The Excel Consultant team is constantly thinking up new ways to expand our services and better help our clients succeed. We want to help you improve your productivity and profits with Microsoft’s versatile, powerful tools. Our expert instructors, programmers, and consultants bring more than 100 years of experience, 1000 projects, and 10000 hours in programming to each and every project, but we never stop considering how we could do even better by our clients. So, in November of 2013, we established a partnership with Talon Computer Associates.

What is Talon Computer Associates?

Talon is an Irvine, CA based Microsoft consulting company. President, Paul Delke, and his staff of programmers, educators, and advisers have helped executives make the most of Excel and other applications for over two decades. The Talon team can assist clients with virtually any aspect of Excel, but they specialize in data analysis for business intelligence reporting, creating scorecards, and forecasting sales—all critical function’s for current and continued viability. Talon’s years of proven skill and commitment to excellent service make this company a perfect partner for Excel Consultant. Since partnering with Talon, Paul Delke has also served as Senior Project Manger of our Irvine office. We are proud of our strategic alliance with his company.

The Advantages of Working with a Microsoft Certified Partner

Like all of our consultants, Talon has earned the prestigious title of Microsoft Certified Partner. A consulting team must fulfill rigorous requirements to obtain this certification, including:

  • Employing two ore more Microsoft Certified Professionals, experts who have completed official training in Microsoft technology, with three references to support this, or
  • Having created a Microsoft-tested and –approved software application, or
  • Producing a hardware device that can be used with Windows and passes the certification requirements to receive a Windows logo through Microsoft hardware testing.

In addition to fulfilling one of the above, a company must earn a certain number of Microsoft “Partner Points” through earning positive feedback from customers or clients, providing viable solutions, and passing further certification tests to build skills. Working with a Microsoft Certified Partner, you can feel confident in your consultant’s credentials, experience, and in-depth understanding of Microsoft programs and products.

Experience the Benefits of Excel Consultant and Talon Computer Associates

With the help of Talon, Excel Consultant can help you take advantage of Microsoft applications to succeed. To learn more about our services or schedule an initial consultation, contact us today.

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