Excel Consultant’s team is comprised of leading Microsoft experts. Our programmers, instructors, and advisers have published books in their areas of expertise, developed new functionality for Microsoft programming, earned the title of Microsoft “Most Valued Professional,” and more. We keep up with the latest advances in software so we can polish our skills and deliver optimal solutions for our clients. Our cutting-edge knowledge makes us an excellent fit for clients in the San Francisco area, a technological hub for not just the United States, but the entire globe. The Silicon Valley has been the birthplace of hundreds of IT innovations. Even beyond the tech world, San Francisco is home to thousands of impressive businesses. The Excel Consultant team relishes the opportunity to help companies in this region function better and stand out. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings or schedule a consultation for your San Francisco area-based business.

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About San Francisco

San Francisco is both a city and a county, technically encompassing just over 200 square miles. However, the influence of this region extends well beyond its municipal borders. As with most areas of California, San Francisco’s original inhabitants were Native Americans, who lived in the area for thousands of years before it came under Spanish and then Mexican rule. After the United States gained control of this territory in 1846, settlers from around the nation and across the globe poured in for their shot at gold. The Gold Rush established a strong economy in the region, making it a major city nearly instantaneously.

This resilient region has survived and even prospered through devastating earthquakes, the Great Depression, two world wars, and even the burst of the “dot-com” business boom of the late 1990s. San Francisco has always been home to a variety of industries, from shipping to banking, but in the past several decades, technology has become the driving force of its local economy. Today, the region houses thousands of startups, as well as corporate powerhouses like Google and Apple.

Excel Consultant’s Role

Excel Consultant gladly offers software support, services, and solutions to businesses in the greater San Francisco area. Since Microsoft is a mainstay in the tech industry, many companies (even seeming competitors such as Apple) use it to perform their daily functions. Our professionals use their experience with and mastery of these programs to deliver training, create new code, debug defective systems, install new setups, and more. We regularly devise solutions to help businesses both within and outside of the tech industry perform at their full capacity.

Our Valued San Francisco Clients

Excel Consultant has worked with many companies in the San Francisco region. Some of our past and current clientele include:

  • LinkedIn. This professional social network has become a household name in the 12 years since its creation. More than 33 million users post, connect, and browse business-related content in 24 languages on LinkedIn every year.
  • Union Bank. Originally called The Bank of California, Union Bank has had its headquarters in San Francisco since 1864, at the height of the Gold Rush. Nowadays, the international corporation offers banking and wealth management services to companies and individuals. Union Bank has over $113 billion in assets.
  • Hewlett Packard. Based in the tech-heavy San Francisco suburb of Palo Alto, CA, Hewlett Packard, or “HP,” has been manufacturing computer hardware and software for over 75 years. The company is best known for its personal computers, but HP also makes servers, networking tools, storage devices, printers, and a variety of related software products.
  • CISCO. This well-known company is headquartered in San Jose, CA. CISCO designs, produces, and sells networking equipment. This Internet infrastructure is incredibly important to the tech industry and modern life—experts estimate that more than 80 percent of Internet communications are transmitted through CISCO’s systems.
  • AMGEN. Short for “Applied Molecular Genetics,” AMGEN is a global biopharmaceutical manufacturer and biotechnological firm. The company studies, produces, and sells a variety of medications to help treat cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, renal disease, and other serious conditions.
  • Kaiser Permanente. This household name in the healthcare industry provides medical services to patients across the United States. Based in Oakland, CA, Kaiser Permanente is the largest American managed care group.
  • Symantec. Based in Mountain View, CA, Symantec offers computer security, storage, and backup services. This company’s most well known product is Norton Antivirus, but Symantec also helps protect users’ information with a variety of other systems, including third-party verification. Nothing moves slowly in the Silicon Valley, and our project with Symantec was a race against the clock. We completed a complicated integration assignment for them over a weekend. Needless to say, Symantec was very satisfied. Check out our Symantec Case Study for more details on this challenging project.

Our Team in San Francisco

Jacob Hilderbrand is our Premier Developer who has earned the title of Microsoft “Most Valued Professional” three years running. Based out of the San Francisco area, he’s worked on over 2,500 projects for more than 500 clients. As an advanced database developer and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) expert extraordinaire who has assisted Microsoft itself on several occasions, Jacob is prepared to help San Francisco’s technology companies perform at their best.

We Help San Francisco Companies Succeed

Our team of Microsoft masters can help your San Francisco area-based business, organization, or agency excel. To learn more about our services or schedule a free consultation, contact Excel Consultant today.



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