your Excel workbook is performing slowly or worse, unresponsive, and if you work with BIG Data, then this solution is for you.


This post applies to all of those individuals that call themselves Microsoft Excel experts, Excel gurus, Excel MVP’s, data scientists, visualization experts, Excel consultants, Excel programmers, or Excel developers. So no matter what you call yourself, if you work with so much data that Microsoft Excel cannot hang, and if you are in a position that you and your organization needs to decide whether to use Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server as your back-end, this post will help you decide. With that said, make sure to read the final post in this series, that post will cover the newest and baddest Microsoft database solution, Microsoft Power BI.


Data Scientists are experts when it comes to making heads and tails out of large data sets  style=


We will go over the various data set sizes (Small, Big, Huge) of throughout this series of posts.


For this post we cover two of the more common scenarios that many businesses encounter when they attempt to use Microsoft Excel to work with BIG data: Scenario #1) Your company has been using Microsoft Excel as a stand alone, self-contained solution, doing both data manipulation and reporting (Access, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI are not used).  Scenario #2) Your organization has been using a Microsoft Excel front-end with a Microsoft Access back-end as a fully integrated and automated data manipulation and reporting solution.


Now that you are working with BIG Data, neither of these solutions is performing well as both have become inefficient and huge time burners, or worse, they have simply stopped responding at all. So with this post we offer a new solution, one that overcomes the challenges of both scenarios, one that incorporates a more advanced, fully integrated and highly automated solution that allows you to work with BIG Data. This solution has a Microsoft Excel front-end, and a Microsoft SQL Server back-end. The advantage of this solution is that it uses the Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine, and that it has the ability to store much more data than does the Access back-end. If this solution is done properly, it will be both an affordable and simple to use Microsoft data concentric solution.


But what is all of this talk about “BIG Data“? What does that even mean?


According to Lynda.Com: The Database Engine is the core service for storing, processing, and securing data. The Database Engine provides controlled access and rapid transaction processing to meet the requirements of the most demanding data consuming applications within your enterprise.


What is BIG data when it comes to working with Microsoft Excel – Would you like to learn more about BIG data, if so, Lynda.Com covers the topic very well.


Big data is big news. But what is big data, and how do we use it? Simply put, big data is data that, by virtue of its velocity, volume, or variety (the three Vs), cannot be easily stored or analyzed with traditional methods. Spreadsheets and relational databases just don’t cut it with big data.

BIG Data adds to the challenge of a proper solution


Big Data has been here for decades and it is largely responsible for the exponential increase in the number of data scientists and visualization experts that make their living harnessing the power of the data concentric applications on the market. Note, in the real world data scientists are not restricted to the handful of Microsoft database applications as there are literally dozens of choices. But for this post we will limit the options to those made by Microsoft. Working with BIG Data is no longer the exception, rather it is the norm, and as such, selecting which Microsoft applications to work with is critical. Why, because each application has size limitations. As HUGE data replaces BIG data the mastery of the Microsoft database applications for reporting and analysis purposes cannot be ignored. Microsoft Excel is not now nor has Excel historically been able to manipulate BIG data-sets of hundreds of thousands of rows populated with advanced functions and formulas, regardless of the applications ability to make 1,000,000 rows available to the user. As each day passes Microsoft Excel becomes less of a data manipulation tool and more of a user interface front-end tool for reporting and analysis.


This series of posts has been written to help you and those at your organization decide what Microsoft data driven applications are well suited for your data manipulation and reporting needs. Choosing the wrong solution will cost your organization large amounts of time and money, and if those amounts are large enough, possibly your position. So it is important to take the time to ask the right questions, to fully understand what your needs are now, and what you expect them to be 10 to 15 years from now.


Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access Size Limitations: As the older, more traditional data applications (Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access) struggle to keep up with the sheer volume of ever increasing mountains of data being amassed these days by most organizations, the current solutions built on them are rapidly falling behind. With one million rows having been available since the release of Microsoft Excel 2007, the actual use of those same cells, filled with complicated Excel formulas, tens of millions of them, having it functioning to acceptable standards is becoming literally impossible. Becoming equally impossible is the ability of Microsoft Access to house BIG Data, as its limitation has been set at 2.09 gigabytes for years now and that changing does not appear to be happening anytime soon, if ever. At some point, the combination of new and historical data becomes just too much for many solutions to function within tolerable standards. Yet Microsoft has not nor will it increase the number of gigabytes Access can house, as it has long been Microsoft’s policy to get people to upgrade to SQL Server, at an added cost.


The exponential rise of data over the past few decades has caused both large and small businesses, government offices, and educational institutions to look for alternative BIG data solutions, and possibly at different Microsoft database applications to build those solutions on. Solutions that are not only affordable, but solutions that are also forward looking. Microsoft based solutions that will still be viable ten or fifteen more years from now.


You also want to make sure to look at data solutions that allow the option to incorporate one or more of the Microsoft Office applications, such as Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. For it is the ability to easily integrate and to automate the various Microsoft Office applications with the database applications that makes them so enticing. Companies will continue to use email for the unforeseeable future. Companies will continue to use programs such as Excel and PowerPoint for reporting and analysis. Being able to easily integrate these various MS Office programs with each other and the Microsoft database applications is something that Microsoft is betting on. Microsoft is putting lots of money behind this. This is how Microsoft maintains its dominance; not one or two business productivity tools, but a dozen or more, tools businesses use day in and day out.


As expert Excel consultants we work in all of the Microsoft applications. We are experts in integrating and automating the suite of Microsoft Office applications with the Microsoft database applications, Access, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI.


We work in all of the Microsoft applications


In this series of intermediate BIG Data solutions we will continue to use the Microsoft Office applications your organization currently has in place. Each has its use and there is no need to make changes to them other than to point them to the new SQL Server back-end. We also recommend minimizing the revisions needed to the Excel files. Revisions take time and they cost money. For this solution all we want to do is to 1) either create a back-end, or 2) switch from an Access back-end to a SQL Server back-end. Once again this is in effort to take a poorly operating Excel application and to make it a speedy, responsive, long term solution, one that can easily deal with BIG data. These revisions will focus on making SQL Server the back-end, with Excel being the front-end. The revisions will be needed, but there is no need to create new workbooks, unless that is desired.


We receive several requests to help companies with their unresponsive Excel files several times each week. Some of them, such as the client that wrote the Google Plus 5-Star Review below are small projects that we can quickly resolve. Others are large projects that require creating and Excel front-end with a SQL Server back-end.


Putman Media had a 5-Star Google Plus Review – “Wow” experience. We were struggling with a large, critical sales commission worksheet for 15 sales reps. This monthly computation had become a dreaded task because the worksheet was substantially unresponsive. We sent the file to Excel and Access, LLC on Friday. They looked it over and quoted a price to fix. We agreed and in two days, they solved the problem and we already have the file and it works?. Seems that Jacob is a certified Microsoft Excel MVP and we are very happy he could handle our problem. Putman is a very happy customer!


This post is focused on upgrading/expanding a system, not on creating a new system. Why, to keep costs down.. The system already does what you need it to do, you just need to speed it up. So with that said, once the revisions have been completed, and once the Microsoft SQL Server back-end application has been created, the SQL Server application will be used to manage, manipulate and to store the BIG Data sets. For those of you who are new to SQL Server and that have no idea what SQL Server is and what it can do, SQL Server has been successful in filling this role since its inception decades ago. That is why so many IT departments use SQL Server as their primary database application. Having SQL Server house mountains of their detailed and historical data. Data that every department in the company uses, each in their own unique way. But SQL Server like Microsoft Access does have its own set of limitations. For our scenario, two of those limitations will need to be overcome.


SQL Server limitations: For years it has been said, that SQL Server is like Access on steroids. From a data crunching and data housing point of view, that is correct. But with that said, it is critical to point out that SQL Server does not have the same friendly user interface that the Microsoft Access forms have, with their buttons, drop-downs, etc, nor does SQL Server have the same reporting capabilities of Access. One way to get around the need of a friendly user interface is to use Microsoft Excel UserForms which are similar to Access forms. A second option to resolve the user interface challenge is to create an Access application without tables or queries, and instead use Access forms for the user interface, with Access manipulating both Excel and SQL Server. In this scenario, you can use Excel for reporting, as many organizations already do. A second reporting option is to use the Access application to provide the reports, based on the tables in the SQL Server back-end.


The Microsoft SQL Server interface looks nothing like Microsoft Access, nor is it as “User Friendly” to use, but it is substantially more powerful and therefore substantially more useful. Compare the two images below and you will see the difference.


Below is a good example of what Microsoft Access looks like, as you can see, the forms create a nice user interface.

The Microsoft Access forms create a user interface


Below is an example of a typical SQL Server interface, clearly not as user friendly as Microsoft Access.
Excel and Access, LLC uses Microsoft SQL Server as a back-end to an Excel front-end



There are numerous versions of Microsoft SQL Server available, no matter your need you will have no problem finding one that fits your size requirements and your budget.


SQL Server size limitations



Microsoft Excel limitations:
The diagram below will show you when Microsoft Excel hypothetically became able to house and manipulate “BIG Data”. Unfortunately, just because Microsoft expanded the number of rows and columns available in Microsoft Excel 2007, Excel was and is still unable to perform within acceptable performance standards. And that is the reason so many firms over the years have adopted an Access back-end. But as this post points out, Access too has its limitations an abilities. 2.09 gigs in size is the biggest prevention.


Microsoft Excel 2007 increased number of rows and columns

Starting in Excel 2007, the “Big Grid” increases the maximum number of rows per worksheet from 65,536 to over 1 million, and the number of columns from 256 (IV) to 16,384 (XFD).


The numbers of rows and tables possible in the varios versions of Microsoft Excel



To summarize to this point

To summarize to this point, when it comes to manipulating and calculating BIG Data, Microsoft Excel on its own, as a standalone application is typically not powerful enough to do the job properly. Any fantasies that you have about populating one million Excel cells with advanced formulas and functions can be forgotten, as Excel will not be able to function according to acceptable standards. To manipulate BIG Data you need to leverage the power of the Microsoft database applications such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Azure or Power BI. In order to do so for the solution be recommended here, you will use one of those applications as the back-end, and your existing Microsoft Excel as the front-end.


Recommended Microsoft Data Applications Based on Size:

  1. Small Data – Microsoft Excel
  2. Medium Data – Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access
  3. Large Data – Integrate Excel with Microsoft Access, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server
  4. BIG Data – Integrate Excel with Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure
  5. HUGE Data – Microsoft Power BI




End of Part One – look for part to learn more about this solution

This post has a lot of aspects to it, so we need to break it up. We will then do a post on the third solution, the one on Power BI.

It is one thing to read how to do something and to understand it than it is to actually do it. Many people find themselves wanting to build the solution that they are excited to get in place. But often once they start the work they find that it is a bit more complicated and challenging to do than they had originally thought. But no worries, that is why we are here. We not only teach you how to do thins, we can also be hired to do the work for you..


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n this

Why Our Two Decades Of Microsoft Certification Matter

Why Having Over Two Decades Of Microsoft Certification Matter So Much In This Industry


In an industry where we making our living assisting clients with their Microsoft applications, such as Excel, Access, Office, SQL Server and Power BI, having that Microsoft Certification for an amazing 23 consecutive years is that much more meaningful than any other form of certification, such as the Better Business Bureau. Having Microsoft’s Application Developer Certification is Golden. And only a handful of firms in our industry have it more than twenty years, twenty plus years and thousands of happy clients served, that is what matters.


WARNING: Make sure that the firms you are speaking to are truly a Microsoft Certified Partner. To do so just ask for the link to the Microsoft website where their Microsoft Certification is posted. See our Microsoft Certification Page on the Microsoft website.

As Amazing as it is, as of 2017 we have 23 of these on our wall in our Irvine California office.We our a Microsoft Certified Partner


Is Your Newly Hired Microsoft Excel Consultant Really A Qualified Microsoft Excel Expert – Are You Sure?

Here is a point that would make a person searching for a good Excel consultant nervous, in an industry where anyone, and literally anyone, skilled or not can call themselves an expert Excel consultant, things can go terribly wrong, (100% of payments lost on a useless application, valuable time lost waiting for it to be developed), so two or more decades of Microsoft certification matters very much as it means you are hiring a reputable firm. One that passes the certification of Microsoft.


Think about it this way, say you for instance are an electrical engineer, and you want to get work as an independent Microsoft Excel consultant. It is not hard to do, even if you have never even opened Microsoft Excel. How can I say that, easy. Here is how you get there. 1) Buy a website URL on GoDaddy, say for example, freds-excel-consultancy.com. 2) Open a website hosting package on GoDaddy. 3) Place a WordPress website template on your site. Place a bunch of false claims, by copying what your competitors place on their websites. 4) Create a few Goggle AdWords ads. 5) When a lead calls or emails you, say that you have 25 years experience developing custom Microsoft Excel workbooks for S&P 100 companies. True, it is a complete lie, but they won’t know that, so take their money, don’t do the work, and then never respond to their calls or emails again. Done.


So in the story above, you just did what many of the newer people in this field do, they make claims that are often 100% false. Why not, who will know, they copy what the leading firms in the industry post on their site, and they put it on their site. It happens all the time. (That is one reason you want to read at least 30 Excel client testimonials. What does the client say, not what the so called Excel consultant says). How much do they lie, well, for example I chatted with a new firm on the internet that started their business the prior year. In the online chat they said they had thousands of clients. When I asked how that was possible when the firm was opened in the prior year, this person became enraged. He was upset that I researched his new company, and that he was caught in a blatant lie. It literally happens all the time. So yes, that puts you at a huge risk. Hence the value of a firm that has ongoing Microsoft certification, look for at least one or two decades, the longer the better.


We Have Dozens Of Client Testimonials Where They State They Hired A Non-Excel Expert , Like Below:


Excel and Access testimonial


If you want to hire a qualified Microsoft Excel consultant the first time, be it us or one of our favorite competitors, such as Debra of Contextures or for a Microsoft Access consultant, Armen of J Street Tech, follow The Definitive Guide To Hiring A Microsoft Excel Consultant.

How to hire a Microsoft Excel Consultant - The Definitive Guide


So What Is Certification?


Certification according to Wikipedia:

Certification refers to the confirmation of certain characteristics of an object, person, or organization. This confirmation is often, but not always, provided by some form of external review, education, assessment, or audit. Accreditation is a specific organization’s process of certification. According to the National Council on Measurement in Education, a certification test is a credentialing test used to determine whether individuals are knowledgeable enough in a given occupational area to be labeled “competent to practice” in that area.


Professional Certification Is What This Post Is About – Priceless Microsoft Certifications


According to Wikipedia: One of the most common types of certification in modern society is professional certification, where a person is certified as being able to competently complete a job or task, usually by the passing of an examination and/or the completion of a program of study. Some professional certifications also require that one obtain work experience in a related field before the certification can be awarded. Some professional certifications are valid for a lifetime upon completing all certification requirements. Others expire after a certain period of time and have to be maintained with further education and/or testing. (Both the Microsoft Certified Partner, Application Developer and the Microsoft Most Valued Professional, MVP are up for renewal on an annual basis. Having it last year does not guarantee you will be awarded it this year)


Microsoft Certified Partner – Silver/Gold Application Developer.


According to Wikipedia: a Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP) is a firm that provides Microsoft-related products or services, or support for such. … They are confirmed by Microsoft to be official, and that they work effectively, and help customers with a range of information technology (IT) projects and specific products and services.

MCPs provide Microsoft services on behalf of Microsoft worldwide, spanning many fields including original equipment manufacturer (OEM), education, software providers, and technical support. They have 24-hour access to Microsoft Support, which enables them to provide reliable customer support. Every MCP has been in business for at least 5 years, has passed several tests, and has proven skills in their particular field

Thousands of our clients have worked with our staff of Microsoft Excel, Access, Office, SQL Server, and Power BI experts over the past 23 years of operation (Note, not 23 years of experience, but rather over four decades of experience, 23 years as a corporation based out of our corporate office in Irvine California).


We have been Microsoft Certified for over two decades


Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)

According to Wikipedia: According to Microsoft, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award is given to “exceptional, independent community leaders who share their passion, technical expertise, and real-world knowledge of Microsoft products with others.

Thousands of our clients have worked with our staff of Microsoft Excel, Access, and Office MVP’s over the years. Here is a link to Jacob’s Microsoft Excel MVP Certification page on the Microsoft website. Jacob is one of the Microsoft Excel MVP’s that have helped thousands of our clients with their Microsoft Excel consulting needs over the years, as well as programming in the rest of the Microsoft applications (Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Office, Power BI, Mac and VB.Net), all at the expert level.


Microsoft Hires Us For Our Excel Consulting Services:

Having the Microsoft Corporation hire you for your Excel consulting services repeatedly is another form of certification. So while not a formal form of Microsoft certification as the others discussed in this post, it is an informal form of certification. It certifies that your Microsoft Excel consulting services are good enough to be used by the mother ship, Microsoft, and good enough to be part of the Microsoft Excel application on your computer, the person reading this post (You).


As discussed above, Microsoft hired us to build many of the Microsoft Excel 2013 templates that are part of the Microsoft Excel application you are using (2013, 2016), they are also available for download on the Microsoft website.


Microsoft also hired us a few times to do Microsoft Power BI programming work that would be used internally at Microsoft, to run their operations. All of our work for Microsoft was done by our Microsoft Excel MVP’s, as many of the Microsoft Excel MVPs are seen as the elite. So as you can see, that is a huge testament to the value of our Microsoft Excel programming skills. That is just one of the many things that set us apart from the other firms in this space, Microsoft hires us when they need Excel programming help.


Red Bull had to hire two Excel consulting companies to get the work they needed done right – We succeeded, the other firm did not:

Red Bull is the best known client where we were hired to replace the work done by one of the firms with less skills and experience. The work that they did was so bad that Red Bull had to reach out to us to have us do the work the way it should have been done the first time. And Red Bull did not receive a refund from the other Excel help company out of New York. So you see this happens to big companies just as often as it happens to smaller companies. (See our Red Bull testimonial below).


Red Bull North America – Christopher and his team performed superb work while supporting our business planning process. He and his team helped create a fully integrated planning tool and subsequent Rollups which has helped us manage our business effectively. I would highly recommend his company for any work needed in Excel or Access: Quick, accurate, and reliable. I want to first say that Jacob has done a stellar job with the business planning tools so far. He’s been very quick and produced well, I will recommend him and your firm to anyone looking for excel/access help. Top Qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity Ryan Conway -·National On Premise Manager at Red Bull


Other Valuable Certifications – Experts-Exchange Certified Microsoft Application Experts

According To Wikipedia: Experts-Exchange.com (EE) is a website for people in information technology (IT) related jobs to ask each other for tech help, receive instant help via the application experts, such as our Senior Access, Word and Outlook consultant, Helen Feddema, answering technical questions via the forums.


