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One of the ways that we relay our skills and experience to our clients is our case studies.  To illustrate our work, here is a representative Excel project and Access project.  Such case studies demonstrate how we apply our acquired, highly specialized skills to a project for a client to achieve truly custom solutions.

For the Excel project, the client was in Austin, Texas, and required on-site consulting and programming for a data migration project from Microsoft Excel to Salesforce.  We sent a team on-site to accommodate the client for two weeks, which was on a tight time-frame due to quarterly completion constraints.  During that time, the project manager on the team performed project discovery with senior management and other third-party consultants.  Simultaneously, we designed template files for field offices to fully populate existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data, distributed the template files over the company server to ensure file integrity and version control, and programmed data migration automation from Microsoft Excel to universal CSV (comma separated values) files for easy import to the back end SQL Server Salesforce database.  The client met the deadline, for roll-out of the new Salesforce CRM system, very satisfied with the result.

For the Access project, we completed a user friendly Microsoft Access database for Toyota.  The database was initially designed and developed onsite, and the rest of the work was completed remotely by one of our East Coast developer offices.  The database used a front-end graphical user interface (GUI) based on Microsoft Access forms to truly allow a point and click experience for the user driven by a powerful advanced back-end database configuration.  While your firm may not be as well know, at Excel Consultant, you get the same quality service.

It is also of value to see that extremely complicated and advanced Microsoft Excel and Access custom solutions can be completed remotely using meeting software such as GoToMeeting or Skype, cloud storage such as Box.Net or Dropbox, and e-mail for general correspondence.

Our strategy has proven successful based on our satisfied clients and numerous testimonials.



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