Excel Consultant’s team of passionate programmers, instructors, and advisers is dedicated to helping businesses make the most of Microsoft software. We provide customized solutions for companies, organizations, and agencies so they can streamline their workflow. Excel Consultant’s committed consultants can repair glitches, code new functions, teach you how to use your systems more effectively, and more. We design our projects around each client’s distinctive needs and preferences, so we begin each assignment with a “discovery” appointment to gather relevant information. In about 75 percent of cases, we recommend performing these audits on-site, but sometimes, a more convenient remote meeting is sufficient. Contact Excel Consultant today to learn more about our services or schedule your off site discovery appointment.

What Happens During Off Site Discovery?

On the day of your off site discovery, one or more consultants will communicate with you for several hours via phone and GoToMeeting, a business video conferencing service. During these conversations, we will talk to the executives and managers involved in your project, as well as any Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and external advisers that might have pertinent input. We will:

  • Find out more about the problems you’re having.
  • Establish what software and hardware resources you have at your disposal.
  • Learn about the details of your existing workflow. Depending on the scope, size, and specifics of your project, we may or may not have you walk us through every step of your operations.
  • Discuss your desired results with you.
  • Examine any applicable files, documents, or information, asking questions for clarification as needed.
  • Go over the expected timeline and budget for the assignment (we maintain complete transparency about our cost estimates and deadlines, as well as factors that can influence these).
    Based on this data, our team members will cooperate with you to devise a general plan of attack for your project.

Why Off Site Discovery?

In the majority of cases (about three-quarters), we recommend on site discovery over off site appointments. Our consultants love meeting with clients in person, working with them directly to understand and address their concerns. However, off site discovery saves time, money, and effort, so it may be a better option for clients with simpler, smaller projects. If we only need to meet with you for two to three hours (as opposed to seven or eight for more advanced assignments), the travel expenses may not be worth it. With off site discovery, neither you nor our team needs to leave the office, making the entire process more convenient and cost-effective.

Preparing For Your Off Site Discovery

You can help make your off site discovery a success by taking the right steps to get ready for it. Before your appointment, we recommend that you:

  • Discuss your plans with your coworkers. Your colleagues may have ideas, needs, or preferences that need to be communicated. Being on the same page with your associates can make your off site discovery meeting go more smoothly and quickly.
  • Scan important documents and email them to us so we can begin reviewing them before we speak with you.
  • Set up GoToMeeting on your computer.
  • Note down any questions or concerns you have about your project so you don’t forget to ask about them.

Off Site Discovery Right For You?

Do you want to optimize your operations with Microsoft tools? The Excel Consultant team can help you tackle your next software project. Based on your initial consultation, we’ll let you know if off site discovery is a viable option for your company. Contact us today to schedule your first meeting.



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