Helen Feddema's Experts-Exchange.Com Certifications


Helen's Experts-Exchange.Com Bio



If you would like to have the comfort that comes with hiring a corporation that has been a Microsoft Certified Partner for the past 23 consecutive years, one where the Microsoft Excel consultant you work with is a Microsoft Excel MVP, one that does Excel consulting work for Microsoft, please reach out to us so that we may discuss your Microsoft Excel, Access, Office, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI consulting needs with you. Or if you like, stop by our Irvine California office for a cup of coffee to go along with our conversation.

The call is free, the consultation is free, the estimate is free, and the only risk you have is in not calling us first.


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How to send an Excel file from Excel using Microsoft Outlook v2

 How to send an Excel file using Microsoft Outlook

This is our second post on this subject (Click here to see the first, on our sister site, ExcelHints.Com). This post takes the Microsoft Excel VBA/Macro/code that Jacob (Microsoft Excel MVP) wrote up a notch in complexity from the first post (v1.0). This version of the code allows the Macro/VBA to read the names and email addresses from ranges in the MS worksheet, to be used in the code, versus having hardcoded text in the module, as it was in version 1.0, thus this code is much more advanced and more powerful.

In case you did not read the original post on this subject, what we are trying to do is to teach you how to click a button in Excel, which will take a copy of that exact workbook, and send it to one or more persons via Microsoft Outlook. The reason we are doing several posts on this subject is simple, you can write code that while it will do the job, is not as powerful as you would like, and still requires more effort on your part, to examples that totally automate and integrate the push-button interface, requiring a single click from you. In this case being the button that looks like an envelope.


Step 1: Download the Microsoft Excel workbook that contains the code that is used in this blog post.




This example, as can be seen in the image above has three columns, two populated, one waiting to be populated. The names in column A will be used in the email, and the email addresses in column B will be used to specify who will receive the email. Pretty straight forward. We will get to column C shortly.

If you take a quick moment to look at the code, in the image below, you will see through rows being highlighted. These represent the three columns in the workbook.

When the code runs, two things will happen, 1) the Excel workbook will be sent to one or more people via Microsoft Outlook, 2) column C will be populated with the long-date recording when the file was sent.


Here is an image containing the code you will use. Notice the comments that explain the line(s) of code.




Here is how you can use the code that Jacob wrote (Fully functioning) .

  • Download the workbook.
    • You can use the workbook as is, no changes needed, the code will run.
  • You can copy the code in the workbook, or copy it from below. You will then need paste it into your various workbooks.
    • You can alter the code to better serve your exact purposes.
  • If you have questions about the code, and possible changes you would like to make to it, use the link below, to our Microsoft Help forum, Vbaexpress.Com.
  • Finally, you will need to take the time to put the names and email addresses of your recipients.
    • One of your options is to add code that will clear that field if it is already populated, or append the new records to the lists.



 Copy and Paste this VBA into your Microsoft Excel Workbook to send Excel Files via Outlook EMail


Dim i                   As Long
Dim LastRow             As Long
Dim AppOL               As Object
Dim EmailItem           As Object

Const olMailItem    As Long = 0

‘Initialze Objects
Set AppOL = CreateObject(“Outlook.Application”)

‘Save Workbook

‘Get Last Row
LastRow = Range(“A” & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row

‘Process Each Row
For i = 2 To LastRow
‘Create Email
Set EmailItem = AppOL.CreateItem(olMailItem)

‘Format Email
With EmailItem
.Subject = “Insert Subject Here”
.Body = “Dear ” & Range(“A” & i).Value
.to = Range(“B” & i).Value
.Attachments.Add ActiveWorkbook.FullName
End With

‘Log Send Time
Range(“C” & i).Value = Now
Next i


‘Release Object Variables
Set EmailItem = Nothing
Set AppOL = Nothing

End Sub



If this is beyond your skills set or if you just lack the time to work on this, allow us to assist you with your Microsoft Excel and Access programming needs.

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Microsoft Office 2019 Training

Microsoft Office 2019 is out, learn how to use it like a pro.

Microsoft Office 2019 Training


  Let the Microsoft Certified Excel and Access experts at the Excel & Access, LLC group of companies be be your single go-to resource for all of your Microsoft Office Training needs as well as your Microsoft database (Access, SQL Server, Azure, Power BI) training needs, whether it’s onsite or online.

  You and/or your employees are guaranteed to walk away from our 100% custom tailored training with mission accomplished; they learned what they came to learn, and then some.  It is 100% custom to your exact needs, so much so that we call it our Smarter Microsoft Training as you learn only what you want to learn, no time wasted and you will learn the materials very quickly.

  Your team will learn so much from our international team of Microsoft trainers that the training will quickly pay for itself, many times over, year after year.

  In many organizations Microsoft Office users are slaves to the Microsoft Office Suite of desktop productivity applications, our goal is the make the various Microsoft business applications work for you!  Pay once, use it going forward, save time, which is money, each time you run it. That is Smarter Microsoft Training.


Smarter Microsoft Training


Microsoft Office 2019


What sets up apart from other Microsoft training organizations?

No matter which Microsoft application you or your team need to learn, we can assist you with that as we are training experts in all of the Microsoft applications.


  1. Professional Training Staff – Our trainers are Microsoft Certified Partners, Microsoft MVP’s, authors, collegiate-level course-ware developers, and full-time professional Microsoft application consultants, programmers and trainers, many of whom have spent a great deal of time working for Fortune 100+ organizations in a variety of industries/sectors. We speak business, and modeling our training based on an in-depth understanding of business needs allows us to deliver superior training.


  1. Training Content Specifically Developed for You – Our training is developed specifically for you and your needs; we do not use “canned” presentation materials that don’t specifically speak to your particular situation, and we don’t try to sell you books or materials that you don’t need. Our primary goal is that you walk away a more proficient Office user, and we do that by tailoring the training content to and for you.


  1. Reasonable Rates – We don’t charge on a per person basis, but by the hour/day, and we encourage you to have as many people attend training as possible in order to maximize your training dollars. We’re comfortable with one-on-one, medium, small or large group settings either onsite or online. However, we actually prefer onsite training, as our trainers are able to impart much more information to your employees simply due to the value of physical interaction.


  1. Hands-On Training – We encourage hands-on training in which participants are actively engaged in working with a particular application vs. lecture based training, which often leaves participants lacking.


  1. After-Training Support – We stand behind our training, and encourage participants to contact their trainer with any questions after the training, whether it’s two days or two months later.  We generally cover a lot of material, and understand that participants will not retain it all, so we also leave participants with working examples of the training material, so that it can be used for reference.


Types of Training

  1. Onsite vs. Online


  1. We can accommodate both training mediums depending on your needs.
    1. Onsite training is great for larger groups that can be broken down into categories (e.g. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), where training can be structured to meet the needs of each group. Onsite training generally requires at least a 4 hour commitment per group simply to allow people adequate time for travel and set aside time from work, as well as justifying your trainer’s travel expenses. As mentioned, we charge by the session, not the number of attendees, so we encourage you to include as many participants as a venue can manage efficiently.
    2. Online training is often better suited to smaller groups with a similar focus (e.g. Pivot Tables, Power Pivot, etc.). Online training is usually broken up into a series of short sessions in order to be mindful of attendee schedules and to keep everyone as focused as possible.


  1. Group vs. One-on-One


  1. As with Onsite vs. Online training, we can provide both depending on which method best suits your needs.
    1. Group training generally has a greater immediate impact on an entire organization simply due to the number of participants you can include. It also lends itself well to creating spin-off sessions after training to address particular issues that a smaller group or department might be facing. Group training is best suited to onsite situations.
    2. One-on-One training is more focused to meeting the needs of an individual or small group of attendees, and is generally highly specific, often focusing on an actual issue that they face within the working environment. One-on-One training is also a great way to get individual employees up to speed on a particular application or function that they may need in order to meet new job requirements.  Due to travel expenses, One-on-One training is best suited to online situations.


How do we get started?

  1. Proficiency Survey – We start by giving you access to a proficiency survey in the application of your choice, which gives us a good idea of what you need. If your users are beginners, we’re not going to give intermediate or advanced level training that would leave them lost. Conversely, if your users are advanced, we wouldn’t waste their time focusing on beginner topics. We aim to provide the appropriate level of training for your employees. Paying for training that doesn’t adequately address your needs just wastes your time and money.
  2. Internal Document Review – If possible, we review examples of your most common Microsoft Office documents, be it Excel workbooks, Access databases, PowerPoint Presentations, etc. This helps us better understand the challenges faced by your particular business, and helps us to develop training materials specific to you. Any materials shared with us will be reviewed on a strict Non-Disclosure basis; your information is yours and no one else’s.
  3. Workshops – Our trainers make themselves available both before and after training to answer specific group or individual needs. We also encourage dedicated working group discussion to address specific needs.


If you would like to discuss your organization’s Microsoft Excel, Access, or Office training needs give us a call, send an email, or reach out via chat. 877-392-3539. We can discuss exactly how we will take your team to the next level of Microsoft Office use.


Expert Microsoft Office Training


Case Study: Microsoft Power BI & Excel Templates


Case Study: Microsoft Excel Templates and Power BI Projects for The Microsoft Corporation


“If Microsoft taps our expertise to run their business, so should you.”


Industry: Information Technology

Company Overview:

Microsoft is such a powerhouse in the technology industry that this corporation hardly requires an introduction. Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded the company in Albuquerque, New Mexico over 40 years ago in 1975. The duo began by building off of existing computer code, creating complementary interpreters and operation systems other companies could use to enhance their products. When Microsoft partnered with IBM (the International Business Machines Corporation, with whom Excel Consultant has also worked), their operating system became the top program for personal computers. Illness took Paul Allen from Microsoft in 1983, but Bill Gates continued to expand the empire.

From Microsoft’s new Redmond, Washington campus, the company launched Windows, a graphical user interface addition to its popular operating system. In 1990, Microsoft created the acclaimed bundle of applications we now know as the Office Suite. Word, Excel, and other programs quickly became standard in personal computing—nowadays, it’s difficult to imagine using a device without them. Microsoft continued to evolve with the times, creating Internet Explorer as an application for accessing the dawning World Wide Web. The company soon entered the media market, collaborating with NBC to create MSNBC, a cable news station, and releasing its Xbox gaming console.


60% of the Excel 2013 templates that come within Microsoft Excel, we did, for Microsoft. Some project!
We developed 60% of the Microsoft Excel 2013 Templates for Microsoft


In recent years, Microsoft has entered the cloud computing world with its Azure Services Platform and subscription versions of Office. The company has also released and rebranded its mobile devices, including the Windows Phone and Surface tablet. Microsoft’s motion sensor Kinect system has also become a mainstay of the modern gaming market. In addition, the firm launched its search engine, Bing, and provides more specialized technical services for information technology experts. Of course, as it has kept pace with these developments, Microsoft has continued to improve its foundational products—the company recently released Office 2016. As of 2015, Microsoft has annual revenue of over $93 billion and employs nearly 120,000 workers.

At Excel Consultant, our team of programmers, instructors, and advisers uses the immense power and flexibility of Microsoft programs to help businesses succeed. We are delighted to partner directly with the company that makes our work possible.

The Challenge:

 We have tackled three tasks for Microsoft in the past several years:

  1. Microsoft’s Beth Melton lead the effort of creating templates for its Excel 2013 Uplevel project. We were thrilled to help expand the functionality and features for this important program.
  2. Todd and Carlos asked Excel Consultant to develop a Power Business Intelligence Tool (a program to compile, refine, and analyze vast amounts of information to identify and pursue corporate opportunities) for Microsoft’s entire staff. Specifically, Microsoft needed our team to:
    • a. Convert survey data to Power Pivot tables (additional Excel features that allow for interpretation and graphical representation of information, including sophisticated calculations and Web-based worksheets).
    • b. Create a Dashboard so that employees could easily access and report on survey responses.
    • c. Reshape the flat files generated by the survey into a star schema. This spreadsheet design involves a central fact table (which includes the particular measurements, facts, or numerical bases used for analysis) surrounded by multiple dimension tables (which contain relevant descriptive information to filter or label data).
  3. The internal Microsoft team needed us to improve the Business Intelligence functions for Microsoft Defender (an anti-malware and antivirus program) using Power Pivot tables.

With each of these projects, Excel Consultant’s Microsoft masters were delighted to put their comprehensive knowledge of the company’s products to use. Working alongside Microsoft professionals allowed us to test and display our ability to develop innovative solutions with Office and Windows resources.

Key Client Benefits:

Microsoft was very pleased with the results Excel Consultant produced, as evidenced by the fact that the company chose to work with us numerous times.

For our first Microsoft project, two of our Excel MVPs (Microsoft’s “Most Valued Professionals”) collaborated with company contacts to custom design Excel templates for individuals and businesses to use when they purchase the program. Our MVPs used their extensive expertise with and experience in Excel to construct attractive, functional guides. Approximately 60 percent of the Excel templates you can now open in Excel 2013 or download from the Microsoft website were based on our work (a third MVP outside of Excel Consultant developed the rest). We are delighted that Excel Consultant’s very own work can be seen inside Excel 2013, a program our clients and our team utilizes on a daily basis. If you’d like to view the fruits of our labor, you can check out the templates Microsoft proudly features on its website.

Jacob Hilderbrand, our Premier developer (and Microsoft MVP for the past three years) led the assignment to create a Power Business Intelligence Tool for Microsoft. One of our associates at Microsoft commented that Christopher Fennell (our CEO, President, and Founder) and Jacob were “well positioned technically to take over and deliver on this project.” We fulfilled all of Microsoft’s high expectations. Using the workbook of design views (worksheets completed with specified content to be used as a basic indication of visual design) and a small anonymous excerpt of the wide survey data file Microsoft created, we got to work creating Power Pivot tables, an intuitive Dashboard, and the corporation’s requested star schema. Completing Microsoft’s requested designs gave employees much greater flexibility in viewing and interpreting the data without the need for additional coding or customization. In addition, our work allowed Microsoft to better use some of the specialized features its own team had designed for Excel 2013, including hierarchies (which allow users to create and view particular paths of data) and Business Intelligence Power View functions (which provide more advanced data visualization for the purposes of analysis and presentation). Microsoft employees now use the solutions we designed every day.

After finishing this complicated task and helping Microsoft’s staff operate more optimally, Jacob Hilderbrand took on Excel Consultant’s third project for the company. He devised Power Business Intelligence capabilities for Microsoft’s internal team to improve, manage, and run their Defender software. Jacob used Excel 2013 Power Pivot tables to create a robust yet streamlined system for this purpose.

Microsoft only works with the best consultancies for its own Excel development and Business Intelligence projects. Excel Consultant is honored to have had (and made the most of) these opportunities. If you’d like to learn more about how our company can help you succeed with Microsoft programs, contact us today to schedule a consultation.



Call us now and get started today 877-392-3539


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Smarter Microsoft Application Training Services for your Organization


♦  Our Microsoft EXCEL Training Services: We pride ourselves in having an amazing team of dedicated Microsoft Excel MVP’s that provide most of our Microsoft Excel Training Services. Our MVP Team programmers and trainers exceed client expectations and they deliver our 5-Star custom Microsoft solutions, Smarter Microsoft Training Solutions if you will.

♦  Our Microsoft DATABASE Training Services:  Our Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI Trainers are Industry Leading, and are regarded as highly advanced Microsoft Data Visualization experts. When it comes to dealing with the various Microsoft Databases and what we like to call HUGE data, our trainers are the perfect fit with more experience than you can shake a stick at.  So if you need Microsoft Excel, Access, or Office trainingcontact us today.

♦  Microsoft OFFICE Training Services – Word, Outlook, Power Point: We offer training services in these applications as well, for both the PC and the Mac.



Our Approach to Microsoft Application Training: Smarter Microsoft Training Services.


♦ We are results driven, your success is our success, the number of stars we receive matters very much to us. We are here to exceed expectations, not merely meet them. We want to make SURE you learn all you should learn in our time together, no matter what type of organization you work for, what application you need help with, nor the training format you choose. Regardless of those, we are here to wow you and your team. 5-Star Service.




Microsoft Applications in which we provide Professional Training Services.

  1. Excel
  2. Mac Excel
  3. Access
  4. SQL Server
  5. Azure
  6. Power BI
  7. Word
  8. Outlook
  9. PowerPoint





Formats in which we provide our Smarter Microsoft Application Training Services.


  We offer our industry leading Smarter Microsoft Training Solutions in a variety of formats, to fit your organizations needs, be it one-on-one face-to-face training or remote group online training with one of our legendary Microsoft Excel MVP’s.  We have the training format the optimizes your teams ability to learn quickly.  Get the format that works for you and your team.





Be as good as a Microsoft Excel MVP and rise that corporate ladder based on skill and intellect.



Our Microsoft Training Formats:


  1. One-On-One, Face-To-Face (The BEST way to learn Microsoft Excel)
  2. One-On-One, Remote (Can record a copy for you)
  3. Micro Workshops (2-5 people)
  4. Workshops (Up to 10 People)
  5. Group Training (Up to 30 people)
  6. Large Group Training, Local, Onsite (Unlimited)
  7. Large Group Training, Remote (Unlimited)
  8. Webinar Based (Unlimited)
  9. Seminar Format (Unlimited)



Example of Which Training Format to Take: If this were you, what training format would you select?  Not all training nor training formats are equal, get the best trainer and the best training format that works BEST for you and your organization. This example is based on a real client and the work she did with our Excel MVP out of New York.


  The scenario: You have just accepted a new high level job where you report directly to the Senior VP of Finance.  The one thing this VP is known for is having the most advanced Microsoft Excel workbooks developed for her exact needs.  Workbooks that quickly allow the Senior Team to focus in on the KPI’s (Key performance indicators) that matter most, and having a fully automated and integrated system is required in order to do that, there is just so much data.  So for this job you need to be as good as one can be with Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables, Dashboards, Power Query, XLookup, macros, integration and automation and seriously advanced when it comes to interactive data visualization with charts, graphs, dashboards, reports and associated analysis, all fully interactive, integrated, point-n-click Excel applications.


  The situation, say you are already well versed in Microsoft Excel, basically an intermediate user.  As such you need to locate a true Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Expert to train you. You need to be at the expert level and you need to get there by Monday.  For this example, say it is currently Thursday afternoon.   


  The challenge is that most trainers are only at the intermediate level, if that. So how do you find a true Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel subject matter expert, one that takes projects, and takes them short notice, but that is also able to deliver at the highest levels.


  The Solution: How do you get there if you are already an intermediate Excel programmer?  Work one-on-one, face-to-face with a legendary Microsoft Excel MVP. One that has been an MVP for 25 years and counting.  Go at your pace, learn everything you need to know to be as good in Excel as an Excel MVP.  If you can do that, your seniors will quickly see the value you add to the position and to the organization.  Upwardly mobile based on skill and intellect.



