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Federal Home Loan Bank of New York

Federal Home Loan Bank of New York

We love New York and we love our New York financial clients, of which we have many.

Assisting banks with their Microsoft applications is one of the most common requests we get.  And when it comes to assisting them, Jacob is the one who delivers time after time.




Our work within the financial industry

With deep expertise in financial analysis and portfolio management, this industry is close to our core skill set, working at Merrill Lynch and IDS Financial Services (American Express) among others gives our team deep insight into the ins and outs of investment, money management, and trading.  Various members of our team have worked as stock, option and index traders.  Having the opportunity to work now with so many standout companies and individuals in this space as clients is truly rewarding.

While we have worked with some of the biggest names in the financial services business, it is the smaller, independent financial services companies that comprise much of this space.  You may not recognize the names, but these firms are numerous, and all of them want an Excel or Access model built in a very specific way.  That is where our experience comes in.  We understand firsthand what they do, and we understand what they need, then we build it.

The team at Excel Consultant can deliver results with speed and accuracy that our financial service clients demand, don’t hire lesser firms or individuals, hire a firm that truly gets it.  Excel Consultant has been in business since 1994, hire us today, let us build it right from the start.

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