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For your convenience we have consolidated answers to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), regarding our company, our work, our clients, and our pricing.

If you have additional questions regarding our expert Microsoft Certified Excel consulting, programming or training services, please either send us an email, use our contact form or call 877-392-3539 to reach us directly.  We always reply to emails in a timely manner, generally in minutes, you will never go to voicemail, 24/7, our clients are our top priority.  We may even post an answer to your question right here.


FAQ – Should You Hire A Local or Remote Microsoft Excel, Access, Power BI Consultant:

Depends on the quality of the consultant, but either way, always choose an international Microsoft Certified Partner that has decades of experience and expertise in what they do, with a dedicated staff of Microsoft Excel, Access and Power BI experts. The closest local firm is rarely the best firm available, unless you are near our Manhattan, Irvine or Los Angeles offices of course. So the question is this, are you hiring the most skilled person available or the one across the street? They probably cost the same.


FAQ – What Is Our History (About Us):

In 1994 our company was founded in Irvine, right in the center of the business rich hub of Orange County California. Originally we were focused on providing professional Microsoft Excel consulting services. Since then we have expanded our team and our services. We now work in all of the Microsoft Applications, providing both consulting and programming services to businesses, government agencies and educational institutions. Our clients range from Microsoft, the US Navy, to Harvard.


FAQ – About Our Dedicated Staff

We have a dedicated staff of professional Microsoft Excel, Access, and Power BI Consultants, Programmers and Trainers. We are Microsoft MVP’s, Microsoft Certified Partners, established authors, and career professionals. We do not outsource work to third world countries.  Everyone on the team has 20+ years of Microsoft Excel and/or Access hands-on project experience in a multitude of corporate environments.


FAQ – Do we offer RealTime Microsoft Consulting Services Live Excel Help

Since 1994 we have offered Real-Time Microsoft Consulting Services.  To this day we pride ourselves on the fact that 24/7, if you dial our phone at 877-392-3539, we will answer your call, 24/7.

We offer real-time same-day Microsoft Excel, Access, Office and Power BI programming services.  One way we do this is through our Live Excel Help Real-Time Remote Assistance. This service allows us to jump onto our computer to sit down and assist you on an hour-by-hour basis, no matter where you are located. Depending on the size of your project there is a good chance that we can not only start your project today, but to possibly complete it the same day.  Single-Day Turnaround.


FAQ – About Our Experience

We have over 5,000+ years of combined experience and have completed over 5000+ projects totaling more than 50,000+ hours in programming.  A primary benefit is the speed and efficiency of our team to complete projects.  Chances are we have done several times before exactly what you need now.  The caliber of this level of experience significantly reduces the amount of time projects take to complete, which reduces cost and minimizes rework.


FAQ – What Do We Do?

We principally provide Microsoft Excel, Access, Office and Power BI consulting, programming and training services to companies, government agencies, educational institutions, non-profits and individuals. We also specialize in VBA/Macros (Visual Basic for Applications) driven Microsoft Office applications integration and automation.  Additionally, our expertise extends to Powr BI, SQL Server, SharePoint, Azure and VB.net for more scalable and/or cloud based solutions.  Notably, we are highly skilled in both Windows and Mac platforms.  Both Microsoft and Apple have worked with our dedicated team of Excel and Access experts.


FAQ – About Our Work:

We serve companies of all sizes from SMEs to MNCs, on either a local, remote or on-site basis depending on client needs.  For local clients, we handle work out of our Irvine, California headquarters office or one of our Senior Developer office locations worldwide.  Additionally, we work on projects either remotely via video conferencing (e.g. GoToMeeting), cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox), etc. or on-site, accounting for billable travel costs, as needed.


FAQ – About Our Clients:

We provide Microsoft Excel and Access services in three primary verticals of Business, Government and Education.  Excel Consultant serves a diverse range of industries within those verticals.  We have the ability to apply our highly specialized skills and experience and apply that expertise to the unique circumstances of a specific industry for a client.  The end result is that we provide custom tailored solutions for our clients.


FAQ – What Applications Do We Work In:

We work in all of the Microsoft applications, and then some. Microsoft Applications.


FAQ – We Have Local Offices:

Our corporate headquarters is in the heart of Orange County, in Irvine California, and has been since 1994. Our New York office in in the heart of the financial district, in Manhattan. In addition to those offices we also have developer offices scattered around the globe, from New York, Texas, Canada, and the UK. Our Locations.


FAQ – About Non-Disclosure:

We treat all information received as strictly confidential.  If you have a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), we will sign it prior to working on an engagement.  That said, you really do not need to use an NDA as we treat all project materials in the strictest confidence.


FAQ – About Pricing Policy:

We typically work on a retainer basis.  We bill either at a fixed cost or an hourly rate depending on the project and how much time the work ‘should’ take an experienced professional to do, or less, never more.  This means that we do not get paid to ‘learn’ unless clearly stated and agreed to up-front.  That’s the exception to our work and not the rule.  Most importantly, there are no hidden costs or expenses, and we offer a Free Consultation on our projects.


FAQ – About Payments:

Company checks, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and ACH payments are all acceptable forms of payment.





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