Our One-One-One Microsoft Excel Training with a legendary Microsoft Excel MVP is literally the BEST way to learn Microsoft Excel, period.






Organizations that Hire us for our Microsoft Application Training Services.

  1. Business Sector
    1. From mom and pop to Microsoft.
  2. Government Sector
  3. Private Sector
  4. Education Sector
  5. Non-Profit Sector




♦ Our in-depth understanding of the industries we serve (ranging from business organizations, government agencies, non-profits and education institutions of all sizes and nationalities) allows us to deliver superior Microsoft application training to groups and individuals, onsite and remotely. We have intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of the industries we serve.














Most Common Microsoft Application Training Requests.






♦ We Provide Professional Training Services in Excel and in all of the Microsoft Applications.















5 Reasons to Hire Us

Smarter Microsoft Solutions ™

Organizations such as Microsoft, USC, the US Department of Commerce and the YMCA have hired our international team of Microsoft Excel MVP’s and data visualization experts to develop bespoke Microsoft based solutions, including: Excel workbooks, Access and SQL Server Databases, & Microsoft Azure Cloud based solutions, fully integrated.   


5 Reasons Why

What Makes Excel Consultant Different from Discount Contractors on Freelancer Websites

What Makes Excel Consultant’s Dedicated Staff Different from Discount Contractors on Freelancer Websites


Discount Freelancer Website contractors’ are most often simply the lowest bidders, the low end of the consulting services market, unqualified, unreliable, not guaranteed. Find out what sets Excel Consultant’s Microsoft masters apart; “The Smarter Microsoft Solutions Provider”.


What Makes Excel Consultant's Dedicated Staff Different from Discount Contractors on Freelancer Websites



Discount low quality Freelancer Websites are an undeniable part of modern business. Over the last several decades, they have become an absolutely integral part of the way smaller companies and individual contractors find each other over the Internet. So many sites competing for the lowest cost per hour. But they are not competing in expertise, quality, speed of service, etc. They are hired simply based on perceived cost per hour with no thought given to quality or risk. The risk of course is 100% accepted by the person paying for the work, not the company marketing the work. Quick to put a hand out, slow if not simply unresponsive to assist with projects gone bad.


The numbers speak for themselves: according to Statistic Brain, four million “job positions [are] posted online per month,” 120 million “U.S. based resumes [are] currently stored in online job posting websites,” and 18.56 million “people [are] hired from online job postings annually.” However, while a discount freelancer website might be a seemingly suitable place to find a tutor, assistant, or plumber, it isn’t the best venue to find a highly qualified technical professional.


In this digital era of enterprise, your software is the bedrock of your business, so you must find someone truly trustworthy to work on it. Get it wrong and you pay the ultimate price of lost time, lost money, lost face. But why not hire “The Smarter Microsoft Solutions Provider” instead, and guarantee your project’s success versus failure? Read on to discover what makes Excel Consultant’s dedicated staff of Microsoft experts different from discount contractors on Freelancer Websites.



There is a crack in the discount freelancer websites offerings, the crack is risk acceptance, as in who accepts the risk of a project gone south.


Avoid Discount Freelancers Hire a Corporation Avoid Discount Freelancers Hire, a Corporation


If we have a little bit of tone in our message, it is because we hear so many horror tales of projects gone bad. Sometimes more than once. And that is sad. That makes all web based services suspect.

Funny Trump Pic


How Discount Freelancer Websites Work

These online platforms connect potential independent service providers with the clients and company who require their assistance. As Top Echelon explains, “online Freelancer Websites help hiring authorities source candidates for open positions and job seekers find employment.” Some sites, like Monster and Indeed, allow companies and organizations to publish positions they’d like to be filled. On other Discount Freelancer Websites, such as UpWork, applicants create profiles detailing their abilities, credentials, and prior experiences so that companies who require assistance can peruse and find them. So instead of hiring a US based corporation with a proven track record of decades of experience assisting organizations with their Microsoft applications, they hire a face on a website based on the cost per hour.


So instead of hiring a US based corporation with a proven track record of decades of experience assisting organizations with their Microsoft applications, they hire a face on a freelancer website, based on the cost per hour, not on the ability to deliver. Risky!!!.


While Freelancer Websites are unquestionably ubiquitous, whether or not they are truly useful is still up for debate. According to Top Echelon, “one reason it’s difficult to say whether Freelancer Websites are effective is that… data [about their statistics on successfully linking contractors with companies] is not available to the public.” The information we do have suggests that Freelancer Websites aren’t exactly ideal when it comes to hiring outstanding talent. When Top Echelon surveyed “the most popular sources for finding high quality candidates…Freelancer Websites made the bottom of the list, pulling in only 9.5 percent popularity.” These systems provide a digital deluge of both jobs and candidates, but with this quantity of users, quality suffers.


Avoid Freelancer Websites & Their Offerings


The Discount Contractors You Find There

So, what kinds of workers do you typically find on discount Freelancer Websites? The millions of positions posted and profiles created on Freelancer Websites attract a wide variety of contractors. However, for every diamond in the rough you find amidst the flood of available employees, you’re likely to find dozens more duds. In fact, Freelancer Websites are often particularly conducive to the professional equivalent of “drifters,” doing the digital equivalent of wandering into your office and asking to help on a project. Generally, contractors on these platforms are:


  • Not well vetted. Since discount Freelancer Websites are open to anyone, most do not hold their users up to any scrutiny. It is virtually impossible to check that the contractors you find on these platforms are actually qualified. These sites aren’t held accountable for the legitimacy of those who use them to offer their labor. Rather, they just take their cut and move on.
  • The lowest cost contractors. In a flooded market like a discount freelancer website, the cheapest freelancers rise to the top. With so many options offered, contractors compete to offer the least expensive services. However, as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. If you’re getting a several hundred dollar service for one tenth the cost, you have to consider why. Given the low-cost, cutthroat environment of Freelancer Websites, consultants who are worth more than they can get on these platforms tend to take their capabilities elsewhere. Particularly when it comes to highly technical issues such as software consulting, you shouldn’t skimp on your consultants. Sacrificing expertise for expense is a major business blunder.
  • Individuals, not employees. By virtue of the basic structure of Freelancer Websites, the contractors you find there tend to fly solo. Independent freelancers may be an affordable option, but they lack the collaborative power and wide skill sets of a finely honed team. This becomes especially important when dealing with sensitive software issues.
  • Available on a short-term basis. Freelancer Websites tend to focus on temporary projects, and the digital “drifters” who use them to find work are often juggling multiple gigs. This means they’re not likely to be particularly reliable or reachable after the tenure of the task. If you hire a tech consultant off of a discount freelancer website and your database goes haywire six months later, chances are slim that you’ll be able to get back in contact with the person who built it. This means you’ll probably need to head back to the Freelancer Websites just to find someone to fix the problem your initial contractor caused.
  • Limited to remote work. Given the digital world Freelancer Websites inhabit, the freelancers who utilize them to find opportunities tend to telecommute. This may appear to be a workable solution for technical tasks, but in some cases, in-person assistance is completely invaluable.


These are all important characteristics to remember when considering hiring a contractor from a discount freelancer website.


Advantages of Using Excel Consultant’s Dedicated Staff of Microsoft Solution Experts

So, now that you know all about discount freelancer website contractors, what makes Excel Consultant’s dedicated staff of expert Microsoft maestros different? Our tech consultants:

  • Are supremely qualified. We employ Microsoft Certified Partners and Microsoft MVPs, undeniably some of the most esteemed professionals in this field.
  • Work as a team. If you encounter a particularly complex computer catastrophe, having multiple professionals available to you can be extremely helpful. Should you need two programmers and a project manager to get the work done quickly, Excel Consultant can provide them. Furthermore, our team is composed of qualified consultants, each with his or her own specific expertise, ensuring that you always have a software specialist available to help with your particular concerns. For example, if your project requires both Excel and Access, you can work with a veritable virtuoso in each program.
  • Come to you onsite. Unlike discount freelancer website contractors, Excel Consultant’s team will consult with you in-person. For in-depth trainings, advanced advising, and complex programming, onsite work is often necessary. We frequently send two and even up to five consultants to work directly with our clients in their offices.
  • Have a 25-year proven track record of accomplishments. Due to the high quality of service we offer, Excel Consultant has an extensive list of accomplishments with past clients. We are often able to solve problems other consultants (such as contractors found on Freelancer Websites) cannot. Our portfolio of successful case studies exemplifies our abilities.
  • Are part of an enduring enterprise. Excel Consultant is an established consultancy that has been serving international clients for many years. Should you need to follow up on a project, require additional assistance after the fact, or simply have a software-related question, we will be here to help you. You can count on our team to assist you with anything you need.


These are just a few of the qualities that stand Excel Consultant apart from Discount Freelancer Websites. It is your money, choose The Smarter Microsoft Solution.


Are You Ready To Hire The Smarter Microsoft Solution Providers?

We offer a wide variety of programming, training, and training services in all of the Microsoft applications – We Are The Smarter Microsoft Solution”. Contact Excel Consultant at 877-392-3539 today to find out more and schedule an appointment.


 We are celebrating 25-years of service in the US and UK.




Yes, We Work With Educational Institutions (Colleges)

Yes, we work with dozens of Educational Institutions (Colleges) across the country


Last week we received a phone call from a university that was looking for a professional Microsoft Excel consulting services firm to help them with their Microsoft Excel applications. They were specifically looking to hire an Excel consultancy that had experience working with educational institutions (colleges). So on the call she asks us, “do you work with colleges”. The response she was given was this, “yes, we have worked with dozens of colleges over the past 23 years, from Harvard and Thunderbird to UCI and ASU“. She liked that and after a lengthy conversation and project discovery we submitted our quote and she is now a happy Excel client.


So that got me thinking. How can I get the message out there so that the potential clients see it right away? I already use descriptive verbiage on the site, but I needed something more. I needed a page that lists the better known educational institutions we have worked with since 1994. And that meant I also needed a new graphic that tells the tale without reading a word. So I created the page, here is the link to our educational institutions page, and I created the graphic below. So if you want to find the educational institution (Colleges) page, as well as our other industries we work in, click here.


Here are some of our better known institutional clients

Yes, we work with all sorts of educational institutions (colleges) such as Harvard


While we have worked with some well known and amazing colleges, such as UCSD (University of San Diego), most of the colleges we have worked with are not know to people outside the area, nor are they on the educational institution page on this site. They are also not on the college graphic you see above. But the number is substantial. We have been in operation since 1994, two to ten times as long as our competitors, and over those 23 years we have racked up quite the list of clients and unmatched experience which has taken our Microsoft Excel and Access programming skills to the highest levels.


How do we assist our college clients?

The work we have done for these colleges is not that different than the work we have done for our business and government clients. Most of them hired us for our Excel or Access programming skills. A few for PowerPoint, Word, Visio and Outlook. The CFO at Charles Drew University for example has hired us several times. Our work for them involved integrating and automating these applications, Excel, Access, and SQL Server. This client worked with two of our Microsoft Excel MVPs to work with him. The work we did for him was similar to our work for Kaiser or Tenet Healthcare.

Thunderbird School of Business Management hired us to come onsite for two days to provide Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint training to their students. So the work we do for educational institutions is not all Excel programming, some of it is actually Excel and Access training.


What cooler way to end the week than to have a project discovery session with Harvard University on Friday afternoon. We have worked with Harvard in the past, this is a different part of their organization, so to work with them again makes our month. We LOVE repeat clients


Does your collegiate organization need help? Want to discuss your needs?

If you are an educational institution and you need help with any of the Microsoft applications, be it consulting or training, we have you covered, at the expert level.


For a FREE Consultation to discuss your educational institution needs please reach out today. We can help you just as well as we help our business and government clients.

If your educational institution (college) needs to hire an Excel or Access consultant, please hire us


Call us today to discuss your organization’s Excel and Access training needs 877-392-3539


Free Consultation



Even More Reasons Why You Should Hire Us

Here Are Even MORE Reasons Why You Should Hire Us


The Microsoft Corporation has tapped our expertise and has worked with our top Excel MPV’s more than once to run their business.

– The Internationally Based Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL Server & Azure Subject Matter Experts –




   Microsoft Certified, Microsoft Excel MVP’s, literally are that good (The Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts).


   Top Excel MVP’s Lead Our International Team of Excel, Access, SQL Data Visualization Experts.



About Us Elevator Pitch (Part 2): For the past 26 years our group of companies have worked with the entire Microsoft Office Suite of applications in addition to SQL Server, Azure, SharePoint, Power BI and .Net. This allows our international team of Microsoft experts to fully customize the world’s leading suite of business software to meet the unique needs of our clients across all corners of the world.

Custom data visualization experts, advanced Excel, Access, SQL Server, and Azure development.

Since 1994 we have provided consulting, programming, training, and support services to business, governmental agencies, educational institutions and individuals from New York and Canada to California, the UK Australia and Europe. Our international team of Microsoft Certified professionals are the most talented team of experts available.



Our International Team of Microsoft Application Experts

Have Completed Over 8,500 Projects

If you do this fulltime year after year, decade after decade, the numbers add up. Helen for instance has been doing this since day one as has Christopher & Paul. Jacob while significantly younger has the 2nd highest number of projects under his belt. Add the rest of the development team and their work and you get to those sort of numbers where you totally dominate the market in terms of ability and skill. You know what works and what does not. You are very fast, very accurate and your work lasts the test of time.


We work in all of the Microsoft Office & Database Applications.


Programming and Training in Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI are our bread and butter; that is the sweet spot of custom data visualization, integration and automation.


We Also Work Directly for Microsoft – as Seen in Excel

We work in all of the Microsoft Office applications, for both Windows and the Mac. We also work in Power BI, SQL Server, Azure and .Net. Microsoft is our best known repeat client with two of our Microsoft Excel MVPs working on their projects. Our Power BI work was used internally at Microsoft and our Excel template work ships in Excel 2013 and above. We are Microsoft Gurus, Data Scientists, Authors, Certified Trainers and Power BI Mavericks to say the least.



We Also Work in Microsoft Power BI, SQL Server, Azure, SharePoint and .Net



Since 1994 We Have Lead Both The Local and International Markets

Founded in 1994, in the city of Irvine, in the heart of Orange County California, our group of companies have since dominated the international Microsoft consulting, programming and training space. During those 23 years we have worked hard to build strong B2B (Business-to-business relationships with businesses of all sizes as well as governmental agencies and educational institutions) partnerships with thousands of clients from around the world, such as Microsoft, Staples, LinkedIn, Red Bull, AT&T and Verizon.



We Are Available Seven Days a Week, 364 Days a Year

We work when our clients work, what we like to call working in “real-time”. Given we are an international company, will clients from all corners of the world, where means we are supporting organizations with a variety of operating hours & days, we must work evenings, weekends & holidays (Except Christmas) to accommodate them. Thus we are always here to help you with your urgent requests.

Our “Best-in-Class” “Real-Time” service makes us the “Premier Microsoft Services Provider” in this space. In this day and age, why should you wait hours, days or weeks to get assistance?



We Will Start Your Project Today

When you work with our group of companies there is never the need to wait to get your project started. We know how important your time is, and we understand what it means to need a rapid turnaround. That is why we will start your project the same day you contact us, if so desired, and for your smaller projects that will take just a handful of hours or less to do, we can often complete the work the same day.



Small Projects – Complete Your Project Today

For those super small projects, the ones our competitors often turn down, there is a very good chance we could start and finish your project today. Literally, we can take your initial call, schedule and conduct an online GoToMeeting to discuss your needs in detail, build the statement of work, provide a time and cost estimate for the work, start and finish your smaller project in one day! We do it all the time, daily.



We Have a Brick and Mortar Office

Our company headquarters is located in the heart of Orange County, in the city of Irvine. Stop on by and say hello. We have a full staff of Microsoft Excel and Access experts to support all of your Microsoft programming and training needs. See our training center in our office where we conduct our Microsoft training workshops. While you are here let us analyze your applications and see how we can help you to save time and money.


Since 1994 our company headquarters have been in the heart of Orange County, Irvine CA

A Corporation Typically Has An Office You Can Visit



We Will Work Onsite If Needed From New York to London

Yes, we will travel to your location no matter where it is. We have been to Alaska of all places to teach Microsoft Excel for the team at Cooper River Seafood. So that said, the majority of our work is done remotely these days. But we will happily come onsite and work at your location for as long as needed if that is what you desire. We can come onsite just for the beginning or the end of a project, several times in between, or for the entire term of the project. For example, we have had 4 Microsoft Excel MVPs onsite in Orange County at one time for a single client, that project took a year to complete, a massive application for finance. (Plese note, there may be additional charges).



We Offer an Online Microsoft Excel VBA Certification Course

The easiest way to learn Microsoft Excel VBA is with our course. Jacob Hilderbrand, a Microsoft Excel MVP, founder and co-owner of VBAExpress.Com, and professional Microsoft programmer wrote the course. You can get more information on the VBA Excel Academy here.



We have a Microsoft Emergency Help Line

Having an Excel or Access emergency, can’t get Word or Outlook to do what you want, SQL Server keeps crashing, or Power BI has you stumped, call our paid help line for assistance. We use GoToMeeting to help you, working online, remotely, so we can help you within minutes of your call, email, or text.



We Run One of The Top Microsoft Help Forums – VBAExpress.Com

Our Microsoft Help Forum, VBAExpress.Com has helped hundreds of thousands of people since 2004. On our forum you can post questions on any of the Microsoft applications, VBA/Macros included. Some of the best minds in the business provide answers, and here is the best part, for free! There are thousands of people on there each day, non-stop from all corners of the globe. Visit our VBAExpress – Microsoft Help Forum for assistance.



We Run a Great Excel Help Blog – ExcelHints.Com

We have a nice small focus blog that focuses on Excel Hints. We have had it a number of years. It was actually created by one of our programmers, John B. Since then he has allowed us to manage the blog. Visit our Microsoft Excel Hints blog for great posts covering all aspects of Microsoft Excel.



Excel and Access, LLC Developed Two College Courses on Microsoft Applications

The courses were available as online courses for over 50 community colleges. Written specifically for small business owners that need to learn how to use Microsoft Excel and/or Microsoft Word to run their business. Given the majority of our clients are business owners we knew exactly what they needed to learn. As such we had two of our best Microsoft Excel MVPs write the materials used for the course which can be found on our flagship website, ExcelAndAccess.Com. This is just another example of where we can say “We Wrote the Book on It”, literally.



Our Team Wrote Books On It – Literally

Over the years our team of Microsoft experts have written dozens of books on the various applications that make up the Suite of Microsoft applications, from Excel and Access to Word and Outlook. These are the same developers that you can work with on your project.





Being an expert starts at the top and flows down.

Who are you hiring, are they exerts are just very good?  How do you find an expert Excel and Access programmer?  Hire a firm where the founder and CEO is an Excel expert and previous programmer and trainer. It starts at the top and it flows down.  No-one knows Excel or Access better than our team of Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel subject matter experts.


