Training In All Microsoft Applications (Excel, Access, Office, Mac Office, SQL Server, Azure & Power BI)


Expert Microsoft Application Training

100% Custom Training in a Variety of Formats

♦  No matter which Microsoft desktop productivity tool (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint) or Microsoft database (Access, SQL Server, Azure, Power BI) application your staff needs expert level training, nor no matter what training format is needed, we have you covered with some of the most experienced, efficient, enjoyable, and affordable Microsoft application training programs available.   Microsoft Excel and Access Application Training.


Our Team of First Generation Microsoft Excel MVP’s have you covered, exceptional programmers and trainers.


We have been providing our Smarter Microsoft Training Solutions for over 25 years now. A Microsoft Certified Partner every year since 1994.  


A Microsoft Certified Partner - Silver Application Developer - Microsoft Excel and Access Application Training


♦  We have a variety of 100% custom training platforms available, exactly matching your organization’s training needs. 

  1. Onsite one-on-one training.
  2. Onsite micro-group training.
  3. Remote one-on-one training.
  4. Remote group-training.
  5. Onsite group training.
  6. Webinars.
  7. Seminars.
  8. Training Videos.
  9. Training books.


♦  These are live training sessions, not a pre-recorded video you sit and watch, staring at a screen as they dribble on, frustrated that you are unable to ask questions, frustrated that there are not covering the materials you want to learn for your job.


How can you learn if you are not interested in the material being presented?  You cannot, and that is why we offer 100% custom Microsoft Training Solutions.  We will engage your team and they will enjoy learning.  That is what we bring to the table.


This is Interactive, Dynamic Microsoft Training at its Best!




Our "Micro-Group" Training Workshops

Ultra Small Groups, Multiple Trainers, Intensive, Hands-On Learning

Our Smarter Microsoft Training Solutions:


♦  Micro Workshops can be setup either at our Irvine Training Center at our company headquarters located in Irvine California, or in our Manhattan New York office, or at your location.

♦  Our Micro sized group workshops are for 2-5 trainees.  This is a powerful hands-on training experience. You are guaranteed to learn Microsoft Excel, Access, Office, databases and Power BI.

No matter where your business is located, we can train your entire team rapidly and effectively, and we guarantee that your team will learn the Microsoft application.


♦  Case Study – Microsoft Excel Workshop

♦  Why Workshops Can Benefit Your Business



One-On-One Microsoft Training with a Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel MVP

The Quickest Way to Learn The Microsoft Applications, Guaranteed

Clearly One-On-One Training is the quickest and most efficient way to learn Microsoft Excel, Access, Office, Mac Office, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI:



♦  We offer our unique one-on-one Microsoft application training either on site at one of our offices, at your office, or remotely.

♦  Work one-on-one with a Microsoft Excel MVP; the true Excel subject matter experts.


Get a Smarter Microsoft Training Solution


♦  Our course-ware developers and professional business application developers can provide positive, effective Microsoft training solutions directly to you or your staff on a one-on-one basis.


The Most Efficient and the Quickest Way To Learn Microsoft Excel, Access, Office and Power BI



Online Webinar Training

Microsoft Excel, Access, Office, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI Training.

The most convenient and most affordable way to train your team, no matter their location(s):


Ask the Microsoft Excel expert


♦  Our Virtual live training is available to provide a hands-on experience with interactive guidance for maximum impact and long-term retention of information.  We deliver results to improve productivity.

♦  No Matter where your staff is located or how many trainees there will be, with our live webinars format Microsoft training is fast, affordable and convenient.

♦  As Microsoft Excel, Access, Office and Power BI experts we provide live Microsoft application training webinars covering topics of interest for Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Power BI applications.

♦  Our webinars are 100% customized for our clients, be they a business, a government office, an educational institution or a non-profit.

♦  Our most recent Microsoft Excel training webinar was based out of our office in Manhattan New York. The session took place on March 1st, 2019 at 2pm est.   

One of our local New York First Generation Microsoft Excel MVP’s, Developers and Trainers based in Manhattan New York will be running this live session for one of our long-term Excel consulting clients.


Bob Umlas – Excel Expert


♦  The team of Microsoft Training experts at Excel and Access, LLC provide webinar based training for our clients. Click here to see our Excel and Access Webinar Training Page.



For The Most Comprehensive Training In The Industry

Microsoft Excel and Access Application Training

♦  Being a Microsoft Certified Partner and Microsoft application training firm for 25+ consecutive years doesn’t happen overnight. It took 25-years.  In reality it rarely happens.   Microsoft Excel and Access Application Training is the most common application training that we provide.  Very few firms in this space, working in the same Microsoft applications we work in can say the same thing, very very few, maybe a handful?



♦  We pride ourselves in having an amazing team of devoted Microsoft Excel MVP’s that get results. Our MVP Team programmers and trainers exceed client expectations and they deliver our 5-Star custom Microsoft solutions, Smarter Microsoft Solutions if you will.  So if you need Microsoft Excel, Access, or Office training, contact us today. We answer our phones live 24/7, 877-32-3539.


Why do top colleges, businesses, government agencies, non-profits and individuals hire us for our Microsoft Training Solutions? Because we are Microsoft Certified application experts. We have been for the past 25-years and counting.


We draw heavily on our team of award-winning Microsoft application experts, Data Scientists, and Data Visualization Experts which is composed of:




  • Microsoft Excel, Access, Office,  Mac Office, SQL Server, Azure, Power BI experts
  • Dedicated Microsoft Office Authors
  • Certified and Highly Skilled Microsoft Desktop Productivity Tools and Microsoft Database Trainers
  • Professional Consultants, Programmers, Developers and Trainers
  • Data Scientists and Data Visualization Experts


Each of our Excel, Access, Office and Power BI classes are crafted and customized based on your unique demands and data needs. Your team will learn only the exact information they require to fulfill and perform their duties.

Our in-depth understanding of the industries we serve (ranging from business organizations, government agencies, non-profits and education institutions of all sizes and nationalities) allows us to deliver superior Microsoft application training to groups and individuals, onsite and remotely. We have intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of the industries we serve.


Some of the common training curriculum is based around:

  • Microsoft Excel (2003, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016 and 2019)
  • Microsoft Access (2003, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016 and 2019)
  • Microsoft Office Applications Suite (2003, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016 and 2019)
  • Mac Platforms (2004, 2008, 2011, 2016, 2019)


We Work in all of the Microsoft applications at the expert level.




Our training is not complete until your team feels confident and capable of implementing and utilizing the skills and knowledge they have obtained.


What sets us apart from the competition?


We encourage you to reach out following our training sessions with any follow up questions.

Microsoft Excel and Access Application Training


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