One of the Microsoft programs mostly used is Microsoft Excel. It is used to organize data and information and to perform calculations. Using this program requires proper knowledge about the different functions for it to work efficiently. In connection with the different functions that Microsoft Excel has, this free Excel help article will talk about the product function. This function is essential when using Microsoft Excel to perform calculations.

Product Function

This function multiplies the figures given as arguments and show off the product computed. The formula for product function is:

=PRODUCT(number1, number2, number3…… number n)

Number1, number2, number3…Number n are the arguments. It could be named arrays or ranges, cell reference to a certain values, numerical values, and logical values. 30 are the maximum arguments for product function, each multiplied to have the resultant product. But, once element of a range or reference cell is empty, has logical texts, numbers or errors then the product function will disregard the argument.

Product function could go back non-integer and integer decimals as the product outcome. For instance, PRODUCT (1.15, 20) = 23 and PRODUCT (3.5, 8.9, -7.8) = -242.97.

Even of Referenced logical figure are disregarded by product function, still it could recognize logical figures as arguments once they are typed in directly. For example, PRODUCT (FALSE, FALSE, FALSE) =2 and PRODUCT (FALSE, TRUE, FALSE, TRUE) =1

How to Perform Product Function:

  • At the cell or formula bar type in “=PRODUCT(“
  • Type in the coordinate data cell or just click it.
  • Type comma after the first coordinate date cell.
  • Enter or click the succeeding coordinate data cell.
  • Do procedure 2, 3, 4 up to the desired values.
  • On the last coordinate data cell type in “)” and press enter.

Example of Product Function

=PRODUCT (B1:B5) – this formula perform product function through multiplying the contents inside the cell B1 until B5. This formula is just the same to B1*B2*B3*B4*B5. This function is very essential especially when the values in certain cell or group of cells are changing constantly. This formula will aid not to multiply the figures one buy one.

=PRODUCT (F10, G5, 2) – this formula multiplies the values within the cell F10 and G5 and the outcome is multiplies by 3.

Key Pointers in Using Product Function

Microsoft Excel product function represent blank cells as 1 not as O, as many most think about. For instance, =PRODUCT (E11, 69), once E11 cell is blank, the resulting value for the function is 69. But, once E11 has 0 value, the resulting value of the function is 0. In order to automatically have 0 results, the formula for the product function should be written as: =PRODUCT (E11*1, 69). Through this formula, Excel will calculate the function having 0 values. Regarding this argument, in product function referenced cells should not leave black in order to avoid getting incorrect calculation or results.

The Product function is easy to use once cells have values and formulas written correctly. When using Microsoft Excel in performing calculations it is very important not to forget the = sign before writing the formula.

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