This is all we do, this is all we have done, we know what we are talking about and we know the best ways to program in Excel, Access, SQL Server and Azure.



Before Christopher founded Excel and Access, LLC back in 2004, he first spent his career working as a professional Microsoft Excel, Access, and SQL Server Senior Financial Systems Analyst & Developer.  Christopher worked his way up, learning more and more advanced ways to do what he does, and he learned the best ways to program in Microsoft Excel, Access, and SQL Server.  His vision now is for his clients to benefit from those decades of experience, in the trenches, programming, and then later, years managing a development team.




Banner on why to hire a Microsoft Certified Excel Consultant


If your organization needs Microsoft Certified Experts to assist you with all of your Microsoft application needs, please call us toll-free at 877-392-3539 or send us an email. If you don’t want to wait please use our Chat window.


Contact Us for a Free Consultation.

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Excel Consultant in Orange County

Our Corporate Headquarters Are In Irvine California


Irvine office is located at 17880 Skypark Circle

Please Stop By Our Office – 17880 Skypark Circle, Irvine, CA

We would love the opportunity to meet you and your organization’s team face-to-face. We can show you around our office and our newly remodeled Irvine Training Center where we conduct our hyper/micro, small group Microsoft Excel and Access training workshops. You can sit down with one of our founders and our local team of Microsoft Excel, Access, and SQL Server programming staff.


Since 1994 Talon Computer Associates based in Irvine California has dominated the local Orange County market with our team of Microsoft Certified Experts providing custom solutions to businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies. Our approach has been to streamline our client’s operations by leveraging the full power of the Microsoft suite of Office programs, such as Excel and Access, along with SQL Server, Azure and now Power BI. Our services cover consulting, programming and training in all of the Microsoft applications.


Founder & CEO Paul Delke Runs The Local Talon Team at the Irvine Office




Our corporate headquarters are located in Irvine, CA, a suburban city that serves as the primary hub for a variety of Fortune 100 companies based out of Orange County. Paul Delke is the founder of Talon Computer Associates, which was founded in Irvine in 1994. In 2014 Talon joined forces with the team at Excel and Access, LLC to bring custom Microsoft applications to clients in the surrounding areas on a local basis, but also covering clients around the world on a remote basis.


The city of Irvine sits in the center of Orange County, one of the most populous, prosperous regions in Southern California. Our Excel and Access consultants, programmers and instructors are proud to serve clients in our own backyard, boosting the local economy and helping our neighbors succeed. To learn more about Excel Consultant’s presence in Orange County or schedule a consultation for your company, contact us today.


We Have Been A Microsoft Certified Partner, Silver Application Developer, Every Year Since 1994!


Founder Paul Delke

Consecutively speaking, that is 22 years that Talon has been certified by Microsoft. You must admit, that is no small feat. We work in Microsoft’s applications. None of our competitors are Microsoft Certified Partners, and none of our competitors have been in business for 22 years. So once again, that is no small feat. How did we get there? By making sure day in and day out, that not only by providing superior service and solutions, but by setting the bar others have to jump to reach, set by Paul in 1994.


Excel Consultant’s Dominant Position in Orange County

Excel Consultant .Net is proud to be centrally located in Orange County. Having our office in Irvine makes working with businesses, government agencies and educational institutions in the region even more convenient. Our team can easily perform on-site discovery to diagnose your company’s technological difficulties, train your team in Microsoft applications, or consult with managers on major projects. Or if you prefer, you can come to our office. And if you would wish, we can provide hands on group training in our training center. We are delighted to help businesses, institutions, and organizations in this area operate even better with the power of Microsoft tools.


We are a member of the Irvine Chamber of Commerce


Our Valued Orange County Clients

Our consultants have assisted a variety of Orange County-based companies with software projects, from debugging glitches to setting up new systems to custom programming. Our Orange County clientele include:

  • Rip Curl. This Australian surfing lifestyle brand houses its American headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA. Rip Curl caters to Orange County residents who surf along the region’s stunning coastline.
  • Noritz. Noritz is a leading manufacturer of efficient, environmentally friendly tankless water heaters. These appliances help homeowners save money and reduce their carbon footprints.
  • Merrill Lynch in Irvine is just one branch of this financial powerhouse that has contracted our services to help them with their needs.
  • Taco Bell. This popular fast food restaurant chain serves outstanding fresh, authentic Mexican food. Taco Bell’s headquarters are located in Orange County, CA.
  • Orange Coast College. OCC is a distinguished community college whose courses and training programs prepare students for the workforce and further educational opportunities.
  • Porsche Motor Sports
  • Kawasaki Motor Sports
  • PepsiCo
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Click Consulting. Since our team is particularly knowledgeable and skilled in Microsoft applications, Excel Consultant often cooperates with other tech firms. Click Consulting is a training, support, and development consultancy with offices in Seal Beach, CA and Irvine.
  • UCI. The University of California, Irvine is a member of the esteemed University of California system. UCI attracts students from around the globe for its multitude of undergraduate and graduate programs. As a research institution, UCI also pioneers new solutions, technology, and ideas in a variety of fields. Excel Consultant helped this busy university’s IT department streamline its many databases so employees could more easily access and analyze information. To learn more about this project, check out our University of California Case Study.
  • And Thousands more since 1994.


A few of our happy clients



Our Senior Team of Consultants and Trainers Servicing Orange County

Paul Delke manages the staff of programmers and trainers out of our Irvine office. He is also the Senior Project Manager. He has been a spreadsheet specialist for over 30 years and his consulting firm has earned the competitive title of “Microsoft Certified Partner” for the past 22 years. As an Excel, Access and Office enthusiast, Paul uses Microsoft programs to automate time-consuming business functions and allow clients to better understand their digital information. He strives for solutions that are standard in the industry, streamlined, and customizable. Paul is available to help clients in Orange County and beyond.


Excel Consultant's Orange County Senior Team


While we do have a sizeable staff working out of the Irvine office, our entire team of Microsoft programming and training experts are accessible to any of our clients remotely as well. Stan for instance can come onsite in Los Angeles or Orange County to do an onsite evaluation, and then you will either work with Stan, the team in the Irvine office, or with one or more of our remote experts such as Jacob, Microsoft Excel MVP, Office VBA extraordinaire.


We Help Orange County Companies Excel, We Can Help You Too

Could your Orange County-based business benefit from our software solutions? We would be delighted to speak with you and learn more about your needs. Contact Excel Consultant today to schedule your free consultation, either onsite at our local office in Irvine or remotely via GoToMeeting.Com.



Call us now and get started today 877-392-3539


Free Consultation



Jacob – Global Lead

Jacob has worked as a VBA, VB.NET, Microsoft Office programming consultant since 2004. Jacob has completed over 2,500 projects to date for over 500 unique clients and companies.  These projects are primarily for Microsoft Office and use VBA automation either as a stand-alone for one application or to add interoperability between the Microsoft Applications. Additionally, Jacob develops windows applications with VB.NET as well as SQL databases: Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL Server.

Jacob Hilderbrand, Microsoft Access MVP

Microsoft Excel MVP, VBA Extraordinary

Jacob has worked with Microsoft several times, from helping to develop the Excel templates that ship with Microsoft Excel 2013/2016.

Jacob is the President and CEO and co-owners of VBAExpress.Com, one of the top Microsoft VBA and Application forums in the world.  Jacob can be found daily assisting users, writing blog posts, and driving the direction of the sites owned by VBAX.

Finally, Jacob works out of the Irvine California office on a remote basis, taking the most advanced and difficult projects.

Companies Jacob has assisted: Microsoft, LinkedIn.Com, Red Bull, Rip Curl, Ralph Lauren, Mr.Excel, and more.


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Case Study: LinkedIn

Case Study: LinkedIn

Industry: Information Technology/Social Networking

Company Overview: For the past thirteen years, LinkedIn has earned its repute as a professional networking and social media platform. Social networking pioneer and former PayPal executive, Reid Hoffman, brought together a team of talented entrepreneurs to found LinkedIn in late 2002 and early 2003. Since then, the company has opened up international offices, received sizable investments from prominent venture capital firms, and become a publically traded entity on the New York Stock Exchange. Jeff Weiner, prior Yahoo! and Warner Brothers Online leader, currently serves as Chief Executive Officer for LinkedIn.

As of 2015, LinkedIn has over 400 million members, growing at a rate of two new users every single second. This platform truly is global—with 70 percent of its user base located outside of the United States, it reaches more than 200 countries and territories. In 2012, the corporation further enhanced the site’s functionality by purchasing 15 additional feature patents.

LinkedIn members utilize the site by creating professional profiles to showcase their skills, communicating publicly and privately with each other, posting and reading articles, participating in interest groups, browsing through job postings, submitting applications, and more. This platform assists users in promoting themselves, connecting with colleagues, finding positions, and establishing themselves within their fields. LinkedIn’s official slogan is “Relationships Matter,” as their objective is linking professionals with each other and important opportunities.  

Linkedin’s revenue was $2.21 billion in 2014. Its earnings are primarily derived from providing access to key user data to sales representatives and recruiters. The company has over 9,200 employees spread across the world. LinkedIn is one of the most recognizable, respected companies in the social media sphere. Excel Consultant was thrilled to work with such a giant in this field, lending our Microsoft programming expertise to their dedicated team in order to improve their service and optimize their operations.

The Challenge: LinkedIn brought on Excel Consultant’s top Microsoft Excel MVP (Most Valued Professional, a title given my Microsoft to only the highest performing programmers and trainers) for a special project in their finance department. The company asked us to integrate and automate several Global Sales and Compensation tasks using Excel, Word, and Outlook. We worked with employee information and statistics, personnel documents such as recommendations for bonuses or raises, and other key data. LinkedIn asked us to take this information and push it from Excel files into Word so it could be automatically emailed to employees and executives. This was similar to a mail merge (a process by which a program automatically includes names and addresses on documents to be mailed for promotional or other purposes), but somewhat more complicated, especially since we were working with important, sensitive employee information. Ultimately, we needed a way to generate reports with the user doing very little other than clicking a few customized buttons.

Coding a way to easily and effectively collect, analyze, compile, and send vast quantities of financial and personnel related data was no easy task, but our team took it on. Led by one of our Microsoft MVPs, our programmers got to work, using their extensive understanding of Microsoft applications to integrate their functions and develop a design suited to LinkedIn’s particular needs. We used a substantial amount of complex VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications. Our team employed this Microsoft specific programming language to create macros, coding patterns that automate operations by producing specific outputs depending on user inputs.

We relished the challenge of combining numerous Microsoft applications to deliver an outstanding product. Cooperating with a major name in the technology world meant we had to perform exceptionally, especially given a demanding deadline and the intricacy of the task.

Key Client Benefits: We successfully completed our assignment, saving LinkedIn and its staff valuable time in communicating pivotal personnel and financial information. The company’s employees can click just a few buttons and have individualized reports sent to colleagues and coworkers. We heard nothing but praise for our efforts from the company. In fact, a few years after completing this project, LinkedIn came back to Excel Consultant and we assisted them with a marketing assignment. We have an 83 percent client repeat rate, and we’re proud to count LinkedIn (as well as Microsoft itself) in that category.

Client Testimonial: A LinkedIn representative who collaborated with us on the project and appreciated our results said the following when they posted their testimonial on LinkedIn.Com: “[Excel Consultant], its proprietors, its quality and level of work are all phenomenal. We enjoyed our engagement with them on a special project. They were flexible, nimble, and able to meet our very high standards, requirements, and tight deadlines. They were available and met the deadlines comfortably. We would hire them again if need arises. They care about their clients and made sure we were satisfied with the completed work. I’d recommend their work to anyone, especially for an elegant solution given limited resources. They will deliver a sophisticated solution, on time, to automate any need via Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access.

If you require automation and integration of Microsoft applications, or if you simply want to work with some of the most esteemed Excel experts, contact us today to find out more about our services or schedule an appointment. In addition to customized consulting and programming, we offer training programs, workshops, and more. We look forward to helping you make the most of Microsoft for your business!



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Why Workshops Can Benefit Your Business

Why Workshops Can Benefit Your Business

Have you ever sat at your computer frustrated by the fact that you know the software can create the chart you want or format the document the way you’d like, but you can’t figure out how to accomplish this? If you own, run, or even work for a company, chances are you use Microsoft programs on a daily basis. Despite the fact that these tools are ubiquitous, most people don’t use them to their full potential, and may not even fully understand their basic operations. At Excel Consultant, we’ve assembled an elite team of Microsoft experts qualified to train, consult with, and program for a variety of companies, from the smallest startup to multinational corporations (our clientele include such names as Pepsico, Toshiba, and even Microsoft itself). We frequently offer workshops, small group courses in which our Microsoft masters work closely with your team to help you get the hang of and expand your abilities with these programs. In the following blog, we explain how our workshops work and why they can benefit your business.

Why Workshop?

Some companies have pivotal programming projects or complex consulting queries, which require specialized care and expertise to handle. However, in many cases, it makes sense for executives and employees to work directly with Microsoft, learning how to dig in to the code and get more done on a daily basis. Workshops offer hands on instruction in Microsoft programs. During each session, our team will collaborate with yours, providing instruction, guidance, and assignments until you feel confident in your newfound capabilities. We’ve found that an interactive workshop environment is much more effective and practical than listening to dry lectures or reading jargon-filled guides on Microsoft programs.     

Types of Workshops Offered

Excel Consultant caters to all types of companies and clients, so we provide a range of workshop formats. Our primary setups are:

  • The one on one workshop. With this service, it’s just you and us. One or two of our experienced trainers will teach you the ins and outs of Microsoft directly. We’ll come up with a customized educational program and address any questions or concerns you have while you implement your skills. We can conduct these workshops at our headquarters in Irvine or in your office. Working face to face allows us to quickly and easily correct any errors or quell any frustrations you have while you learn. We’ll help you overcome any confusion and come up with innovative solutions to technological troubles.
  • One on one remote coaching. We understand that not everyone can come in to our office or have our team travel to their location. To save time and hassle, we can provide remote workshop training, working with you online.
  • The small group workshop. We cap this format at six students so we can give each student the individual attention he or she needs while educating the group with lessons, demonstrations, and sample tasks. At least two trainers typically attend to students using this service. Generally, we provide instruction on a particular subject, answer any questions related to it, and have students practice executing the new operation they’ve learned. To make sure everyone is on the same page, we display the code on a white board and utilize “Go To Meeting,” a screen sharing application. We provide live models and encourage students to follow along, programming with their trainers. In a small group workshop, no one can blend in at the back of the classroom—we don’t move on to the next topic until everyone has mastered the latest one. To really up the ante, we can also include homework, tasks to be completed at home or in the office. If you choose this approach, our team will personally grade your assignments and, if satisfactory, award each attendee a certificate of completion.
  • The onsite seminar. If a one on one or small group workshop is totally impractical for your business or you want to give your entire workforce a better understanding of Microsoft programs, we can conduct an onsite seminar. Participants won’t get the same level of attention or practice with the programs, but they will see live demonstrations of programming and get excellent information from Microsoft pros.
  • The remote group training webinar. Companies that would like to provide a seminar but can’t find a suitable space can opt for a remote group training webinar. We’ll have everyone log on to a special service, with which they can listen to the instructor, see what’s happening on the screen, and get their questions answered in real time.

The Advantages

There are numerous benefits to taking a workshop with Excel Consultant. These include:

  • Customized instruction from some of the top Microsoft mavens in the world, including Microsoft MVPs (Most Valued Professionals), authors of well-known books on the subject, and more.
  • Flexibility to accommodate your business’s particular needs, preferences, and operations.
  • Practical application of and proficiency in these programs, especially with our live demonstrations and individualized assignments.
  • The ability to solve your own future technological issues with the coding techniques you learn. Learning how to better use Microsoft now could save you time, money, and annoyance for many years to come.
  • Guaranteed results. That’s how confident we are in our teaching skills and the strength of our workshop formats.  

A Case Study

How do workshops work and what can they produce? Consider our case study with Numi Financial. We provided two four-hour workshops for this financial services firm’s core Excel users at our Irvine, California office. Over two days, we offered an overview or refresher of Excel functionality, then dove into the details of formulas and functions before covering data filtering, charts, graphs, and pivot tables. The six students were using three different versions of Excel (2007, 2010, and 2011), so we helped each of them handle his or her particular programs and problems.

In just eight hours of instruction, the Numi Financial team learned how to better handle cells, columns, formatting, data importing, formulas, charts, and more. They also discovered how to customize Excel, integrate Excel functionality with other Microsoft programs, apply advanced formulas, manipulate tables, and record macros. When they finished, they were ready to take what they’d learned and put it to use at work. In addition, we awarded them a certificate of completion, mouse pad, free training videos, access to our Microsoft help forum, reference cards, and a souvenir coffee cup.

Schedule Your Workshop Today

Are you ready to experience the value of one of our workshops? Contact Excel Consultant today to find out more about these services and schedule yours.

Meet Our Team: Jacob

Name: Jacob Hildebrand.

Position: Premier Developer – Senior Excel, Access, SQL Server, Word, Outlook, VB.Net Developer


Jacob Hilderbrand, Microsoft Excel MVP


Bio: Jacob is one of our most prolific, powerful programmers at Excel Consultant. He is one of the core members of our outstanding team, and for good reason. After attending Mesa Verde High School in Citrus Heights, California, Jacob attended Sierra College in Rocklin, California. Throughout his schooling and independently, he became proficient in a wide range of programming languages, including:

  • VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) for a variety of Microsoft programs, including Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Video, and Project. VBA is a simple but effective code that, in the right hands (or at the right fingertips) can be used to customize the capabilities and functions of numerous applications.
  • VB.Net for Microsoft Visual Studio. Similar to VBA, this language allows Jacob to direct and modify data sets, structures, and their attributes.
  • SQL (Structured Query Language) for Microsoft SQL Server, Access, and MySQL Server. This code can be used to manipulate the information contained in relational database management systems, which are key for the information technology-related activities of many businesses.
  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). You can’t build websites without this ubiquitous code, which provides the details for the graphics and functions of pages.
  • PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), an additional language used in synthesis with HTML to make pages more interesting, innovative, and useful.


Over the past 11 years, Jacob has used these skills to help thousands of clients solve their problems and achieve their goals. In 2004, he created VBA Express, a free self-help question and answer forum. He also developed an Excel VBA Training and Certification program to go along with this invaluable information technology resource. This program allows users to go through a series of lessons, ask the VBA Express experts any questions they may have, and earn a special certification upon passing an exam the team designed. This platform also hosts other paid services to help clients make the most of Microsoft. Jacob is the lead VBA Consultant on this site and has contributed more than 3,500 posts to date. He has also authored approximately 100 code samples for the Knowledge Base section of VBA Express, which visitors to the site can use to enhance their operations, and regularly publishes blogs. As a co-owner of VBA Express, Jacob also guides the direction of this platform and related sites.


