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Why do we start the process with a conversation? Because we guarantee our work; because we want to make sure that none of the important details are missed. So we offer a free 45 minute consultation where we look at your files, we discuss what is working for you, and what is not. For more complicated projects we may ask to look through your files offline, after the consultation, and then we circle back with you. That is the lengths we are willing to take to make sure we exceed your expectations, expectations that start with a conversation.



We offer free consultations


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How do we work, simple


If you’d like to start exploring what the expert Microsoft Excel Consultant team can do for you, ask us for a free consultation by filling out the form below, or give us a call. One of our senior project managers will contact you right away to get started on your project today!

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While this type of consultation can normally cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, we waive the fee completely. We stand by our consultation services completely, and we’re confident that you’ll see their value too. We are so confident in our ability to meet your needs that we take the time to show you how on our dime.

If you’d like to start exploring what Excel Consultant can do for you, ask us for a free consultation. One of our expert project managers will contact you to get started on your project today!


If Your Business Needs a Thorough Examination – Onsite DiscoveryOffsite Discovery.

Whenever you start using a new business service, you’re bound to have a lot of questions. You want to know how this new service can really help you. Is it going to be worth the cost? Is it going to be worth the time my employees will spend on it?

The first step to working with Excel Consultant is a comprehensive consultation where we learn all about your business. We want to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. We want to know where you’re succeeding as well as areas in need off improvement. By finding out everything we can, we are able to help you in highly tailored and customized ways.

Getting a consultation from Excel Consultant isn’t like bringing your car to the local mechanic. We’re not going to just take a quick look under the hood and quote you some vague figures.

Instead, we’re going to sit down and take the time to focus on your objectives. We’re going to dig in and see what makes you different than everybody else out there. After this thorough examination we know what makes you tick. That way we can start getting the engine of your business running on all cylinders again.


Know the Costs Up Front With Fixed-Bid Pricing

We are the experts in our field, and we’re ready to show you why. As part of our free consultation, we will give you an up-front, reasonable cost estimate. You’ll know from the beginning what it’s going to take. We’re always honest with our clients about what really needs to be done, and that’s why we have an over 99% satisfaction rate. We also have a repeat client rate of over 80%, because our past clients know what we can continue to do for them in the future.


Know Who You Are Working With Before You Work With Them is powered by the Excel and Access, LLC group of companies, including Talon Computer Associates and VBA Express, operating locally and onsite out of our Irvine office since 1994!

  • Established in 1994
  • Corporate office in Irvine California, near John Wayne Airport
  • New York office in Manhattan, in the financial district
  • Microsoft Certified Partner every year since 1994
  • Work with Microsoft Excel, Access, and Office MVPs
  • Microsoft is a repeat client of ours – Read the Microsoft Case Study
  • Local team of Microsoft application experts to serve you
  • Onsite Work at our office or yours
  • Onsite Work at our office or yours
  • Thousands of projects completed
  • Same day service
  • 83% client repeat rate
  • Available nights, weekends, and holidays
  • We guarantee our work
  • Not a job board; not an after-hours freelancer




Here’s what one of our client’s had to say about our Free Consultation.

I needed an Excel macro to help out with a recurring reporting task. I provided the requirements via email, and it only took a few hours for Excel Consultant to deliver the macro. I reviewed the code, and the VBA was clean, efficient, and organized. They totally nailed it! I was impressed with the turnaround time and the expert coding. Thanks!


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