One-On-One and Face-To-Face Microsoft Excel Training

Legendary Microsoft Excel MVP's Provide Face-To-Face, One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training Onsite in New York, Texas and California, or Remotely Elsewhere

The "Legendary" Microsoft Excel subject matter expert, Programmer, Trainer, & Speaker.

Bob Umlas, Microsoft Excel MVP, Excel Trainer & Developer - New York

Not only is Bob one of the top Microsoft Excel subject matter experts, but he is also a really nice guy and a joy to work with.


Bob Umlas, Microsoft Excel MVP – Microsoft Excel expert.

♦  The names on represents only a small subsection of MVP awardees since 1995. Bob Umlas has been on that list since 1995. Work with Bob, and you will understand why Microsoft certifies these special subject matter experts.

Wikipedia: Microsoft Most Valuable Professional



In my eyes there is no better subject matter expert in Microsoft Excel than Bob.


How good is Bob?  The graphic below give you a good idea of just how good Bob is.

Internationally recognized as the Microsoft Excel subject matter expert, selected to host the 2020 Global Excel Summit.


Why work with a less talented trainer when you can work with E&A and Bob Umlas and get Smarter Microsoft Training Solutions.



Covid prevented the first event from happening, but they have a new event where Bob is the Microsoft Certified Subject Matter Expert who will be sharing his wisdom.  Should be a great presentation.  Click on the image below to go to their website.





One-On-One MS Excel VBA/Macro Training

Three-Hours of Excel VBA/Macro Training, New York Based MS Excel MVP

For this Live One-On-One, remote, Microsoft Excel VBA Training session our client worked with our Microsoft Excel MVP , Programmer, Trainer, Subject Matter Expert, and advanced is data visualization techniques, out of New York. When it comes to Microsoft Excel VBA/Macro Training, truly one of the best in the business.  What else would you expect from a First-Generation Microsoft Excel MVPOne of 130 in the world.



Client Initial Needs Statement:

I am interested in one on one training for Microsoft Excel Macros/VBA and ways to make my tasks more affectionate. I can write a macro but want to have a better understanding of it as I move forward writing macros for the entire company.  

Is this something you can help me with and what are the costs and the time frames?


Cost of Training: Cost was within the clients budget and she moved forward with the our “One-On-One” format for Microsoft Excel training. Clearly the most affordable and the best way to learn Microsoft Excel from a real subject matter expert, Microsoft Certified as such. And such a great, kind and humble guy too.


The client loved our work and she said: ADD




Video Clip:Recording Your First Macro“, with a first generation Microsoft Excel MVP and Excel Subject Matter Expert, out of New York. 10-Minutes to Create Macros/VBA like a Microsoft Excel MVP.  A Legendary Data Visualization Expert.

Just a quick edit out of the full video. See our E&A Site for the Full Three Hours of Excel VBA / Macro Training with a legendary Microsoft Excel MVP.


Client Feedback:  Pending


Agenda: Pending





Microsoft Excel subject matter expert, Microsoft Excel MVP

David is a Microsoft Excel MVP, Excel Trainer & Developer in Texas

David is a legendary Microsoft Excel MVP. David is a Microsoft Excel subject matter expert.  He is an Excel Programmer, Excel Trainer, and Power BI expert.

David recently did several one-on-one Microsoft Excel training sessions with our clients in Texas.  We will be adding the video to this page shortly.
If your organization is in Texas, and if you want onsite group training for your staff or if you want one-on-one Excel training, we have you covered.

David is one of the leading Microsoft Excel subject matter experts, work with David at E&A and learn why.


  • Works at ExxonMobil as a systems chemist.
  • Also a Microsoft Excel/PowerPivot developer (Power BI Desktop).
  • Achieved the Microsoft Excel MVP (Most Valuable Professional) rating from Microsoft in 1995-2003.
    • I was one of the original MVP’s selected when the program was created.
  • I have worked as a freelance Excel developer concurrent with my chemist job for 22 years.
  • One of the true legends in the group, friend of many of the best known Excel subject matter experts, add his Power BI ability and you have a major powerhouse here.
  • Based out of Texas, David is able to meet many of our local clients onsite at their locations to provide our 5-star service.
  • Not only is David an Excel subject matter expert and data visualization expert, he was able to apply this skills at ExxonMobil





The Best Excel Training Available - Live One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training, Excel MVP Led


♦ Live, One-On-One and Face-To-Face Microsoft Excel Training. One Student, One Instructor. 5-Stars!


♦ Work Face-To-Face with Two Legendary 1st Generation Microsoft Certified, Microsoft Excel MVP’s. The True Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts. Approximately 130 Microsoft Excel MVP’s in the world.


♦ The BEST way to learn Microsoft Excel. Just you and the trainer going over what you need to learn.