From 2004 to 2014, Jacob also served as the Lead VBA Consultant at Ticking Keys, Inc., or MrExcel.com. Like VBA Express, this site provides comprehensive information technology assistance at no charge to users. However, as its name suggests, the focus of MrExcel.com is on Excel. In his decade-long duration with this site, Jacob wrote more than 3,800 posts and became named a Mr. Excel MVP (Most Valuable Poster) for his superb contributions.


Jacob has been on the Excel Consultant team since 2010. We are delighted to employ his Microsoft mastery as a Lead VBA Consultant. He mainly completes projects relating to VBA automation for the Microsoft Office Suite, but he also utilizes the many other programming languages he knows to assist our clients.


As a tireless and determined worker, Jacob lends his expertise to Excel Consultant’s most challenging, advanced projects both on-site and remotely. He works 364 days per year, from sunrise through to the evening, making him one of the most productive programmers on the planet. He consistently completes projects in a fraction of the time of most other programmers, and his coding creations simply work, guaranteed. Jacob uses VBA automation to improve single Office applications or enhance interoperability between programs. With his expert knowledge of all Microsoft applications (Office, SQL Server, and VB.Net), his integration and automation skills are second to none. If this weren’t enough, Jacob also conducts training sessions for clients and colleagues to further share his knowledge.


Accomplishments: Jacob has amassed a multitude of achievements over just a few short years. Some of his most notable accomplishments include:

  • Completing more than 3,000 projects for over 700 unique customers and companies. Some of his better-known clients include LinkedIn, Verizon, Ralph Lauren, Staples, Rip Curl, Red Bull, and Microsoft itself.
  • Garnering an 83 percent client repeat rate from his highly satisfied customers.
  • Being named a Microsoft Excel MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for 2013, 2014, and 2015. This is an elite honor given only to the most productive, active, and helpful members of the information technology community.
  • Creating Microsoft Excel templates available in Excel 2013 and 2016.
  • Performing several Microsoft BI PowerPivot projects directly for Microsoft.
  • Earning glowing testimonials from clients. Some highlights include:
    • “Kudos and many thanks to Jacob for doing such an outstanding job helping me with my .xls issue…Jacob ROCKS!! What more can I say. Not only did he solve my equation, but he did so quickly, efficiently, with both formulated at graphic examples. He answered every one of my follow up questions, and did so in a simple, easy to understand way.” – John Gadd
    • “Jacob figured out what I was trying to do and did it. No back and forth was necessary. I look forward to working with [Excel Consultant] in the future!” – Ian, IT Oxford Sand and Gravel Ltd.”
    • “After providing some brief examples and explanation of what I was trying to accomplish, Jacob constructed the solution and it worked perfectly the very first time. I encourage anyone facing similar issues involving complex formulas to contact Jacob…for assistance.” – Joe B.


Excel With Our VBA Visionary

Jacob is one of Excel Consultant and Microsoft’s MVPs. As a Microsoft programmer extraordinaire with a beyond-impressive track record, he can assist you with any project you need completed. Contact Excel Consultant today to find out more about Jacob and the rest of our superb team or schedule a consultation




Case Study: ARYZTA Financial Tracking System

Industry: Food and Beverage


Company Overview:

 ARYZTA is a frozen bakery business that provides breads and other goods to retail, foodservice, and quick service restaurants across the globe. It was originally founded over a century ago as the Irish Co-Operative Agricultural Agency Society, or the Irish Agricultural Wholesale Society (IAWS), in 1897. After decades of successful service, IAWS rose to a position of prominence in the late twentieth century. The Irish Stock Exchange listed it in 1988, and it grew throughout the next decade under the leadership of CEO, Philip Lynch.

As part of its expansion, IAWS acquired a number of other bakery companies, including: Shamrock Foods, R&H Hall, Cuisine de France, Delice de France, La Brea Bakery, Groupe Hubert, Otis Spunkmeyer, and Coup de Pates. In 2001, IAWS established a joint venture with Tim Hortons, bringing its baked goods to the major Canadian quick service restaurant chain. To further establish its presence in the agrinutrition and lifestyle sectors, IAWS also created Origin Enterprises in 2006. This operating company provides basic nutritional products, shelf-stable food, and cereal milling in Ireland and beyond.

In 2008, IAWS Group of businesses merged with Hiestand Holding AG, a frozen baked goods company based in Switzerland. The next year, ARYZTA as a consolidated company was born. Over the past six years, ARYZTA’s growth hasn’t slowed in the least—the corporation recently acquired Fresh Start Bakeries (FSB, Pennant, and Sweet Life), Maidstone Bakeries, Honeytop, Klemme Frozen Bakery Products, Cloverhill Bakery™, Pineridge Bakery™, and the Fornetti Group.

ARYZTA has become a worldwide success by making its customers its priority. The bakery supplier provides par-baked morning goods, sweet baked products, artisan breads, tarts, pies, cookie dough, rolls, buns, muffins, donuts, pastries, and even savory fare, such as pizza. When its partners receive their baked goods, they can simply cook them through for fresh, delicious flavor. ARYZTA operates 60 kitchens and bakeries on five continents (Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand). In 2013, the corporation’s revenue was 3.47 billion Euros ($3.74 billion).

The company is currently headquartered in Zurich Switzerland, but as one of the largest frozen bakery businesses in the world, it has numerous offices. The Excel Consultant team primarily worked at its Brea, California location.

The Challenge:

As a burgeoning multi-billion dollar business, ARYZTA needs sophisticated software to manage its accounts. In 2013, the company collaborated with Excel Consultant’s team to build a complicated budgeting, forecasting, and actuals (physical commodities) tracking system, in essence a premium Financial Tracking System.

This solution needed to automate and integrate files across three separate Microsoft applications: Excel, Access (Microsoft’s database management system), and the SQL Server. ARYZTA wanted push-button simplicity for this project, meaning that employees should be able to click a single command button without additional direction to make complex calculations and process large amounts of data.

ARYZTA’s executives also wanted to create, manipulate, access, and interpret the company’s economic information using PowerPivot tables. PowerPivot is an advanced Excel function (an add-on for the 2010 version of the program) that allows users to:

  • Import and interpret literally millions of rows of data from diverse sources (spreadsheets, workbooks, and more).
  • Analyze the relationships between this information.
  • Devise intricate formulas to measure, calculate, and analyze this data.
  • Predict business opportunities and make efficient, effective decisions based on the information available.

To date, this is the largest project Excel Consultant has ever had. It totaled close to half a billion dollars. Given the nuanced, particular nature of this assignment, it required months of on-site development in Brea, as well as remote work. Only the most experienced, skilled Microsoft masters could have successfully conquered it. The previous team ARYZTA hired in the year before couldn’t finish this task, but Excel Consultant’s exceptional group of experts was up for the challenge.

Key Client Benefits:

To tackle this complex challenge, we deployed some of our most esteemed experts to ARYZTA’s Brea office. We recognized that only our best developers would be up to this monumental task. We flew in numerous Microsoft MVPs (Most Valued Professionals) from across the nation (San Francisco, Roseville, Texas, and Oregon) to execute this enterprise. Microsoft MVPs are certified directly by Microsoft on an annual basis, so they must meet the company’s rigorous standards to maintain their status. Preserving this prestigious title requires earning the nomination of peers, remaining up-to-date with the latest technology, contributing to the Microsoft community, and more.

To manage ARYZTA’s massive undertaking, we put together an outstanding task force. Our Premier Developer and Microsoft MVP, Jacob Hilderbrand, led the project. We employed four full-time developers and other part-time programmers as needed. Four Excel Microsoft MVPs and one SQL Server MVP served on this project. These MVPs are some of the brightest in the world—one holds a graduate degree from MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the premier scientific research universities on Earth), one has completed over 2,500 projects, and one is a well-known author of books on Excel. ARYZTA’s requested PowerPivot functionality was so intricate and involved that Excel Consultant also brought on Rob Collie for assistance with the toughest aspects of this assignment. Mr. Collie is not only a Microsoft MVP, but he helped to create PowerPivot, making him a veritable virtuoso in this type of programming.

Our talented team worked tirelessly for almost a year, often putting in more than 100 hours over six to seven days per week. Our developers stayed at a local hotel and worked virtually non-stop. In fact, this project was so all-encompassing that Excel Consultant’s MVPs missed much of the Microsoft MVP twentieth anniversary global summit event. This demonstrated their admirable commitment to completing this project.

After nearly a year of work, Excel Consultant delivered excellent results for ARYZTA. The application we designed leveraged VBA (Visual Basic for Applications, a programming language) at the expert level to provide push-button automation, customized PowerPivot tables, and other state-of-the-art features. With our system, company employees can process corporate data and important financial files with just one click. This makes forecasting accounts, budgeting for expenses, and managing actuals simple, swift, and successful. Optimizing these operations and making them as efficient as possible is paramount for a rapidly expanding international heavyweight conglomerate like ARYZTA.

If we can successfully handle a task as tremendous as the assignment we tackled for ARYZTA, imagine what we can accomplish for your company! To learn more about our services or find out what software solutions we could devise for you, contact Excel Consultant today.

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Case Study: Red Bull North America Finance Applications


Industry: Food and Beverage



Company Overview:


In 1987, Austrian businessman, Dietrich Mateschitz, reinvented the energy drink industry when he modified a Thai beverage recipe and brought it to Europe with his partner, Chaleo Yoovidhya. Mateschitz and Yoovidhya named their new product after a translation of the Thai refreshment’s name, “Krating Daeng,” or “Red Bull.” They began selling their signature blue and silver cans in Austria, but quickly expanded, entering the United States market in 1997. Red Bull is now a household name worldwide due to its reinvigorating, tasty formula and the company’s innovative marketing strategies. Known for its slogan, “Red Bull gives you wings,” this company regularly hosts extreme sports events, sponsors athletics teams, and even has its own record label.


Excel and Access, LLC created the 2014 Red Bull Financial Planning application


In an effort to protect the environment, Red Bull has made its packaging 100 percent recyclable. The company also hosts the Wings for Life World Run to support patients with spinal cord injuries and provides fellowships to aspiring artists through the Red Bull House of Art.


Red Bull refreshments energize consumers with caffeine, taurine (an organic acid), glucoronolactone (a chemical compound), and various B vitamins. They come in 12 regular and sugar-free varieties. As of 2008, Mateschitz and Yoovidhya had cultivated an estimated $4 billion net worth due to the success of Red Bull. The corporation currently employs more than 10,000 employees, is in 167 countries, and has sold more than 50 billion cans. With 5.6 billion cans sold in 2014 alone, Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the world. Forbes named Red Bull the 76th Most Valuable Brand in 2014, estimating its value at $7.2 billion.


The Challenge:

As a massive global company, Red Bull needs to accurately track its sales and distribution numbers. Executives from the corporation came to Excel Consultant because they wanted to find a way to forecast how many of its various products would be sold. They also wanted to measure their metrics to determine if they were achieving their goals. This seemingly simple operation was quite the complex task given the sheer size and scope of Red Bull’s accounts. Top administrators wanted to be able to assess the company’s performance across various levels, including global, regional, and sub-regional, which meant organizing an exponential amount of data. For example, each regional manager had up ten managers working beneath him or her, each of these managers led up to salespeople, and each salesperson handled hundreds of accounts.


As a testament to the difficulty of this assignment, one of our competitors had attempted to solve this problem for Red Bull, but had failed, leaving the company with a tangle of spreadsheets to sort out. Red Bull’s executives initially contacted Excel Consultant to repair the work performed by this other software consultancy. However, when we examined the existing state of affairs, we determined that it would cost more to fix the mistakes than to properly build a new system from scratch. Given these circumstances, Red Bull contracted us to create a brand new structure for them, so we got to work straightaway.


Key Client Benefits:

To better understand the nuances of Red Bull’s needs and construct a new custom system, our Premier Developer and Microsoft “Most Valued Professional” Jacob Hilderbrand went onsite to their San Francisco office. He worked directly with the company’s staff throughout the process of designing new software solutions. We used our extensive Excel expertise to program highly functional, user-friendly spreadsheets. With our customized system, each manager or salesperson can:

  • Enter his or her own data from the field (such as the number of cans sold)
  • Roll up these figures to consolidate the information
  • Create and view reports including pertinent data from a specific account, salesperson, manager, or regional manager, as well as global totals.


Red Bull was so satisfied with our exemplary work that we’ve worked with the company every year since then, 11 times in total. Throughout our partnership, Excel Consultant has provided well over 250 hours of software support, solutions, and service. We are proud to have helped this global corporate powerhouse function better.


If you would like to receive the same 5-Star service and an equally amazing solution as Red Bull, dial 877-392-3539 and ask for Christopher now.




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Excel Consultant in Washington, D.C.

Our team of certified instructors, programmers, and advisers help clients unlock the true potential of Microsoft tools. With a central office in southern California and many others throughout the world, we enjoy assisting clients across the United States and beyond. Excel Consultant’s team helps companies, organizations, and institutions solve their digital dilemmas with customized software strategies. We are proud to partner with numerous clients in the Washington, D.C. area. Our country’s capitol is home to important governmental agencies, as well as a variety of cultural institutions, philanthropic groups, and businesses. To find out more about Excel Consultant or schedule a consultation for your Washington, D.C. area-based company, contact us today.

About Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., or The District of Columbia, sits along the Potomac River. This approximately 70 square mile region sits between Maryland and Virginia, though it technically belongs to neither state. These wetlands remained largely undeveloped until the fledgling United States government decided to make its capitol there in 1790. The seat of American government had previously been in Philadelphia and New York City, but security concerns and political compromises ultimately made the Potomac region the ideal site for the federal city, named in honor of first president George Washington. Architects quickly got to work constructing this carefully planned urban center, complete with numerous monuments, the White House, Treasury buildings, Supreme Court, and more.

Congress first met in Washington, D.C. in 1800, and this city has remained the nation’s political focal point for the past two centuries. The District has proved its resilience through surviving raids, the Civil War, two world wars, and terrorist attacks. As America grew in scope, size, and power, the capitol did as well, drawing increasing numbers of representatives, lobbyists, activists, business owners, scholars, ambassadors, and more. The city’s activities also extend past its borders, with related offices, corporations, and agencies located throughout southern Maryland and northern Virginia. Today, more than 650,000 people call Washington, D.C. home, while thousands more commute into The District every day. Nearly six million people live in the greater Washington metropolitan area. Washington, D.C. is a significant commercial, cultural, corporate, and civic center on a local, national, and global scale.

Excel Consultant’s Role

Our team has the skills to help any of the varied enterprises located in Washington, D.C. We can streamline businesses’ operations, automate fundraising operations for non-profits, and coordinate curriculum databases for educational institutions. Within the Greater Washington, D.C. area, Excel Consultant works closely not only with Federal and State governmental agencies but also General Services Administration (GSA) and numerous for-profit/non-profit organizations. Running a nation necessitates administrating vast amounts of information and orchestrating complicated programs. Especially in our digital age, both of these activities require sophisticated software solutions, which the Excel Consultant team is thrilled to provide. We relish the opportunity to help our nation’s capitol (and therefore the United States itself) function better.

Our Valued Washington, D.C. Clients

Excel Consultant has worked on projects for multiple components of the United States government, including:

  • The Social Security Administration. Social security is the system by which Americans pay taxes to fund national survivors’, retirement, and disability funds. This office, located in Woodlawn, Maryland, processes paperwork, manages accounts, adjudicates claims, and dispenses payments. The Social Security Administration relies on computer automation to perform many of these activities. The office has an annual budget of more than $736 billion and employs 65,000 workers.
  • The Department of Veteran Affairs. Headquartered on Vermont Avenue in Washington, D.C., the Department of Veteran Affairs provides support and benefits to the brave men and women who have served in the United States military. With over 21 million living United States veterans and a budget of more than $150 billion, the office has a lot of data to manage.
  • The United States Army. The U.S. Army operates from The Pentagon, located in Arlington, Virginia. As one of the three major branches of the American military with over one million soldiers, the Army needs organized and efficient operations.
  • The United States Navy. Also headquartered at The Pentagon in Arlington, VA, the U.S. Navy manages the most massive aircraft carrier fleet in the world and more than 400,000 personnel. Coordinating the Navy’s activities requires optimal software capabilities.

Our Team in Washington, D.C.

Joseph, our Chief Technology Officer, Project Manager, Power BI MVP, lives in the Washington, D.C. region and regularly helps clients in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland. With expertise in consulting and programming, he is an excellent fit for the types of organizations, institutions and agencies we typically cater to in this area.

We Can Help You Excel with Computing in the Capitol

The Excel Consultant team is delighted to serve clients in the Capitol. To learn more about our services or schedule a free consultation for your Washington, D.C. based business, contact our consultancy today.



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Expand Your Excel Knowledge with VBA Express

Microsoft Experts

At Excel Consultant, our team of expert instructors, programmers, and advisers is passionate about helping individuals and businesses harness the power of Microsoft technology. Many people merely skim the surface of what programs like Excel can accomplish, never realizing how useful they could truly be. Our cutting-edge consultants have devoted themselves to learning everything they can about this software, educating our clients about it, and developing custom-tailored solutions to pressing IT problems.

We’re always delighted to see people strengthening their knowledge of Microsoft programs and realizing their full potential. That’s why we’re excited to draw attention to one of the best free resources on the web, VBA Express. This site includes trainings, forums, blogs, and more, making it a fantastic source of information for anyone who wants to become more competent with any application in the Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint), as well as the SQL Server (Microsoft’s database system). Read on to learn more about what VBA Express has to offer.

What is VBA?

“VBA” is a common acronym amongst Microsoft aficionados. It stands for “Visual Basic for Application,” a relatively user-friendly coding language you can use to manipulate Microsoft’s most popular programs, such as Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, the SQL Server, and—our personal favorite—Excel. In essence, VBA provides the blocks from which you can build all sorts of Microsoft applications. VBA is a “macro,” meaning that it can allow you to execute more complicated actions using just a few keystrokes. To give you a sense of what you might be able to do with VBA, you can use this language to create applications that:

  • Automatically type certain information (like your name) into documents
  • Create customized toolbars that make programs easier for you and your coworkers to use
  • Merge different mail functions to simplify your communications
  • Instantly delete document elements you don’t need

VBA allows you to play with Excel and other Microsoft programs in new, innovative, and highly practical ways. Investing a bit of time, energy, and effort into learning the fundamentals of VBA could make your work (and life) much easier in the long run. Primarily, VBA allows you to fully customize and integrate various Office applications, letting you manipulate data, files, and much more. With strategic VBA coding, you could perform tasks that used to take days in just minutes (many macros run in mere seconds).

What Does VBA Express Offer?

