Professional Consulting Services In All Of The Microsoft Applications Including Power BI


Expert Microsoft Consulting Services

♦ From Microsoft Excel, Access and Office to Power BI, SQL & Azure ♦

The facts are simple, our KPI’s tell the tale, they separate us from the rest of the world:


  1. Since 2013 Microsoft has hired us for our Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power BI consulting services.
  2. We offer professional consulting services at the expert level in all of the Microsoft applications.
  3. Our firm has been providing expert Microsoft consulting services since 1994, longer than 98% of our competition.
  4. Our international programming staff has worked on over 5,000 projects.
  5. We have worked with thousands of Organizations from big business, small business, government entities, educational institutions, non-profits and individuals.
  6. We have expert professional Microsoft Consultants working in the USA, CAN, and the UK.
  7. We have been a Microsoft Certified Partner every year since our founding in 1994.  25 years and counting!
  8. We have Microsoft Certified MVP’s on staff; Microsoft certified application experts.
  9. We have a 5-Star Google Reviews Rank.
  10. We have 500+ client testimonials!
  11. 83% of our Microsoft consulting clients repeat.
  12. Since 2013 Microsoft has hired us for our Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power BI consulting services.
  13. ♦ We have worked in Microsoft Excel Since 1985, the initial release.
    1. The History of Excel
  14. ♦ We worked in Lotus 123 (Back to 1983)
  15. ♦ We worked in VisiCalc (Back to 1978)


Since 1994, from Manhattan, to Irvine to London, our expert Microsoft Consultants have developed thousands of “Smarter Microsoft Solutions” for our international clients, using our exceptional international staff.





Consulting Services For Your Organization

♦ Our Consulting Services Are Available To All Sorts Of Organizations ♦

Exactly what types of organizations hire us for our expert Microsoft Consulting services? Anyone that works in MS Excel, Access, Office, Power BI, SQL Server, Azure, etc., can benefit from our expert Microsoft consulting services.


  1. Small Business
  2. Medium Business
  3. Big Business
  4. Government Offices
  5. Colleges and Educational Institutions
  6. Non-profits
  7. Individuals


  No matter your industry, your profession, etc., the Microsoft desktop productivity tools and the Microsoft databases can be leveraged so that your organization can do more work in a fraction of the time.  The data may be different, but the Microsoft applications work the same way, regardless.




Professional Microsoft Consulting Services Since 1994


About Our Professional Microsoft Consulting Services (aka “Smarter Microsoft Solutions”)


Our professional Microsoft Consulting Services company has been an internationally 5-Star Rated Microsoft Certified Partner since 1994. We provide consulting services in Microsoft Excel, Access, Office (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint), SQL Server, Azure and Power BI to Businesses, Government Agencies, Educational Institutions, Non-Profits as well as to individuals.

Our dedicated staff of international Microsoft data visualization experts are the Microsoft subject matter experts, we are Microsoft Excel MVP’s and a Microsoft Certified Partner. We are located across North America (USA/Canada) and the United Kingdom, with local developer offices to assist you locally. We are the Smarter Microsoft Solutions Provider.


Free consultations, fixed-bid estimates, same-day work, 7 days a week, evenings included, and our legendary 5-Star Service.


Our consulting services are not just for Excel, far from it, we offer the same consulting services for the rest of Microsoft Office (Access, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint), Microsoft Power BI, SQL Server, Azure and SharePoint, all at the expert level.

We have been able to accomplish this because we have a dedicated international all star team of professional consultants, programmers and trainers, each dedicated to one or more of the Microsoft applications.

For example, if you need help with integrating and automating Microsoft Excel, Access and SQL Server, you will work with one Microsoft consultant that is a data visualization expert in the integration and automation of those three Microsoft applications. If you need help with Word and Outlook, you will work with a different consultant and trainer. Each staff member is an expert in the applications they work with.  Everything is at the expert level.


This puts us in the position to assist you at the expert level, no matter the Microsoft Solution; we do it all.


Below is a list of the Microsoft applications in which we provide our “Smarter Microsoft Solutions“.



Before we develop our 100% custom Smarter Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI based business solutions, we will work closely with you to make sure we completely understand your individual goals, needs and the challenges that you are facing. We do not provide a quote nor do we do any work until we have nailed the statement of work, and until you give us the green light to start the consulting work. 


If you do not need a whole new Microsoft solution, but rather just a handful of changes to the one currently being used, we can assist you with that small to medium sized need as well.  More often than not, clients already have an existing Microsoft solution that they are currently using, and they want to make it better, or to fix errors with it.  No matter your Microsoft solution need, we have an international staff of dedicated consultants, programmers and trainers.

Our expert consultants thoroughly analyze the system you have in place, assess the problems you are facing, and develop strategies that will garner the results you seek.  Our project discovery is laser-focused and we don’t miss.

We’ve already provided effective, quality solutions to clients of all sizes in a variety of industries, including business, government agencies, educational institutions as well as non-profits.



Let us be the solution to your Microsoft technology challenges. Receive a free 45-minute consultation today.


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