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Several of our Governmental Agency Clients

Our work within the Governmental Agency Sector

Our Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access consulting and training clients can be classified into four market sectors: 1) Business, 2) Government Clients, 3) Educational Institutions, non-profits and 4) Individuals.

This page covers our work for the various government agencies that have hired us over the past 24 years, going back to the creation of our corporation in 1994.


Just recently we added this organizations to our government sector clients list.

Governmental Agency Sector Clients

Our government agency clients need same type of consulting, programming and training help with their Microsoft Excel, Access, and Microsoft Office files that our business clients need. Think of it this way, the skills we have in Excel are transferable from one client type to the next; the widgets may be different but the formulas, charts, pivot tables, etc., are all based on the same functions and components found in Excel, Access, Office.


If the government agency you work for needs to hire a professional Microsoft Excel, Access, Office services provider, please reach out to us today.
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