At its core, VBA Express is a community. The expert coders at VBA Express create free training materials, post VBA code snippets you can plug in and play with, and answer members’ specific questions. The VBA Express team can also help you with much more than just VBA—they provide tips and tricks for using every aspect of Microsoft applications, such as formulas for Excel.You can explore the forums, read blog posts, watch Excel webinars, and browse other recommended resources at absolutely no charge. VBA Express also maintains a massive “knowledge base” of helpful data, which you can search through and pluck code from for free. If you’d like to further expand your Excel horizons, you can invest in paid services, such as higher-level instruction or emergency tech support.

Why Pivot Tables Are Pivotal On VBA Express

The VBA Express team often focuses on teaching members about pivot tables, one of the most applicable yet underutilized functions in Excel. Basically, pivot tables can analyze, summarize, simplify, and graphically represent sets of data created in an Excel spreadsheet. With pivot tables, you can interactively filter only the information you need. This is very useful for businesses.

For example, you may have a massive invoice with thousands of lines, detailing every charge you’ve ever made to a major client. Trying to answer that client’s questions about their bill could take hours if you had to sift through the invoice manually, but you don’t. You can simply create a pivot table to highlight the most recent charges, select certain types of services, or check your math.

Excel Consultant’s very own Dennis Taylor gave two webinars on pivot tables for VBA Express. In addition, you can read more about pivot tables on the blog or pose your particular questions about them on the forum.

Answers From an MVP

When you go in search of Microsoft knowledge on VBA Express, you can rest assured that you’re learning from the very best. Many in the VBA Express community are Microsoft MVPs, or “Most Valued Professionals,” with Excel MVPs making up the largest segment. To earn the coveted title of MVP, experts must demonstrate exceptional skill, make impressive contributions to the Microsoft community, and show a willingness to share their knowledge for free in forums like VBA Express.

Jacob Hildebrand, one of our premier developers, helped found this group and co-owns it. He has been named a Microsoft MVP for three years running, in part because he has been so active on VBA Express. Jacob has worked on a handful of Excel projects directly for Microsoft. He also attends every annual Microsoft MVP Program in Seattle. These four to five day events bring the top tier of Microsoft professionals together for days full of information sessions, parties, and more.

Take the Express Route to Excel Expertise

If you’d like to discover what Excel could do for your company, VBA Express is a great place to start. When you’re ready to take your operations to the next level with more advanced programming or customized consulting, the Excel Consultant team would be delighted to help. Contact us today to find out more about our services or schedule an appointment.

Excel Consultant in San Francisco

Excel Consultant’s team is comprised of leading Microsoft experts. Our programmers, instructors, and advisers have published books in their areas of expertise, developed new functionality for Microsoft programming, earned the title of Microsoft “Most Valued Professional,” and more. We keep up with the latest advances in software so we can polish our skills and deliver optimal solutions for our clients. Our cutting-edge knowledge makes us an excellent fit for clients in the San Francisco area, a technological hub for not just the United States, but the entire globe. The Silicon Valley has been the birthplace of hundreds of IT innovations. Even beyond the tech world, San Francisco is home to thousands of impressive businesses. The Excel Consultant team relishes the opportunity to help companies in this region function better and stand out. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings or schedule a consultation for your San Francisco area-based business.

County or schedule a consultation for your company, contact us today.

About San Francisco

San Francisco is both a city and a county, technically encompassing just over 200 square miles. However, the influence of this region extends well beyond its municipal borders. As with most areas of California, San Francisco’s original inhabitants were Native Americans, who lived in the area for thousands of years before it came under Spanish and then Mexican rule. After the United States gained control of this territory in 1846, settlers from around the nation and across the globe poured in for their shot at gold. The Gold Rush established a strong economy in the region, making it a major city nearly instantaneously.

This resilient region has survived and even prospered through devastating earthquakes, the Great Depression, two world wars, and even the burst of the “dot-com” business boom of the late 1990s. San Francisco has always been home to a variety of industries, from shipping to banking, but in the past several decades, technology has become the driving force of its local economy. Today, the region houses thousands of startups, as well as corporate powerhouses like Google and Apple.

Excel Consultant’s Role

Excel Consultant gladly offers software support, services, and solutions to businesses in the greater San Francisco area. Since Microsoft is a mainstay in the tech industry, many companies (even seeming competitors such as Apple) use it to perform their daily functions. Our professionals use their experience with and mastery of these programs to deliver training, create new code, debug defective systems, install new setups, and more. We regularly devise solutions to help businesses both within and outside of the tech industry perform at their full capacity.

Our Valued San Francisco Clients

Excel Consultant has worked with many companies in the San Francisco region. Some of our past and current clientele include:

  • LinkedIn. This professional social network has become a household name in the 12 years since its creation. More than 33 million users post, connect, and browse business-related content in 24 languages on LinkedIn every year.
  • Union Bank. Originally called The Bank of California, Union Bank has had its headquarters in San Francisco since 1864, at the height of the Gold Rush. Nowadays, the international corporation offers banking and wealth management services to companies and individuals. Union Bank has over $113 billion in assets.
  • Hewlett Packard. Based in the tech-heavy San Francisco suburb of Palo Alto, CA, Hewlett Packard, or “HP,” has been manufacturing computer hardware and software for over 75 years. The company is best known for its personal computers, but HP also makes servers, networking tools, storage devices, printers, and a variety of related software products.
  • CISCO. This well-known company is headquartered in San Jose, CA. CISCO designs, produces, and sells networking equipment. This Internet infrastructure is incredibly important to the tech industry and modern life—experts estimate that more than 80 percent of Internet communications are transmitted through CISCO’s systems.
  • AMGEN. Short for “Applied Molecular Genetics,” AMGEN is a global biopharmaceutical manufacturer and biotechnological firm. The company studies, produces, and sells a variety of medications to help treat cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, renal disease, and other serious conditions.
  • Kaiser Permanente. This household name in the healthcare industry provides medical services to patients across the United States. Based in Oakland, CA, Kaiser Permanente is the largest American managed care group.
  • Symantec. Based in Mountain View, CA, Symantec offers computer security, storage, and backup services. This company’s most well known product is Norton Antivirus, but Symantec also helps protect users’ information with a variety of other systems, including third-party verification. Nothing moves slowly in the Silicon Valley, and our project with Symantec was a race against the clock. We completed a complicated integration assignment for them over a weekend. Needless to say, Symantec was very satisfied. Check out our Symantec Case Study for more details on this challenging project.

Our Team in San Francisco

Jacob Hilderbrand is our Premier Developer who has earned the title of Microsoft “Most Valued Professional” three years running. Based out of the San Francisco area, he’s worked on over 2,500 projects for more than 500 clients. As an advanced database developer and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) expert extraordinaire who has assisted Microsoft itself on several occasions, Jacob is prepared to help San Francisco’s technology companies perform at their best.

We Help San Francisco Companies Succeed

Our team of Microsoft masters can help your San Francisco area-based business, organization, or agency excel. To learn more about our services or schedule a free consultation, contact Excel Consultant today.



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Office 2016 is Here! How Excel Consultant Can Help

Today is an exciting day for the Microsoft community! Office 2016 is making its big debut. This release is the first major update Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other applications since Microsoft launched Office 2013 over two years ago. At Excel Consultant, we understand that figuring out how to implement new programs can be both exciting and daunting for businesses. Our team of Microsoft Certified Partners, Microsoft MVPs (Most Valued Professionals), experienced instructors, and expert programmers can help you make the most of Office 2016. In the following blog, we highlight some of its key features and explain how we can help you get oriented to your new Office.

What’s Different About Office 2016?

What does the new version of Office 2016 have to offer? Some of the most notable upgraded features include:

  • Improved DLP (Data Loss Prevention) capabilities to keep your company’s important files safe and sound.
  • Better BITS (Background Intelligence Transfer Service) to help your office computers share files and make important updates without clogging up your network.
  • Sway, a streamlined presentational application with a simpler, more intuitive interface.
  • Easier collaboration with co-authoring functions in Word and the integration of Skype for communicating with colleagues while working in Office.

Of course, our expert Excel enthusiasts are most excited about Office 2016’s improvements to this program, which is pivotal for business IT.

New Excel functions include:

  • Six additional chart options (including Treemap, Sunburst, Waterfall, and more) to help you analyze and display your data in diverse ways.
  • The Power Query tool, which allows you to pull up the information and statistics you need in seconds. In previous Office versions, this function was an add-on, but now it’s built-in to “Get & Transform” data group for ease of use.
  • The “Tell Me” tool, which allows you to search for specific features in Excel. This can save you the time and hassle of scouring search engines or watching lengthy tutorials just to figure out how to use the program. All you have to do is type your response into the “Tell me what you want to do” box and Excel will bring up the tabs and functions you need.

When Should Your Business Make the Switch?

Some “early adopter,” tech-savvy companies may want to dive right into Office 2016, while others may be more hesitant about learning new programs. If your company already has a monthly or yearly Office 365 subscription plan, you have two options:

  • You can upgrade your system today with the Current Branch program, which will then add each and every new capability Microsoft develops for Office 2016 as soon as it’s ready, or
  • You can choose a more conservative approach with Current Branch for Business, which updates your applications every four months, giving Microsoft more time to test out and improve them. If you pick Current Branch for Business, you’ll get all the new features of Office 2016 next February.

We can help you decide which model will work better for your business.

How We Can Help Your Company Excel

Excel Consultant is here to help you utilize, customize, and optimize everything Microsoft has to offer, including and especially Office 2016. We can teach you how to use its new features, program specific solutions for your business, and assist you with any questions you may have about these applications.

Take Your Office to the Next Level

Office 2016 could help your company realize its full potential. Contact Excel Consultant today to learn more about it or schedule an appointment.


We have local offices based worldwide


♦ ExcelConsultant is a United States based firm headquartered in Irvine California, and is a related business of Excel and Access, LLC. Our group of companies were founded in 1994 and we have local offices based worldwide.  Some of our major Orange County clients include Microsoft, Visa and AT&T are in the image below.



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A few of our better known clients


Our Irvine office covers Southern California to San Diego (clients include U.S. Navy and San Diego Police Department), and Senior Developer offices cover North to San Francisco and Seattle (clients Microsoft and The Federal Public Defender). If the Federal as well as States offices trust our services so can you.


Excel and Access, LLC worldwide locations


♦ We have hundreds of clients in Texas (clients include PSAV and NFP), as companies relocate from California and other Western states, we typically continue working with them.  Excel Consultant now has Senior Developer offices in Dallas and San Antonio to readily handle local or on-site requirements as needed.


♦ Our company is one of the most experienced and well established Microsoft Excel and Access consulting firms in New York city, with our local office in Manhattan’s financial district. There we work onsite with the CFO of Ralph Lauren, providing advanced modelling services to him and his finance team.

Excel and Access, LLC Manhattan New York Office


♦ We have recently added a Washington, DC (clients include CSC and Mercer) Senior Developer office.  Just like the West Coast, we are continuing our growth across the Eastern Seaboard to expand our local presence, assisting local clients in New York out of our Manhattan office.

♦ As an international consultancy, we have Senior Developer offices in Canada and United Kingdom, and we are expanding into Western Europe to respond to the growing demand in recent years.  More recently, we have added support in Australia for our Down Under clients.

♦ No matter your need, your location, or project scope, we have Senior Developer offices worldwide and are continually expanding.  We ensure our clients receive best in class service everywhere.  Either working remotely, locally or on-site, our team of Microsoft MVPs, Microsoft Certified Partners, and career professionals can accommodate your needs.

♦ We understand the value to be locally based worldwide, and we are confident that as a client you will too.



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We have been helping clients in a broadly diverse range of industries with Excel, Access and Microsoft Power BI consulting, programming, and training needs for more than a decade.  No matter your industry, we apply our expert level team of Microsoft MVPs, Microsoft Certified Partners, and career professionals to provide the custom solutions you require at an affordable rate.  Guaranteed.


Our team is composed of professionals with over 100+ years worth of collective experience, working on 1000+ projects in your specific industry.  Excel Consultant is more than a mere group of computer programmers, we are highly skilled in servicing our clients based on successfully established careers in the business, government or education sector prior to joining the team.




Whether your focus is traditional industries (e.g. Energy, Financial Services or Transportation) or contemporary industries (e.g. Media, Software or Telecom), we are your go-to team for Excel and Access solutions.  Perhaps your industry is more squarely Client Focused like ours (Consumer Services, Professional Services or Travel), our company serves to first and foremost satisfy clients same as in your industry.  For Other clients (Government Agency Clients, Education or Non-Profit), we have worked with hundreds of such clients (US Army, Social Security and Harvard) to name just a few.




One niche in which we have in-depth skills is in Portfolio Management, Investments and Trading, which has grown exponentially ever since our 2004 founding.  We have generated proprietary trading applications that have been either utilized in house by industry leading firms (Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley) or sold as readily marketable tools.


Additionally, we have experts in financial modeling for those clients that require DCF Valuations, Financial Statements, etc.  Another consistent client request is to build estimation models, which is definitely a common need across several industries.  We have developed hundreds of parametric models complete with Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for our clients.


Our team of Microsoft Excel and Access experts have completed literally thousands of projects, with large and small clients, from all industries regardless of location.  Our approach also ensures that Excel and Access solutions are readily transferable to any and all departments for a client.  Our focus is to achieve seamless integration, cross platform compatibility, and web/cloud enabled implementations as needed.


Why you should hire the Excel, Access, and Power BI programmers


Excel Consultant can deliver results with speed and accuracy, let us build it right from the start.


If your organization needs to hire an Excel, Access or Power BI consultant, call us now and we can discuss your needs in detail today 877-392-3539


Free Consultation





Free Consultation

It starts with a free consultation or short conversation, it ends with 5-Stars


Why do we start the process with a conversation? Because we Double-Guarantee our work; because we want to make sure that none of the important details are missed.  Because your project matters as much to us as it does to you, we start the process with a free detailed consultation where we look at your files, we discuss what is working for you, and what is not.  We determine your needs, we create the statement of work and the fixed-bid quote for your project.  (For more complicated projects we may ask to look through your files offline, after the consultation, and then we circle back with you). That is the lengths we are willing to take to make sure we exceed your expectations, expectations that start with a conversation.


   877-392-3539   Please call Maria now

How do we work, simple

Smarter Microsoft Solutions – The 5-Star Advantage 


Maria - Client Care


   If you’d like to start exploring what the expert Microsoft Excel Consultant team of data visualization experts & Excel MVP’s can do for your organization, ask us for a free consultation by filling out the form below, or give Maria a call right now 877-392-3539.

   Email us or call, either way Maria will help you right away, to help you to get started on your project today!



Rapid Contact Form:




 Reasons Why You Should Hire the Microsoft  Excel, Access, SQL Server and Azure Experts at ExcelConsultant.Net




   Our Free 45-Minute Consultation:

While this type of consultation can normally cost in the hundreds of dollars, we waive the fee for our 45-minute consultation, so we can discuss your needs in great detail, with you and your team. We stand by our consultation services completely so we make sure upfront that we fully understand your specific needs, and that we take the time to provide a fixed-bid quote for the work, based on the statement of work we determine on our call.  Ask about our Double-Guarantee on our Excel, Access, SQL Server and Azure programming work.

If you’d like to start exploring what Excel Consultant can do for you, ask us for a free consultation. One of our top data visualization experts can meet with you remotely, either one-on-one or in a group setting, to discuss your needs.


   If your organization needs a much more thorough examination of the Excel and Access files you use at work, one that takes hours, a paid deep-dive is the way to go. Cost is applicable to subsequent project.


   Whenever you start using a new business consulting service, you’re bound to have a lot of questions. You want to know how this new Excel and Access consulting service can really help you. Is it going to be worth the cost? Is it going to be worth the time my employees will spend on it?  Will it save you money? It starts with a conversation, a consultation, where we take the time to discuss your needs.  We take it from there.

   The first step to working with us at ExcelConsultant.Net is a comprehensive consultation where we learn all about your Microsoft business solutions. We want to know what your data model strengths and weaknesses are. We want to know where you’re applications are succeeding as well as areas in need off improvement. By finding out everything we can about how you use these Microsoft applications, how much automation and integration is in place, our Microsoft Excel MVP data visualization experts are able to help you in highly tailored and customized ways, from training to programming.

   Getting a consultation from Excel Consultant isn’t like bringing your car to the local mechanic. We’re not going to just take a quick look under the hood and quote you some vague figures.

   Instead, we’re going to sit down and take the time to focus on your objectives in terms of Excel, Access, SQL Server, and Office use. We’re going to dig in and see what improvements can be made, how integration and automation can save you thousands of dollars each month if not each week.

   After this thorough examination by one of our top Microsoft Excel MVP’s or Access data visualization experts, we know what changes you need to make in your Microsoft files. You can make those changes internally, or we can make them for you.  Start there and that way we can start getting the Microsoft files of your business running on all cylinders again, like automated & integrated computer programs should.    Fully integrated and automated Microsoft solutions are the only way to compute; Smarter Microsoft Solutions.


   Know the Costs Up Front With Fixed-Bid Pricing

We are the Microsoft subject matter experts in our field, and we’re ready to show you why. As part of our free consultation, we will give you an up-front, reasonable cost estimate, usually in the fixed-bid format. You’ll know from the beginning what it’s going to cost before you commit to having any work done. We’re always honest with our clients about what really needs to be done, and that’s why we have an over 99% satisfaction rate. We also have a repeat client rate of over 88%, because our past clients know what we can continue to do for them in the future.


Here is a testimonial       from a new point of contact for an existing client (Commerce West Bank) whom we have worked with on many projects over the past several years, this is our second Google Review written by them. Repeat clients working enough projects with us that they write multiple Google Business Reviews, that is the type of business we run; our client’s projects matter, client satisfaction is job-one   .



   Know who you are working with before you work with them; what does Google say?

ExcelConsultant.net is powered by the Excel and Access, LLC group of companies, including Talon Computer Associates and VBA Express, operating locally and onsite out of our Irvine office since 1994, the first year we were a Microsoft Certified Partner, and every year since!

      • Established in 1994 in Irvine California, under an earlier name
      • Corporate office in Irvine California, near John Wayne Airport
      • New York office in Manhattan, in the financial district
      • Microsoft Certified Partner every year since 1994
      • Work with Microsoft Excel MVPs
      • Microsoft is a repeat client of ours –Read the Microsoft Case Study
      • Local team of Microsoft application experts to serve you
      • Onsite work at our office or yours
      • Onsite work at our office or yours
      • Thousands of projects completed
      • Same day service
      • 88% client repeat rate
      • Available nights, weekends, and select holidays
      • We guarantee our work, with our Double-Guarantee
      • Not a job board; not an after-hours freelancer






Here’s what one of our client’s had to say about our Free Consultation.

I needed an Excel macro to help out with a recurring reporting task. I provided the requirements via email, and it only took a few hours for Excel Consultant to deliver the macro. I reviewed the code, and the VBA was clean, efficient, and organized. They totally nailed it! I was impressed with the turnaround time and the expert coding. Thanks!


