Core Team

Core Team – Know Who You Are Working With

Founder, Principal, 877-392-3539
Microsoft Excel MVP - Lead Excel, Access, SQL Server, Word, Outlook, VB.Net Developer
Principal - Senior Project Manager, Local Business Development, Client Service Director
Lead Microsoft Access Developer/Trainer, Project Manager, Business Development (Los Angeles)
Lead Excel, Access, SQL Server, & SharePoint Consultant, Business Development (London)
Excel, Access, SQL Server Developer (Manhattan New York Office)
Senior Microsoft Access, Word, Outlook, Excel Developer (Manhattan New York Office)
Senior Excel Trainer (PC and Mac cross-platform expertise), Colorado
Senior Excel, Power BI Developer (Texas) - Microsoft Excel MVP
Excel / VBA / Access Developer (Irvine Office)
Senior Microsoft Excel, Access, and SQL Server Developer (Irvine Office)
Excel, Access Developer, Project Manager (Irvine Office)
Access Developer/Trainer (Irvine Office)
Senior Microsoft Excel Developer & Trainer. Microsoft Excel MVP. (Manhattan New York Office)
Microsoft Excel, Access, VBA, .NET, SQL (Canada)
Information Services
Power BI
Information Services
Microsoft Solution Developer (UK)
Client Support Services (Irvine Office)
Power BI, Excel, Access, SQL Server, Azure
Microsoft Office Programmer & Trainer - (Ventura)
Excel, Access, SQL Server (UK)
Client Services Manager (Irvine Office) 877-392-3539
Excel, Access, SQL Server Developer, (New York)
Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL Server, Azure, Power BI, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint Experts