Excel Consultant’s Microsoft Experts Manhattan Office


Socially, culturally, and economically, Manhattan is one of the major metropolitan areas on planet Earth. Famous author, E.B. White, even called it the “Capital of the World.” According to United States History, the region “is now worth more than $60 billion.” It should come as no surprise that the digital age has come to this bustling, booming borough in full force. Microsoft software powers many of these enterprises. Excel Consultant’s mission is to help everyone make the most of this ubiquitous software system. To further that goal, we are excited to announce that we’ve recently expanded our offices in Manhattan. In the following blog, we explain what our growing New York City branch means for you and the benefits we offer to this great borough.



Why the Empire City Needs Excel Consultant

Due to its dense population, excellent location, and centuries-long history, Manhattan has established itself as the foremost financial hubs in the United States and even perhaps in the world. In addition, Crain’s New York calls Manhattan a “hot spot for small business owners” with over 190,000 located in this area. Undoubtedly, thousands of mid-sized enterprises and large corporations also feature here. Furthermore, the United States Census reports that over 1.6 million people currently live in Manhattan, with the population growing at a rate of more than three percent each year.


The vast majority of these millions of Manhattan-based residents and business owners need Microsoft tools to run their lives, organizations, and operations. In this digital age, having the right software solutions has become more vital than ever. Using, improving, and personalizing the right programs is even more important in a competitive locale like Manhattan, where enterprises must thrive to survive. Having state-of-the-art software is no longer a luxury for New York City-based businesses, it is an absolute necessity.


This is where Excel Consultant’s skilled team of programmers, instructors, and advisers comes in. Our experts are excited to assist Manhattan’s large, diverse population in streamlining software, designing databases, and creating customized computerized solutions to help twenty-first century businesses optimize their operations.


Our Remarkable Manhattan Roster

While we are, as always, thrilled to reach even more clients, one of the primary reasons we are expanding our presence in Manhattan is to better serve our existing partners. Since many Big Apple businesses have come to depend on our exceptional expertise, we thought it only fitting to make our team even more available to and convenient for them. Our current Manhattan-based clientele include:

  • Ralph Lauren. Excel Consultant’s Microsoft whizzes have been working closely with Ralph Lauren’s finance department for six years. With their global headquarters in Manhattan, we wanted to assist them even better with their endeavors. Our new office will allow us to even more easily provide in-person assistance to this premier international fashion brand.
  • The New York Police Department. Especially in a major urban center like Manhattan, the police force is particularly vital. Excel Consultant has offered our software support to a wide variety of police departments and government agencies throughout the United States. We are delighted to provide our Microsoft mastery to the New York Police Department. With our bigger, better Manhattan office, we will be able to serve these public servants even more effectively.
  • PepsiCo is one of our larger clients. We have actually worked on multiple projects with multiple divisions of PepsiCo at the same time. Even our lead UK developer works on the PepsiCo projects.
  • Verizon Wireless is one of our original clients and the numerous programming and training projects have been a pleasure to work on.
  • Various financial firms. Home to the renowned Wall Street, assorted financial institutions have built their offices in Manhattan. Excel Consultant is proud to collaborate with companies like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, which are based in New York City.


We would love to add your business, organization, or institution to our impressive, ever-expanding roster of Manhattan clients.


Reaching our Manhattan Branch

The goal for our larger New York City office is to make ourselves even more accessible to current and potential clientele. Our new and improved Manhattan office is on Broadway, New York, NY, 10004, at the heart of the financial district. Given our convenient location, we encourage you to stop by our office anytime during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm) for a face-to-face meeting. Our Microsoft maestros are able and willing to discuss your needs with you and determine how we can help you achieve your aims. You can also reach our team by phone at 646-205-3261.


Do You Need a Manhattan-Based Microsoft Application Expert?

Excel Consultant has served a myriad of Manhattan clients for years, and with our recent expansion, we’re even better prepared to help you. We offer a wide array of consulting, programming, and training options to suit you. To learn more and schedule an appointment, contact Excel Consultant today!