Call us now and get started today, Maria is standing by to speak with you 877-392-3539



Why Hire Us?

Reasons Why You Should Hire the Microsoft  Excel, Access, SQL Server and Azure Experts at ExcelConsultant.Net

– Microsoft Application Data Visualization Experts –

We offer professional consulting services in all of the Microsoft applications, Excel, Access, SQL Server and Azure.


Dial 877-392-3539 to speak with Maria about your Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL project today.


Organizations such as Microsoft, USC, The US Department of Commerce and the YMCA have hired our international team of Microsoft Excel MVP’s and Data Visualization Experts to develop 100% custom Microsoft based solutions: Excel workbooks, Access and SQL Server Databases, & Microsoft Azure Cloud based solutions.


At Excel Consultant. Net we earn 5-Star Google Reviews.



Here are reasons why you should hire our Microsoft  Excel, Access, SQL Server, and Azure Consultancy:

  1. For the past 28-Years (Since 1994) our company has been a leading provider of programming, consulting and training services in all of the Microsoft applications across the USA, Can, UK, & ROW as a Microsoft Certified Partner and Application Developer    .
  2. We have a dedicated staff of seasoned Microsoft Data Visualization experts including many of the top Microsoft Excel MVP’s    .
  3. We have a 5-Star Google Business Review Rating, with almost 300 testimonials across all channels   .
  4. Same Day Service, 7-Days a Week. Evenings and select holidays included
  5. Microsoft has hired our firm more than once to assist them with their Excel and Power BI application needs    .
  6. Microsoft hired one of our Top Excel MVP’s (Smitty) to work on the Excel Team at Microsoft, on a permanent basis. Such expert Microsoft Excel talent.    .

*** Scroll Down for more info on who we are and how we can help you today, or dial 877-392-3539 to get started today.



See what Microsoft, PepsiCo, LinkedIn, Red Bull, Toshiba, Amazon, say about our work   


1.  We effectively analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your Microsoft Business Solutions  

We can then formulate custom Smarter Microsoft Solutions centered around optimizing your organization’s current workflow leveraging the power of the Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, Word, …) and the four Microsoft Database applications (Access, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI).

Critical decision-making can make or break a company; and fully optimized, automated and integrated Microsoft applications can empower and enhance the operational aspects of your entire organization. Get the most out of your data, BIG or small.  That is exactly what our offices in Irvine and New York have done for both the Snack and the Beverage Divisions of PepsiCo, we first took the time to fully understand their Microsoft application needs, we provided a statement of work, and this resulted in several repeat projects, with 11 different staff members in total, in three different locations, and a glowing testimonial from Amy, below.


PepsiCo is a repeat Excel client of ours.   I was tasked with seeking out a company to assist us in recreating our department’s scorecard and after meeting with Christopher and Paul – I knew they were the right fit to help get the job done! Paul’s expertise in Excel and his understanding of our needs made the whole process so simple. I was confident each time I threw another task his way that he would be able to work his magic and deliver outstanding results! We have shared our revised scorecard with Sr. Leaders in our organization and have received very positive feedback. It has been such a pleasure working with both Paul and Christopher – and I look forward to working with them again in the future! – Amy Wojehowski, Sr. Analyst, Capability at PepsiCo


Amy at PepsiCo has hired us several times now. Over 10.


♦  Since this client testimonial we have not only worked with this division of PepsiCo repeatedly, but we are now working with two other divisions of PepsiCo, three in all, working with 11 people in total at PepsiCo, in New York, Texas and California. We love what we do, we love working with PepsiCo and we enjoy eating and drinking PepsiCo’s products. We give PepsiCo 5-Stars.



2.  We will exceed your expectations with our 5-Star Advantage Program  

It has always been our primary goal to exceed the expectations of those businesses, government agencies, non-profits, start-ups and colleges that hire us for our advanced Microsoft Excel, Access, Office, SQL Server and Azure programming and training solutions, what we like to call our Smarter Microsoft Solutions. We go to great lengths to do so, hiring only the best-in-class consultants, programmers, trainers, developers and top data visualization experts.

Quality costs, we all know that, and if you want to be among the premier companies in this space it starts with those that you hire. So we hire the best talent available, usually Microsoft certified Microsoft Excel & Access MVP’s, and you can work with them here.  Why do we hire Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel MVP’s, because they are the Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel subject matter experts. The best of the best some say, definitely top tier talent.  Three of our Excel and Access programmers, Microsoft Excel MVP’s and consultants worked for PSAV over 10 or so years, exceeding their expectations every step of the way. We refer to it as the 5-Star Advantage, Excel MVP Style.


PSAV is a longtime Excel and Access programming client of ours   Christopher has come to the rescue on small and large projects from time saving MS Excel workbooks to customized Access databases. He and his team have exceeded my expectations while not exceeding my budget. Why spend hours or days building Excel spreadsheets or workbooks that only do half of what you need them to do? Let Christopher listen to your needs and provide you with the best solution for your business. Chris McCain – PSAV, VP, Exhibits and Nat’l Ops Support.


Chris McCain is the man, always has been, knows his stuff.


   Client Testimonials Matter: One byproduct of exceeding clients expectations repeatedly is the large number of client testimonials and 5-Star Google Business Reviews received. In fact one of the best ways to evaluate a company before you hire them is to look at their testimonials and Google Reviews. How many do they have? What do they say about them? Do you see a recurring theme? How many Google Business Reviews Stars do they have?   What is the 5-Star Advantage?  Do you recognize the names of the organizations that write the testimonials? Do they have hundreds of testimonials or just a few, from individuals you never heard of, as it should matter for the successful completion of your project, the 5-Star Advantage; a Smarter Microsoft Solution.



2.b  Double-Guarantee: We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee and a Lifetime Bug-Free Guarantee.  

Since our founding in Irvine California in 1994, we have stood behind our work; we do so with our “Double-Guarantee” – if you find bugs in our work we will correct them free of charge. More importantly, we also guarantee that you will be satisfied with the work that we do. We refer to it as the 5-Star Advantage, or Smarter Microsoft Solutions. Quality is job one. (Trust me, you will not find bugs in our Excel MVP’s work; these guys are good!).

We exceeded LinkedIn.Com’s expectations with our staff’s high standards, hyper focus on satisfaction and exceeding expectations. But don’t take my word on it, read what Mary Ann at LinkedIn posted on the LinkedIn.com website, about our work, for the world to read.


LinkedIn is one of our longtime clients, did Excel work for them several times now.    Excel and Access, it’s proprietors, it’s quality and level of work are all phenomenal. We enjoyed our engagement with them on a special project. They were flexible, nimble and was able to meet our very high standards, requirements and tight deadlines. They were available and met the deadlines comfortably. We would hire them again if need arises. They care about their clients and made sure we were satisfied with the completed work. I would recommend their work to anyone, especially if you are looking for an elegant solution with limited resources. They will deliver a sophisticated solution, on time, to automate any need via excel or access. Mary Ann Kim, Sr. Manager, Global Sales Compensation at LinkedIn

Mary Ann Kim hired us to work with LinkedIn, and she wrote a very nice testimonial on LinkedIn.Com



2.c  We have a Client Repeat Rate of 88%

If you hire us once it is more than likely you will hire us again. I say that because 88% of our clients are repeat clients, and most of those repeat time after time, for years. Staples for example has done close to 900 small projects now. That is a repeat client of epic proportions. Not all of our repeat clients do over 100 projects, but 88% of our clients do at least two projects, with the norm being closer to 5-10, often with two to three concurrent projects with us, on average. That is what happens when you exceed the client’s expectations by hiring the best-in-class Microsoft application experts such as Excel and Access MVP’s, that properly analyze the client’s needs. But don’t take our word on it, see what Red Bull says about our work over the past several years.


Red Bull is one of our favorite clients, based on their brand and products, which we love    Christopher and his team performed superb work while supporting our business planning process. He and his team helped create a fully integrated planning tool and subsequent rollup projects which has helped us manage our business effectively. I would highly recommend his company for any work needed in Excel or Access. Repeat Long-Term Client – Quick, accurate, and reliable. Ryan Conway – Red Bull, Vice President of On Premise – North America

♦  As with PepsiCo, Red Bull has come back to have additional work done for a few years now.  Our expert Data Visualization Experts are the reason the clients come back again and again.  5-Star Smarter Microsoft Solutions.


Ryan Conway hired us to work with Red Bull and he wrote that glowing testimonial.



You don’t want this to happen to you, like it did to Red Bull, before they hired us for a Smarter Microsoft Solution. While two of our competitors bailed on this project with Red Bull, we rather designed an entirely new system, and we then went on to deliver a 5-Star solution that earned us repeat projects with Red Bull. When a firm like Red Bull calls, you need to make sure to deliver 5-Star solutions and services, those opportunities do not come everyday. I mean we love Red Bulls brand and their products, and we consume them regularly, just as we do PepsiCo and Chic-fil-a brands and products. The snack and beverage market is billions and these are the firms at the top of the space. Love whom we work with. The 5-Star Advantage; Smarter Microsoft Solutions. Hire the best, forget the rest. We are as solid as they come, and then some:


…. After having two other firms take on the project and then bail, I was panicked and desperate to get the project completed in what was now a very tight time frame….



Smarter Microsoft Solutions, the 5-Star Advantage, as solid as they come.


The home of the 5-Star Advantage and our Smarter Microsoft Solutions




3. Our international team of experts have helped over 7,000 organizations, large and small 

Business, Government, Education, Non-Profits, all come here for our 5-Star Advantage 


   From the smallest sole proprietors to firms listed in the S&P 100, Government, Education, Non-Profits work with us for a reason. Our team of Microsoft experts has provided professional consulting, programming and training services for thousands of clients over the past 25 years.

   We were hired by Microsoft to develop hundreds of Excel templates that are part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Two of our Microsoft Excel MVPs worked on this project. If you have Microsoft Excel 2013 or 2016 you have our work. It is exciting to know that our Microsoft Excel templates have helped helped millions of people around the globe. If you have not used them they are worth the look, you can see them by opening Excel, click on new, and then pick the Excel template, and/or you can use this link to see all of the Microsoft Excel templates on the Microsoft Website.

   Our Microsoft Help Forum, VBAExpress.Com has helped hundreds of thousands of people. There you can post questions on all of the Microsoft applications, VBA included. Then some of the best minds in the Microsoft applications provide answers, for free. There are tens of thousands of people on there each day, non-stop from all corners of the globe.

   Finally, When we say we wrote the book on Microsoft Excel, Access, and Microsoft Office, we did, literally. The books our team has written on Excel, Access, Word, Outlook and ADO have helped hundreds of thousands of people learn how to program in Microsoft Office. The point is this, many of our competitors learned these applications by reading our books.



4. We are Microsoft Certified, we have been every year since 1994 

We are comprised of Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals), a Microsoft Certified Partner (Since 1994) and of career Microsoft Excel and Access experts, with decades of experience when it comes to implementing and developing custom Microsoft application driven solutions. Our senior team is composed of award-winning specialists, certified by Microsoft, that have specific, first-hand industry knowledge. We know and understand the needs of your organization, be it a business, a government agency, an educational institution, or a non-profit or an individual. All get the same 5-Star service and solutions.


certification-banner Talon Computer Associates, Microsoft Certified Partner, Excel MVP prpgrammers.


If Microsoft taps our Excel and Power BI expertise to run their business, so should you   



4.b Microsoft is a repeat client of ours  

Our Microsoft Excel MVPs have worked with the Microsoft Corporation several times now. We developed 70% of the Microsoft Excel templates that come inside your copy of Microsoft Excel. We also worked with Microsoft on several Power BI applications to be used internally at Microsoft. If Microsoft taps our expertise to run their business, so should you.


Christopher and his team are amazing! They are incredibly responsive and do a fantastic job of managing even the most complex of projects.

Microsoft is a repeat Excel and Power BI client of ours. Microsoft Excel 2013 Template Project, Two of our top Microsoft Excel MVP’s worked on this Excel template programming project with Microsoft. One of our top Excel MVP’s worked with Microsoft on two Power BI projects for us, for internal use at Microsoft. It is really nice to be able to work with Microsoft.



   Hire a Firm Microsoft Certifies, Hire a Firm Microsoft Hires   

Talon Computer Associates has been a Microsoft Certified Partner every year since 1994. We are still today.

We have been a Microsoft Certified Partner every year since 1994.




5.a  Our group of companies have been in business for 25+ years now, founded in Irvine in 1994. 

We have more experience than 95% of our competitors as we have been assisting clients around the world since 1994, under a different name, different corp type. You will have to look long and hard to find a firm that can match that level of experience. And we are not going anywhere for at least the next 15 years.

Toshiba hired Excel and Access, LLC to build them a fully integrated and automated system for accounting and finance to share. My company (Toshiba in Irvine, CA) hired Excel and Access in 2009 to improve our financial planning model by setting up Access databases to process the huge amount of data we deal with on daily and monthly basis. Mr. Fennell not only understood our business needs well and reflected them in Access, but his work was done so accurately that 4 years later, we’re still using his work. He also did a great job training all our individuals to maintain the databases and make changes as our business needs evolved over the years, over 6 years later in 2016, we’re still utilizing the same model without a problem. I highly recommend Mr. Fennel and his company to anyone who is looking for an expert, knowledgeable consultant. I will not work with anyone other than Excel and Access, LLC. Majid Soroosh – Toshiba



Majid was the Senior Financial Analyst at Toshiba at that time, great guy.




It is very very hard to find a 5-Star firm in the Microsoft consulting space that has been in business since 1994, nor one that has anywhere near this much daily hands on Excel and Access programming experience. This is all we do, this is all we have ever done, 60+ hours a week, decade after decade.  We have been programming in Excel since version 1 in 1985, for the Mac, and ever since.  How can someone have more Excel programming experience than that?

When it comes to the Microsoft Office and Database applications, we are both the application subject matter experts as well as Professional Microsoft Data Visualization Experts, that is how we make our living.




5.b Not a freelancer website, not an after-hours individual, not a company of one, but rather a fully staffed, international corporation with a team of top Excel, Access SQL Server Consultants and Trainers   


   Think hard before you commit your funds, your business and your reputation to that freelancer.  Sure, the cost is ultra low, but with that said, will you get what you paid for, will you get expert results?  Will the freelancer even complete your project as envisioned?  If history is anything, then it is likely that you will not.


   Most of our competitors are either an after-hours freelancer a company of one (just them and whatever skills they have, no other resources avialable). They often have a traditional day job, where some use of Excel is part of their tasks, and then they do either Excel or Access work in the evenings and over the weekend as an independent freelancer. They are often called the office Excel guru where they work because they can do a few things in Excel that others cannot do, such as Pivot Tables or they are good with VLookups. But that is a far cry from an Excel expert.

Rather work with a team of Microsoft Certified Excel MVP’s, Excel experts, and Excel subject matter experts and advanced data visualization experts.

    We however do this fulltime; this is all we do, and we do it at the expert level, such as Microsoft Excel MVPs, Microsoft Access MVPs, etc., the cream of the crop. For example, one of my Excel MVPs is now working directly for Microsoft on the Excel Team. It does not get much better than that. As such we can do the most advanced things such as Power BI and Azure.
   We have had so many projects where there were up to 5 people working on a project. For example we had a large project in Orange County where we had four Microsoft Excel MVPs working on it full-time, that lasted over a year, with much of that onsite. Having the ability to add as many consultants and programmers to the job as needed, in order to make deadlines is something that we can do, that sets us apart.
   And here is the important part, we are a fully staffed international corporation and as such we are almost always available and reachable. We are one of the largest and most successful companies in the local and international space, as we have been since 1994. In comparison most of our competitors just came around in the past 1 to 5 years.




When it comes to business purposes, hiring an independent Excel freelancer is almost always the wrong choice, except for very simple and very small needs where being an expert is not needed and where getting the work done correctly is not really that important either, I mean what do you expect from an independent after-hours freelancer? Their actual skills are quite low when compared to full-time Excel and Access programmers.

Like ordering your dinner off of a 99 cents menu, is it really what you would call dinner from a “restaurant”, or just a low cost, high salt and high fat, frozen and then fried foods, what are you really getting for your money? Quality?

Not a quality meal, and not an Excel expert.  Quality or just a super low quality product at a lower price?



Sometimes you get exactly what you pay for, often that is very little; what did you expect for $5?


Independent after hours freelancers for $5




When you have an urgently critical and timely need that needs to be addressed now, who will answer the phone when you call the freelancer you hired?  The freelancer, or the owner of the freelancer website that you paid, Anyone?   Will you get the support you paid for, or are you left holding the ball, on your own, no way to move forward until you hear from the missing programmer, if you again hear from the programmer, as it happens sometimes they go mia and never return, and it happens more than a lot. Ask Red Bull, happened to them twice. Forget that, forget the rest, hire the best, Christopher and Maria at ExcelConsultant.net.


Google Business Reviews 5-Stars in New York and Irvine.


We answer the phone when our clients call, that is our job, we own and operate the company, Call Maria to discuss your project,  877-392-3539   





Step 1: Contact Us for a Free Consultation, Step 2: Hire Us, Step 3: Be Happy You Did.

We know that you want to know the cost (an estimate) of the work to be done so that you can get company approval. We get that. We would as well. As such, at our company we offer free consultations in order to evaluate your needs, in complete detail. We are then in a position to provide you with a written estimate for the work, both in terms of time and dollars, either fixed-bid or by the hour.

If you or your organization needs certified Microsoft experts who’s services get the job done on time and on budget, please give us a call at 877-392-3539 or send us an email or use the Chat window.


Amazon hires us for our Excel and Access programming services This is my recommendation for Christopher at Excel and Access, LLC and his team of Microsoft Excel and Access experts. He is a detail-oriented professional who has very quick solutions for complex Excel VBA, Access VBA and SQL projects. I contacted Christopher at 9:30PM on a Sunday evening with a critical need. He replied within minutes, and let me know he would have one of his Microsoft Excel MVPs reach out to help, and I found that the MVP really knew Excel. I asked for an Excel VBA solution and they quickly delivered the workbook within an hour. It was really a great experience to work with Christopher and hopefully I will have the opportunity to explore further. I recommend Christopher and the rest of the team at Excel and Access experts. – K. Kumar, Senior Executive, Amazon.Com


You guys are awesome! A very big thank you to Jacob for his VBA brilliance and Christopher for being so responsive and prompt in your replies. You guys are awesome! Words cannot express how grateful I am to you guys for your patience and assistance in my VBA project! Excellent job!


Wow! This is great. Thanks for the speedy results! I was desperate to find someone that could help me with my Excel scheduling issues and searched the web until I found you. I sent an email saying “Help!” and got an immediate response. You handled my needs with patience and professionalism and actually had my issue solved the same day. Now I can start my freelance job on Monday feeling confident and prepared. I will use you again and gladly recommend you to anyone in need of your expertise.


