When it comes to organizing and calculating data, one of the widely used computer programs is Microsoft Excel. In terms of calculation, Excel has so many functions, in order to be able to perform mathematical operations efficiently. One of the functions in Excel is quotient. This is very essential particularly in dividing the values entered in a worksheet or group of worksheet.

Quotient Function Basics

Quotient function is one of the basic math functions in Excel. It is used to divide values written in Excel worksheet or worksheets.

Compared to the usual division problem, Excel quotient function gives answer in whole number and not with a remainder.

Quotient Function Synopsis:

QUOTIENT (numerator, denominator)

Where in: numerator is the integer and the denominator is the zero integer

Quotient Function Arguments

Numerator is the number divided or also called as dividend, while denominator is the proportions range where the numerator is divided and it also called as divisor.

Quotient function only returns the resulting integer of division ignoring the remainder. For instance, QUOTIENT (56, 6) = 9. Once the value of the numerator is greater than the denominator the function result is zero due to the answer has no integer.

Quotient function allowed to divided negative numbers, for example, QUOTIENT (-14, 4) = 3 and QUOTIENT (-25,-6) = 4.

How to Perform Quotient Function

  • In the Cell or formula bar type in “=QUOTIENT (“.
  • Type in the numerator or click the coordinate cell.
  • After entering the numerator data, type in comma.
  • Type the value of the denominator or click the coordinate cell for the denominator.
  • After entering the value of the denominator, type in “)” and press “Enter”.

Quotient Function Frequent Errors

  • #NAME? – The error usually happen once the Excel adds in Analysis ToolPak is disabled in the program. It is very essential to enable this to successfully use Quotient function.

Enabling the Analysis ToolPak in Excel 2003:
Click Tools from the menu tab and opt for “Add-Inns
Add-Ins window will comes out and from the selection click “Analysis ToolPak and then click OK.

Enabling the Analysis ToolPak in Excel 2007:

Click the Microsoft button located at the utmost left of the worksheet and choose the button “Excel Options”.
From the menu located at the left side, opt for the “Add-Ins”
On the “Manage” box, choose Excel Add-ins and then click “Go”
The “Add-Ins” window will appear and click the “Analysis ToolPak box and then click OK.

  • #DIV/0! – This is seen one the denominator in the argument is equal to zero.

Quotient function is very easy to perform once the Excel program Add-On is enabled. It is also essential to always keep in mind that quotient function will only work out to numerical values. As much as possible utilize the function during simple division problems so that less error is attained. Furthermore, quotient function does not recognize remainder so expect to always have whole number answers. Thus, if you need answers with remainder this function is not applicable.

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