Our team of certified instructors, programmers, and advisers help clients unlock the true potential of Microsoft tools. With a central office in southern California and many others throughout the world, we enjoy assisting clients across the United States and beyond. Excel Consultant’s team helps companies, organizations, and institutions solve their digital dilemmas with customized software strategies. We are proud to partner with numerous clients in the Washington, D.C. area. Our country’s capitol is home to important governmental agencies, as well as a variety of cultural institutions, philanthropic groups, and businesses. To find out more about Excel Consultant or schedule a consultation for your Washington, D.C. area-based company, contact us today.

About Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., or The District of Columbia, sits along the Potomac River. This approximately 70 square mile region sits between Maryland and Virginia, though it technically belongs to neither state. These wetlands remained largely undeveloped until the fledgling United States government decided to make its capitol there in 1790. The seat of American government had previously been in Philadelphia and New York City, but security concerns and political compromises ultimately made the Potomac region the ideal site for the federal city, named in honor of first president George Washington. Architects quickly got to work constructing this carefully planned urban center, complete with numerous monuments, the White House, Treasury buildings, Supreme Court, and more.

Congress first met in Washington, D.C. in 1800, and this city has remained the nation’s political focal point for the past two centuries. The District has proved its resilience through surviving raids, the Civil War, two world wars, and terrorist attacks. As America grew in scope, size, and power, the capitol did as well, drawing increasing numbers of representatives, lobbyists, activists, business owners, scholars, ambassadors, and more. The city’s activities also extend past its borders, with related offices, corporations, and agencies located throughout southern Maryland and northern Virginia. Today, more than 650,000 people call Washington, D.C. home, while thousands more commute into The District every day. Nearly six million people live in the greater Washington metropolitan area. Washington, D.C. is a significant commercial, cultural, corporate, and civic center on a local, national, and global scale.

Excel Consultant’s Role

Our team has the skills to help any of the varied enterprises located in Washington, D.C. We can streamline businesses’ operations, automate fundraising operations for non-profits, and coordinate curriculum databases for educational institutions. Within the Greater Washington, D.C. area, Excel Consultant works closely not only with Federal and State governmental agencies but also General Services Administration (GSA) and numerous for-profit/non-profit organizations. Running a nation necessitates administrating vast amounts of information and orchestrating complicated programs. Especially in our digital age, both of these activities require sophisticated software solutions, which the Excel Consultant team is thrilled to provide. We relish the opportunity to help our nation’s capitol (and therefore the United States itself) function better.

Our Valued Washington, D.C. Clients

Excel Consultant has worked on projects for multiple components of the United States government, including:

  • The Social Security Administration. Social security is the system by which Americans pay taxes to fund national survivors’, retirement, and disability funds. This office, located in Woodlawn, Maryland, processes paperwork, manages accounts, adjudicates claims, and dispenses payments. The Social Security Administration relies on computer automation to perform many of these activities. The office has an annual budget of more than $736 billion and employs 65,000 workers.
  • The Department of Veteran Affairs. Headquartered on Vermont Avenue in Washington, D.C., the Department of Veteran Affairs provides support and benefits to the brave men and women who have served in the United States military. With over 21 million living United States veterans and a budget of more than $150 billion, the office has a lot of data to manage.
  • The United States Army. The U.S. Army operates from The Pentagon, located in Arlington, Virginia. As one of the three major branches of the American military with over one million soldiers, the Army needs organized and efficient operations.
  • The United States Navy. Also headquartered at The Pentagon in Arlington, VA, the U.S. Navy manages the most massive aircraft carrier fleet in the world and more than 400,000 personnel. Coordinating the Navy’s activities requires optimal software capabilities.

Our Team in Washington, D.C.

Joseph, our Chief Technology Officer, Project Manager, Power BI MVP, lives in the Washington, D.C. region and regularly helps clients in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland. With expertise in consulting and programming, he is an excellent fit for the types of organizations, institutions and agencies we typically cater to in this area.

We Can Help You Excel with Computing in the Capitol

The Excel Consultant team is delighted to serve clients in the Capitol. To learn more about our services or schedule a free consultation for your Washington, D.C. based business, contact our consultancy today.


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