About Us: At ExcelConsultant.Net we specialize in building applications that are not only advanced but that are also so simple to use, true point-and-click graphical user interface.  User friendly is built-in our Graphical User Interface, it is a “Smarter Microsoft Solution” after-all.

We work in all of the Microsoft applications (Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, Power Point, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI). As a Microsoft Certified Partner for the past  25 years and counting, we have worked at the expert level. What else would you expect from a Microsoft Excel MVP such as Jacob Hildebrand?

If there is something you need to have done in any of the Microsoft applications, built by the top Microsoft Data Visualization experts in the field, one that offers a lifetime guarantee on the work, our international staff of Microsoft Excel, Access, Office and Power BI experts are here to build that custom Microsoft solution with you.


In addition to creating the documents and applications that businesses use to run their businesses, we are able to make our clients more efficient and accurate in all of the Microsoft applications, allowing them to do things they never did before. Our Microsoft Excel MVPs will cut the time and the cost that it takes your staff to perform the complex, time consuming, manual and repetitive tasks.


Our Microsoft Excel Consultant site is powered by the Excel and Access, LLC group of companies which have been in operation since 1994. We are a team of international Microsoft experts composed of professional Microsoft consultants, expert programmers and certified trainers. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide local support with operation hubs in most major cities around the US, Canada, and the UK.




John Winston has hired us for decades for our Access programming work. Christopher, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for pairing me up with your Excel developer Jacob. I had a fairly sized project that needed to be completed quickly and with accuracy. Not only did he deliver on those parts, he completely exceeded my expectations when it came to pulling my AS/400 data into Excel and formatting it properly for flash reporting. All requests were completed 100% and nothing was left undone. I can’t imagine having anyone else do my Excel development. Great job on providing the right talent to satisfy any customers needs.

I have worked with Helen Feddema and Christopher Fennell since 2003. Christopher’s exemplary service combined with prompt and accurate billing makes doing business with him a pleasurable experience. Additionally, Helen’s deep knowledge of Microsoft Access has saved me time and time again from crippling project delays. Her quick turn-around time and accurate work have made her a pleasure to work with as well.

Ms. Feddema is an expert MS Access database designer and programmer. She will keep you from making errors when designing your database so that future expansion is not restricted which is critical for a successful, robust product. Ms. Feddema is very quick at understanding and solving problems even when she is not completely familiar with the technical aspects, mathematics, etc. of the project. We are very happy that she is helping us design and program our new database.

John Winston Radiological Physics, Inc., (John has worked with three of our staff since 2003).


The 5-Star Advantage; Smarter Microsoft Solutions logo



We are the only 5-Star Rated, International Microsoft Certified services provider, employing top Excel MVP’s, with a 25+ year track record of providing superior services to business, government agencies, non-profits, educational institutions, and individuals That is thousands of clients, thousands of projects, and a whole lot of 5-Star Reviews  We love what we do and we love whom we work with.


Want to know who you will be working with – Meet our Senior Team.


If you are still not convinced that we are the corporation that you should hire, then here are even more reasons why you should hire us.


If you want to learn how to successfully Hire a Microsoft Excel, Access or Power BI Consultant, Read The Definitive Guide To Hiring a Microsoft Excel, Access or Power BI Consultant, this link will give you plenty of guidelines to consider.





Hire the Microsoft Excel and Access experts - contact us today


Call Maria now to get started today 877-392-3539, for a Free Consultation and Quote


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)




For your convenience we have consolidated answers to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), regarding our company, our work, our clients, and our pricing.

If you have additional questions regarding our expert Microsoft Certified Excel consulting, programming or training services, please either send us an email, use our contact form or call 877-392-3539 to reach us directly.  We always reply to emails in a timely manner, generally in minutes, you will never go to voicemail, 24/7, our clients are our top priority.  We may even post an answer to your question right here.


FAQ – Should You Hire A Local or Remote Microsoft Excel, Access, Power BI Consultant:

Depends on the quality of the consultant, but either way, always choose an international Microsoft Certified Partner that has decades of experience and expertise in what they do, with a dedicated staff of Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI experts. The closest local firm is rarely the best firm available, unless you are near our Manhattan, Irvine or Los Angeles offices of course. So the question is this, are you hiring the most skilled person available or the one across the street? They probably cost the same.


FAQ – What Is Our History (About Us):

In 1994 our company was founded in Irvine, right in the center of the business rich hub of Orange County California. Originally we were focused on providing professional Microsoft Excel consulting services. Since then we have expanded our team and our services. We now work in all of the Microsoft Applications, providing both consulting and programming services to businesses, government agencies and educational institutions. Our clients range from Microsoft, the US Navy, to Harvard.


FAQ – About Our Dedicated Staff

We have a dedicated staff of professional Microsoft Excel, Access, and Power BI Consultants, Programmers and Trainers. We are Microsoft MVP’s, Microsoft Certified Partners, established authors, and career professionals. We do not outsource work to third world countries.  Everyone on the team has 20+ years of Microsoft Excel and/or Access hands-on project experience in a multitude of corporate environments.


FAQ – Do we offer RealTime Microsoft Consulting Services Live Excel Help

Since 1994 we have offered Real-Time Microsoft Consulting Services.  To this day we pride ourselves on the fact that 24/7, if you dial our phone at 877-392-3539, we will answer your call, 24/7.

We offer real-time same-day Microsoft Excel, Access, Office and Power BI programming services.  One way we do this is through our Live Excel Help Real-Time Remote Assistance. This service allows us to jump onto our computer to sit down and assist you on an hour-by-hour basis, no matter where you are located. Depending on the size of your project there is a good chance that we can not only start your project today, but to possibly complete it the same day.  Single-Day Turnaround.


FAQ – About Our Experience

We have over 5,000+ years of combined experience and have completed over 5000+ projects totaling more than 50,000+ hours in programming.  A primary benefit is the speed and efficiency of our team to complete projects.  Chances are we have done several times before exactly what you need now.  The caliber of this level of experience significantly reduces the amount of time projects take to complete, which reduces cost and minimizes rework.


FAQ – What Do We Do?

We principally provide Microsoft Excel, Access, Office and Power BI consulting, programming and training services to companies, government agencies, educational institutions, non-profits and individuals. We also specialize in VBA/Macros (Visual Basic for Applications) driven Microsoft Office applications integration and automation.  Additionally, our expertise extends to Powr BI, SQL Server, SharePoint, Azure and VB.net for more scalable and/or cloud based solutions.  Notably, we are highly skilled in both Windows and Mac platforms.  Both Microsoft and Apple have worked with our dedicated team of Excel and Access experts.


FAQ – About Our Work:

We serve companies of all sizes from SMEs to MNCs, on either a local, remote or on-site basis depending on client needs.  For local clients, we handle work out of our Irvine, California headquarters office or one of our Senior Developer office locations worldwide.  Additionally, we work on projects either remotely via video conferencing (e.g. GoToMeeting), cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox), etc. or on-site, accounting for billable travel costs, as needed.


FAQ – About Our Clients:

We provide Microsoft Excel and Access services in three primary verticals of Business, Government and Education.  Excel Consultant serves a diverse range of industries within those verticals.  We have the ability to apply our highly specialized skills and experience and apply that expertise to the unique circumstances of a specific industry for a client.  The end result is that we provide custom tailored solutions for our clients.


FAQ – What Applications Do We Work In:

We work in all of the Microsoft applications, and then some. Microsoft Applications.


FAQ – We Have Local Offices:

Our corporate headquarters is in the heart of Orange County, in Irvine California, and has been since 1994. Our New York office in in the heart of the financial district, in Manhattan. In addition to those offices we also have developer offices scattered around the globe, from New York, Texas, Canada, and the UK. Our Locations.


FAQ – About Non-Disclosure:

We treat all information received as strictly confidential.  If you have a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), we will sign it prior to working on an engagement.  That said, you really do not need to use an NDA as we treat all project materials in the strictest confidence.


FAQ – About Pricing Policy:

We typically work on a retainer basis.  We bill either at a fixed cost or an hourly rate depending on the project and how much time the work ‘should’ take an experienced professional to do, or less, never more.  This means that we do not get paid to ‘learn’ unless clearly stated and agreed to up-front.  That’s the exception to our work and not the rule.  Most importantly, there are no hidden costs or expenses, and we offer a Free Consultation on our projects.


FAQ – About Payments:

Company checks, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and ACH payments are all acceptable forms of payment.





Call us now and get started today 877-392-3539


Free Consultation



Helen – USA LEAD

Helen is a New York City native who has been dedicated to digital software for nearly as long as it’s existed. While she waited for computer technology to catch up with her coding skills, Helen passed her time as an Ivy League student.

She is a Senior Access, Word, Outlook, and Excel & Developer.


Work with Helen Feddema at Excel and Access, LLC


Helen Feddema, Microsoft Access MVP


Learn More




Our Microsoft Excel, Access, Office, SQL Server, Azure, and Power BI Application Training Services


♦  Being a Microsoft Certified Partner and Microsoft application training firm for 25+ consecutive years doesn’t happen overnight. To become one of the leading Microsoft application subject matter experts. It took 25-years to build this company, that after working in the filed for 15 years as a professional programmer, consultant and trainer.  In reality it rarely happens that you find a firm with that many years of business under its belt.  The majority of our competitors have less than 5 years experience, many list 2-3 years, that is terrible!  They are not experts, they are beginners.

♦  Microsoft Excel and Access application training is the most common application training that we provide.  Very few firms in this space, working in the same Microsoft applications we work in can say the same thing, very very few, maybe a dozen or two globally?


Microsoft Excel and Access training experts


♦  We pride ourselves in having an amazing team of dedicated Microsoft Excel MVP’s that get results. Our MVP Team programmers and trainers exceed client expectations and they deliver our 5-Star custom Microsoft solutions, Smarter Microsoft Solutions if you will.  So if you need Microsoft Excel, Access, or Office training, contact us today. We answer our phones live 24/7, 877-32-3539.


Why do top colleges, businesses, government agencies, non-profits and individuals hire us for our Microsoft Training Solutions? Because we are Microsoft Certified application experts. We have been for the past 25-years and counting.


We draw heavily on our team of award-winning Microsoft application experts, Data Scientists, and Data Visualization Experts which is composed of:




  • Microsoft Excel, Access, Office,  Mac Office, SQL Server, Azure, Power BI experts
  • Dedicated Microsoft Office Authors
  • Certified and Highly Skilled Microsoft Desktop Productivity Tools and Microsoft Database Trainers
  • Professional Consultants, Programmers, Developers and Trainers
  • Data Scientists and Data Visualization Experts


Each of our Excel, Access, Office and Power BI classes are crafted and customized based on your unique demands and data needs. Your team will learn only the exact information they require to fulfill and perform their duties.

Our in-depth understanding of the industries we serve (ranging from business organizations, government agencies, non-profits and education institutions of all sizes and nationalities) allows us to deliver superior Microsoft application training to groups and individuals, onsite and remotely. We have intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of the industries we serve.


Some of the common training curriculum is based around:

  • Microsoft Excel (2003, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016 and 2019)
  • Microsoft Access (2003, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016 and 2019)
  • Microsoft Office Applications Suite (2003, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016 and 2019)
  • Mac Platforms (2004, 2008, 2011, 2016, 2019)


We Work in all of the Microsoft applications at the expert level.




Our training is not complete until your team feels confident and capable of implementing and utilizing the skills and knowledge they have obtained.


What sets us apart from the competition?


We encourage you to reach out following our training sessions with any follow up questions.

Microsoft Excel and Access Application Training


Call us now and get started today 877-392-3539


Free Consultation







About Our Professional Microsoft Consulting Services (aka “Smarter Microsoft Solutions”)


Our professional Microsoft Consulting Services company has been an internationally 5-Star Rated Microsoft Certified Partner since 1994. We provide consulting services in Microsoft Excel, Access, Office (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint), SQL Server, Azure and Power BI to Businesses, Government Agencies, Educational Institutions, Non-Profits as well as to individuals.

Our dedicated staff of international Microsoft data visualization experts are the Microsoft subject matter experts, we are Microsoft Excel MVP’s and a Microsoft Certified Partner. We are located across North America (USA/Canada) and the United Kingdom, with local developer offices to assist you locally. We are the Smarter Microsoft Solutions Provider.


Our Smarter Microsoft Solutions


Free consultations, fixed-bid estimates, same-day work, 7 days a week, evenings included, and our legendary 5-Star Service.


Our consulting services are not just for Excel, far from it, we offer the same consulting services for the rest of Microsoft Office (Access, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint), Microsoft Power BI, SQL Server, Azure and SharePoint, all at the expert level.

We have been able to accomplish this because we have a dedicated international all star team of professional consultants, programmers and trainers, each dedicated to one or more of the Microsoft applications.

For example, if you need help with integrating and automating Microsoft Excel, Access and SQL Server, you will work with one Microsoft consultant that is a data visualization expert in the integration and automation of those three Microsoft applications. If you need help with Word and Outlook, you will work with a different consultant and trainer. Each staff member is an expert in the applications they work with.  Everything is at the expert level.


This puts us in the position to assist you at the expert level, no matter the Microsoft Solution; we do it all.




Below is a list of the Microsoft applications in which we provide our “Smarter Microsoft Solutions“.



Before we develop our 100% custom Smarter Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI based business solutions, we will work closely with you to make sure we completely understand your individual goals, needs and the challenges that you are facing. We do not provide a quote nor do we do any work until we have nailed the statement of work, and until you give us the green light to start the consulting work. 


If you do not need a whole new Microsoft solution, but rather just a handful of changes to the one currently being used, we can assist you with that small to medium sized need as well.  More often than not, clients already have an existing Microsoft solution that they are currently using, and they want to make it better, or to fix errors with it.  No matter your Microsoft solution need, we have an international staff of dedicated consultants, programmers and trainers.

Our expert consultants thoroughly analyze the system you have in place, assess the problems you are facing, and develop strategies that will garner the results you seek.  Our project discovery is laser-focused and we don’t miss.

We’ve already provided effective, quality solutions to clients of all sizes in a variety of industries, including business, government agencies, educational institutions as well as non-profits.



Let us be the solution to your Microsoft technology challenges. Receive a free 45-minute consultation today.




Call us now and get started today 877-392-3539


Free Consultation


About Us

Excel Consultant 25 Years Service


We are an internationally operated company with a 5-Star Google Rating, we are a  Microsoft Certified Partner and Application Developer with a 25 year track record of providing superior services to companies such as Microsoft, City of Long Beach, and UCI.

The expert Excel consultants are a 5-Star Google Review Rating

That is 25 years in operation, not of experience, our experience is far greater, 33 years experience as Excel developers (Since Excel for the Mac was first released in 1985), and we have 45 years experience as database developers (Going back before Access or SQL Server were applications), and finally, we have been working with Microsoft Power BI (Power Pivot) since Microsoft first released it. They even hired us for an internal Power BI project where we used Power Pivot to obtain data from every Microsoft employee (Everyone of them, globally!). You cannot find programmers with more experience than that!


We are Microsoft Office 365 expert programmers


  • Smarter Microsoft Solutions
  • Unrivaled Industry Insight
  • Unrivaled Industry Experience
  • A Highly Effective Personalized Approach
  • It’s Why We’re #1 in the USA/UK/Canada


Our US based offices are on both the East Coast (Manhattan New York Office) and the West Coast (Irvine California Office) to assist you, with several US developer offices in between. Our UK office is in London.


About Us - Meet The Team




We have a large team of Microsoft Excel MVP’s to work with our data visualization clients.




Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider


Since 1994 we have been recognized as the leading Microsoft Consulting, Programming, Training & Power BI Corporation in the United States, Canada and the UK. Our company headquarters are located in Irvine, right in the center of Orange County California. The Excel Consultant team is also an international heavyweight powered by The Excel and Access, LLC  group of companies which is composed of a Microsoft Certified Partner, Microsoft MVP’s (Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals), and certified instructors, making the Microsoft Excel and Access experts on The E&A Team the go to team for 23 years and counting.




Our amazing international team (USA, UK, Canada) of proven Microsoft programmers, consultants, trainers and Power BI expert are smart-working, priding ourselves on powerfully innovative solutions that allow us to get the most out of the Microsoft applications.  As a Microsoft Certified Partner we are driven towards providing the most effective solutions and professional services possible, that are always at the expert level.


We are not a web based job board, nor are we individuals freelancing after hours. We are a fully staffed US based corporation with operations in the UK and Canada.


We are not a web based job board, nor are we individuals freelancing after hours, we do not outsource any of our work to India or other countries. We are a US based Microsoft application consultancy with operations in the UK and Canada. Our team of Microsoft programmers, trainers, and Power BI experts strictly work in the USA, UK, and Canada.

This is important, do you want to hire someone who does this work for a living, someone who has for the past 15-30+ years, or do you want to hire someone at the intermediate level that does this work after hours? Should you ever have a critical need, would it be nice to have a company backing the work performed, or possibly an individual that stops responding to your calls and emails?

Look, you are obviously doing your search to hire a Microsoft Excel consultant, why not hire the best talent for your money? Why put your project at risk, needlessly?


Since 1994 our company headquarters have been in the heart of Orange County, Irvine CA Stop by our office in Irvine and we can discuss your needs and our corporation’s 25 year history – 877-392-3539



Since 1994 our group of companies have dominated the industry. We are often copied but never replicated.  We have over 100+ years of combined experience and our team of Microsoft Experts has completed over 5,000+ projects totaling more than 10,000+ hours in programming.



We are proud to be an active member of the Irvine Chamber of Commerce, where we cater to local business, governmental agencies and educational institutions where we make their organization’s use of Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook), SQL Server, Azure, and Power BI more proficient. (Outside of the Irvine area, no worries, with our numerous developer offices we have you covered globally)


We are Experts-Exchange certified


In addition to our two types of Microsoft Certifications (Microsoft Certified Partner and Silver Application Developer, Microsoft Excel, Access MVPs) we have consultants with Experts-Exchange.Com Certifications in many of the Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel, Access, Word and Outlook. Experts-Exchange.Com Certifications are one of the highest, most trusted and most valued certifications in the business.

You cannot get those without being in the top 5% of the experts. You cannot buy them, you must earn them, and that takes decades. Helen Feddema, our Lead Access Developer for example ranks #2 in Microsoft Access on the site. Given the number of books she has written on the subject, and the decades she has spent building commercial grade Access applications it comes as no surprise. Hire the best, get the most for your money. Coveted certifications are one way to show how we beat the competition in skills and abilities.



Our Manhattan New York Office



Call us now and get started today 877-392-3539


Free Consultation





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  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

The only Internationally Operated 5-Star Google Rated The expert Excel consultants are a 5-Star Google Review Rating Microsoft Certified applications provider with a 25 year track record of providing superior services to companies such as Microsoft, City of Long Beach, and UCI.