Don’t Let This Happen To You




Don’t Do It – Don’t Be The Upset Client On The Phone To Where? Make Sure You Know How To Hire The Right Corporation To Assist You


#1 – What you read below comes from an ongoing conversation with a new client. It is one of dozens. Here to inform.


This particular client came to us after receiving ongoing bad service and bad results from a startup excel help site. It is during a free consultation I am told this this, “Also, I am currently using another consulting firm but is still struggling to deliver the report I am expecting.”


When I asked who it was that this person is currently working with I was told “I was using excel rescue. I gave the same task to you and they have been working on it for the last 9 days!



Later in the conversation I am told “It has been nine days and the end result I have got isn’t what i expected it to be.”


It is you that will be accountable for the results of the Excel, Access, Power BI experts you hire.




The conversation continues:

“I have been asking **** ***** aka ** ***** for help on and off where i would ask questions and he would provide me with the solution and I would do it myself. But he is deep in processing his books hence recommended Excel Rescue to me.”

“They have completed the work for me but the result differs from my instructions and probably need a call with them to get it changed. But i am not so positive on the outcome.”

“I havent had the time to call them to explain to them again what exactly I need from them. To be honest, I will very much like to see what ***** can do before I try to resolve the issues with excel rescue. I am considering a refund from them as they cannot deliver as per my requirement”.


Since then we were hired to do the work and we have posted her review on our company and our services.


Here is how we did with this client: I needed help to do an Aging Report. I was searching on the internet for excel help and chanced upon Excel Consultant. They gave me brilliant results on the presentation of an Aging Report which I have never thought of. I never knew macros could be so useful! I am impressed and would highly recommend their services to anyone who needs excel help.


When you are considering hire a company (Not an individual) here are some questions, so you will Know Who You Are Working With

  • Where is the work performed (Country, City)
  • Who is doing the work (Name, Picture)
  • What are this person’s credentials
  • When was this company founded
  • Disregard years of experience, Years in operation matters
  • We want to know if the company is decades old
  • But Years/Decades in operation, out of a real office
  • Can you call the programmer, consultant or trainer
  • Can you work with them in their office
  • Can they come to your office
  • Can they expand scope and staff up as needed
  • Is their phone number on the site
  • Is their profile on the company site
  • Something to think about




The excel rescue site is reaching out to competitors and is offering outsourcing solutions to those companies. We received an offer in an email asking us to join their client list, we declined. It is our task to make sure our clients get the best service possible, not the cheapest, not outsourced; our clients know who they are working with, they speak with them, they meet with them. You can see the offer to outsource our work to god who knows, where knows who, and who will see your data and confidential information?


The letter below came in as email. We were given the the opportunity to send our work off to some foreign land as you can see below. (So easy to outsource to God knows where. Do They Guarantee that Work, Service, Deadline)? Can you talk to them on the phone? Do you have a phone number to dial to speak?