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Recently one of our repeat college clients (UCI) that is in the education industry approached us for another Microsoft Excel project. We have worked with them several times now. Each time we push the envelope on the integration and automation further.

We are often asked if we work with colleges, and since 1994 the answer has been yes.

But this is only one of the many colleges that have hired us, from Harvard and Thunderbird to UCI, ASU, UCSD, etc. Well over two dozen clients in this space.


We work with many of the countries top colleges

Several of our educational institution clients


Harvard School of Business hires the Smarter Microsoft Solutions Provider


Our Being the “Smarter Microsoft Solutions™” Provider means you get more bang for your buck.


The Challenge:

The challenge of building an advanced Microsoft solution for a university is to build it in such a way that countless people can use it, with little to no training. The reason for that is this, the system will be used for a decade or more, there will be internal turnover at the university, so you must take that into account.


UCI is one of our clients


The Custom Microsoft Excel Solution for UCI:

The solution in this sort of environment is to build a fully integrated and automated graphical user interface, a true point and click system. This means anyone can easily use the solution and it means that the work will be largely done by the computer, not the user.


Key Client Benefits:

The benefits are in terms of.

  • Time:The application now runs in seconds versus hours manually.
  • Money: All of those saved hours saves UCI tens of thousands of dollarts..
  • Opportunity Cost: Now that your staff are not wasting time updating the file.


Examples of Microsoft Excel, Access, Power BI and MS Office Solutions for the College Industry:

Our custom Microsoft Excel solutions come in many shapes and sizes.

  • You can build fully automated Excel files.
  • You can build fully integrated Microsoft Office with your Excel workbooks.
  • You can fully integrate and automate the multi-application solution.
  • Some files have no code but are formula based.
  • Power BI Dashboards make your presentation snap.


Thunderbird School of Global Management


The Reviews (What our clients have to say):

Over the past 25 years of operation has resulted in hundreds of firms writing us a review on our Microsoft Solution services. To us anything less than 5-stars is not acceptable; we strive to exceed expectations.


Google Plus 5-Star Reviews


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