Our industry leading Microsoft Excel training is either Onsite (Face-To-Face), or Remotely (One-On-One), based on your location and your budget. Want us onsite, not a problem, we will be more than happy to come onsite, to meet you, your team, and to see your operations and other areas where we can potentially assist you.  Two great options, both being the best way to learn Microsoft Excel.



Our Legendary Microsoft Excel MVP’s are the instructors for our live, face-to-face, one-on-one Microsoft Excel Training sessions, conducted out of New York, Texas, or California.


Remote, One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training is the best way to learn Microsoft Excel for a number of reasons:

  1. You work One-On-One with a Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel MVP.
  2. It is just you and the instructor, so you get 100% of the instructors attention.
  3. The Excel training agenda is 100% based on your needs and interests.
  4. We go at your pace, we will stick to the topic until you are ready to tackle the next one.
  5. You can change the training agenda on the call, on the fly, to your changing interests and needs.
  6. We can record the session and we will provide a copy, free of charge.
  7. Our Microsoft Excel Trainers and Programmers are Microsoft Excel Certified, Microsoft Excel MVP’s. The best of the best, the true Excel subject matter experts.


Our Live, Face-To-Face, One-On-One Microsoft Excel Training is offered locally and onsite in New York, Texas and California. Onsite at your location or remotely across the globe, you choose what fits your needs and your budget. Developed for Business, Colleges, Government, Non-Profits as well as Individuals.  Simply the BEST WAY TO LEARN EXCEL. PERIOD.



So powerful, yet so SimpleIt is you and the Microsoft Excel Trainer, that is it.  A computer, an Excel file and personalized one-on-one Microsoft Excel training session with a legendary Microsoft Excel MVP. An expert in Excel, a seasoned data visualization expert.  There is literally no better nor faster way to learn MS Excel.



You can ask anything you want to ask, we can work on anything you need to learn.  We will go at your pace. We can adjust the training on the fly. You are guaranteed to learn Microsoft Excel.


We will not move on to the next topic until you are ready to move forward. We can see if you are getting the topics we are teaching you.  We can adjust the agenda on the fly, as we observe you in the learning process. And in many cases we can provide you with a free video of the training, if we recorded it.  No charge. Great for reviews of the materials taught.



There is literally no better, nor faster, nor more affordable way to learn Microsoft Excel. Add a Legendary Microsoft Excel MVP and you see how golden this offer really is.



The Legendary Microsoft Excel MVP is the game changer here. He is literally internationally known as the Microsoft Excel subject matter expert.  Working with an Excel MVP is the best way to go when it comes to both Excel programming and Excel training.  But good chances working with one outside our organization.  There are in any year roughly 130 Microsoft Excel MVP’s in the world.  Some such as Bob have been a Microsoft Excel MVP since the first class back in what, 1995. Others just as Jacob have been an MVP for 5-10 years.  Work with the Excel subject matter experts and see the Excel and Access, LLC difference.  We bring you the best trainers and the best programmers in all of the Microsoft applications, not just Excel.


Microsoft Certifies the Microsoft Excel MVP’s annually, some new ones come on, some older ones fall off, all for a very good reason; they know Excel and they support both Microsoft and the Excel community as the Microsoft Excel subject matter experts.  That is one reason you will see them on many of the top forums, like ours, How good are they?  Several of our Microsoft Excel MVP’s have worked on our Excel and Power BI projects with Microsoft, and one of our Excel MVP’s was hired by Microsoft to work on their Excel Team in Seattle. A very small group of very sharp individuals.  Why work with anyone else?



Smarter Microsoft One-On-One, Face-To-Face Training Solutions



Live, Face-To-Face, One-On-One, Microsoft Excel Training, Our Clients:

  1. Big Businesses (Microsoft, GE, PepsiCo)
  2. SME’s
  3. College Sector (USC, UCI, Harvard)
  4. Government Sector (US Navy, DMV, City of Long Beach)
  5. Non-Profits Sector (YMCA, Queen Mary)
  6. Small Businesses, Individuals


Microsoft Excel One-On-One Training Industries & Departments:

  1. Accounting
  2. Finance
  3. Operations
  4. R&D
  5. Marketing
  6. Purchasing
  7. HR
  8. IT
  9. Legal
  10. Auto
  11. etc.



What Sets Us Above the Competition:

  1. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner and have been since 1994.
  2. Our Senior Microsoft Excel Trainers are Microsoft Certified Microsoft, as Microsoft Excel MVP’s.
  3. Our Microsoft Excel Trainers are the Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts.
  4. We have been doing this since 1994, decades more than our competition, many whom who have less than 3-5 years Excel programming experience.(That is not an expert; that is a beginner in our book).
  5. We guarantee our work.  We support our clients, and we stand behind our work.
  6. The Microsoft Corporation has hired us several times now.  If Microsoft hires us for Excel help, well then perhaps we are also the best choice for you.  We are the Microsoft Excel experts.


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