Name: Jacob Hildebrand.

Position: Premier Developer – Senior Excel, Access, SQL Server, Word, Outlook, VB.Net Developer



Bio: Jacob is one of our most prolific, powerful programmers at Excel Consultant. He is one of the core members of our outstanding team, and for good reason. After attending Mesa Verde High School in Citrus Heights, California, Jacob attended Sierra College in Rocklin, California. Throughout his schooling and independently, he became proficient in a wide range of programming languages, including:

  • VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) for a variety of Microsoft programs, including Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Video, and Project. VBA is a simple but effective code that, in the right hands (or at the right fingertips) can be used to customize the capabilities and functions of numerous applications.
  • VB.Net for Microsoft Visual Studio. Similar to VBA, this language allows Jacob to direct and modify data sets, structures, and their attributes.
  • SQL (Structured Query Language) for Microsoft SQL Server, Access, and MySQL Server. This code can be used to manipulate the information contained in relational database management systems, which are key for the information technology-related activities of many businesses.
  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). You can’t build websites without this ubiquitous code, which provides the details for the graphics and functions of pages.
  • PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), an additional language used in synthesis with HTML to make pages more interesting, innovative, and useful.


Over the past 11 years, Jacob has used these skills to help thousands of clients solve their problems and achieve their goals. In 2004, he created VBA Express, a free self-help question and answer forum. He also developed an Excel VBA Training and Certification program to go along with this invaluable information technology resource. This program allows users to go through a series of lessons, ask the VBA Express experts any questions they may have, and earn a special certification upon passing an exam the team designed. This platform also hosts other paid services to help clients make the most of Microsoft. Jacob is the lead VBA Consultant on this site and has contributed more than 3,500 posts to date. He has also authored approximately 100 code samples for the Knowledge Base section of VBA Express, which visitors to the site can use to enhance their operations, and regularly publishes blogs. As a co-owner of VBA Express, Jacob also guides the direction of this platform and related sites.


From 2004 to 2014, Jacob also served as the Lead VBA Consultant at Ticking Keys, Inc., or Like VBA Express, this site provides comprehensive information technology assistance at no charge to users. However, as its name suggests, the focus of is on Excel. In his decade-long duration with this site, Jacob wrote more than 3,800 posts and became named a Mr. Excel MVP (Most Valuable Poster) for his superb contributions.


Jacob has been on the Excel Consultant team since 2010. We are delighted to employ his Microsoft mastery as a Lead VBA Consultant. He mainly completes projects relating to VBA automation for the Microsoft Office Suite, but he also utilizes the many other programming languages he knows to assist our clients.


As a tireless and determined worker, Jacob lends his expertise to Excel Consultant’s most challenging, advanced projects both on-site and remotely. He works 364 days per year, from sunrise through to the evening, making him one of the most productive programmers on the planet. He consistently completes projects in a fraction of the time of most other programmers, and his coding creations simply work, guaranteed. Jacob uses VBA automation to improve single Office applications or enhance interoperability between programs. With his expert knowledge of all Microsoft applications (Office, SQL Server, and VB.Net), his integration and automation skills are second to none. If this weren’t enough, Jacob also conducts training sessions for clients and colleagues to further share his knowledge.


Accomplishments: Jacob has amassed a multitude of achievements over just a few short years. Some of his most notable accomplishments include:

  • Completing more than 3,000 projects for over 700 unique customers and companies. Some of his better-known clients include LinkedIn, Verizon, Ralph Lauren, Staples, Rip Curl, Red Bull, and Microsoft itself.
  • Garnering an 83 percent client repeat rate from his highly satisfied customers.
  • Being named a Microsoft Excel MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for 2013, 2014, and 2015. This is an elite honor given only to the most productive, active, and helpful members of the information technology community.
  • Creating Microsoft Excel templates available in Excel 2013 and 2016.
  • Performing several Microsoft BI PowerPivot projects directly for Microsoft.
  • Earning glowing testimonials from clients. Some highlights include:
    • “Kudos and many thanks to Jacob for doing such an outstanding job helping me with my .xls issue…Jacob ROCKS!! What more can I say. Not only did he solve my equation, but he did so quickly, efficiently, with both formulated at graphic examples. He answered every one of my follow up questions, and did so in a simple, easy to understand way.” – John Gadd
    • “Jacob figured out what I was trying to do and did it. No back and forth was necessary. I look forward to working with [Excel Consultant] in the future!” – Ian, IT Oxford Sand and Gravel Ltd.”
    • “After providing some brief examples and explanation of what I was trying to accomplish, Jacob constructed the solution and it worked perfectly the very first time. I encourage anyone facing similar issues involving complex formulas to contact Jacob…for assistance.” – Joe B.


Excel With Our VBA Visionary

Jacob is one of Excel Consultant and Microsoft’s MVPs. As a Microsoft programmer extraordinaire with a beyond-impressive track record, he can assist you with any project you need completed. Contact Excel Consultant today to find out more about Jacob and the rest of our superb team or schedule a consultation