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The Microsoft Corporation has tapped our expertise and has worked with our top Excel MPV’s more than once to run their business.

– The Internationally Based Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL Server & Azure Subject Matter Experts –




   Microsoft Certified, Microsoft Excel MVP’s, literally are that good (The Microsoft Excel Subject Matter Experts).


   Top Excel MVP’s Lead Our International Team of Excel, Access, SQL Data Visualization Experts.



About Us Elevator Pitch (Part 2): For the past 26 years our group of companies have worked with the entire Microsoft Office Suite of applications in addition to SQL Server, Azure, SharePoint, Power BI and .Net. This allows our international team of Microsoft experts to fully customize the world’s leading suite of business software to meet the unique needs of our clients across all corners of the world.

Custom data visualization experts, advanced Excel, Access, SQL Server, and Azure development.

Since 1994 we have provided consulting, programming, training, and support services to business, governmental agencies, educational institutions and individuals from New York and Canada to California, the UK Australia and Europe. Our international team of Microsoft Certified professionals are the most talented team of experts available.



Our International Team of Microsoft Application Experts

Have Completed Over 8,500 Projects

If you do this fulltime year after year, decade after decade, the numbers add up. Helen for instance has been doing this since day one as has Christopher & Paul. Jacob while significantly younger has the 2nd highest number of projects under his belt. Add the rest of the development team and their work and you get to those sort of numbers where you totally dominate the market in terms of ability and skill. You know what works and what does not. You are very fast, very accurate and your work lasts the test of time.


We work in all of the Microsoft Office & Database Applications.


Programming and Training in Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI are our bread and butter; that is the sweet spot of custom data visualization, integration and automation.


We Also Work Directly for Microsoft – as Seen in Excel

We work in all of the Microsoft Office applications, for both Windows and the Mac. We also work in Power BI, SQL Server, Azure and .Net. Microsoft is our best known repeat client with two of our Microsoft Excel MVPs working on their projects. Our Power BI work was used internally at Microsoft and our Excel template work ships in Excel 2013 and above. We are Microsoft Gurus, Data Scientists, Authors, Certified Trainers and Power BI Mavericks to say the least.



We Also Work in Microsoft Power BI, SQL Server, Azure, SharePoint and .Net



Since 1994 We Have Lead Both The Local and International Markets

Founded in 1994, in the city of Irvine, in the heart of Orange County California, our group of companies have since dominated the international Microsoft consulting, programming and training space. During those 23 years we have worked hard to build strong B2B (Business-to-business relationships with businesses of all sizes as well as governmental agencies and educational institutions) partnerships with thousands of clients from around the world, such as Microsoft, Staples, LinkedIn, Red Bull, AT&T and Verizon.



We Are Available Seven Days a Week, 364 Days a Year

We work when our clients work, what we like to call working in “real-time”. Given we are an international company, will clients from all corners of the world, where means we are supporting organizations with a variety of operating hours & days, we must work evenings, weekends & holidays (Except Christmas) to accommodate them. Thus we are always here to help you with your urgent requests.

Our “Best-in-Class” “Real-Time” service makes us the “Premier Microsoft Services Provider” in this space. In this day and age, why should you wait hours, days or weeks to get assistance?



We Will Start Your Project Today

When you work with our group of companies there is never the need to wait to get your project started. We know how important your time is, and we understand what it means to need a rapid turnaround. That is why we will start your project the same day you contact us, if so desired, and for your smaller projects that will take just a handful of hours or less to do, we can often complete the work the same day.



Small Projects – Complete Your Project Today

For those super small projects, the ones our competitors often turn down, there is a very good chance we could start and finish your project today. Literally, we can take your initial call, schedule and conduct an online GoToMeeting to discuss your needs in detail, build the statement of work, provide a time and cost estimate for the work, start and finish your smaller project in one day! We do it all the time, daily.



We Have a Brick and Mortar Office

Our company headquarters is located in the heart of Orange County, in the city of Irvine. Stop on by and say hello. We have a full staff of Microsoft Excel and Access experts to support all of your Microsoft programming and training needs. See our training center in our office where we conduct our Microsoft training workshops. While you are here let us analyze your applications and see how we can help you to save time and money.


Since 1994 our company headquarters have been in the heart of Orange County, Irvine CA

A Corporation Typically Has An Office You Can Visit



We Will Work Onsite If Needed From New York to London

Yes, we will travel to your location no matter where it is. We have been to Alaska of all places to teach Microsoft Excel for the team at Cooper River Seafood. So that said, the majority of our work is done remotely these days. But we will happily come onsite and work at your location for as long as needed if that is what you desire. We can come onsite just for the beginning or the end of a project, several times in between, or for the entire term of the project. For example, we have had 4 Microsoft Excel MVPs onsite in Orange County at one time for a single client, that project took a year to complete, a massive application for finance. (Plese note, there may be additional charges).



We Offer an Online Microsoft Excel VBA Certification Course

The easiest way to learn Microsoft Excel VBA is with our course. Jacob Hilderbrand, a Microsoft Excel MVP, founder and co-owner of VBAExpress.Com, and professional Microsoft programmer wrote the course. You can get more information on the VBA Excel Academy here.



We have a Microsoft Emergency Help Line

Having an Excel or Access emergency, can’t get Word or Outlook to do what you want, SQL Server keeps crashing, or Power BI has you stumped, call our paid help line for assistance. We use GoToMeeting to help you, working online, remotely, so we can help you within minutes of your call, email, or text.



We Run One of The Top Microsoft Help Forums – VBAExpress.Com

Our Microsoft Help Forum, VBAExpress.Com has helped hundreds of thousands of people since 2004. On our forum you can post questions on any of the Microsoft applications, VBA/Macros included. Some of the best minds in the business provide answers, and here is the best part, for free! There are thousands of people on there each day, non-stop from all corners of the globe. Visit our VBAExpress – Microsoft Help Forum for assistance.



We Run a Great Excel Help Blog – ExcelHints.Com

We have a nice small focus blog that focuses on Excel Hints. We have had it a number of years. It was actually created by one of our programmers, John B. Since then he has allowed us to manage the blog. Visit our Microsoft Excel Hints blog for great posts covering all aspects of Microsoft Excel.



Excel and Access, LLC Developed Two College Courses on Microsoft Applications

The courses were available as online courses for over 50 community colleges. Written specifically for small business owners that need to learn how to use Microsoft Excel and/or Microsoft Word to run their business. Given the majority of our clients are business owners we knew exactly what they needed to learn. As such we had two of our best Microsoft Excel MVPs write the materials used for the course which can be found on our flagship website, ExcelAndAccess.Com. This is just another example of where we can say “We Wrote the Book on It”, literally.



Our Team Wrote Books On It – Literally

Over the years our team of Microsoft experts have written dozens of books on the various applications that make up the Suite of Microsoft applications, from Excel and Access to Word and Outlook. These are the same developers that you can work with on your project.





Being an expert starts at the top and flows down.

Who are you hiring, are they exerts are just very good?  How do you find an expert Excel and Access programmer?  Hire a firm where the founder and CEO is an Excel expert and previous programmer and trainer. It starts at the top and it flows down.  No-one knows Excel or Access better than our team of Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel subject matter experts.


This is all we do, this is all we have done, we know what we are talking about and we know the best ways to program in Excel, Access, SQL Server and Azure.



Before Christopher founded Excel and Access, LLC back in 2004, he first spent his career working as a professional Microsoft Excel, Access, and SQL Server Senior Financial Systems Analyst & Developer.  Christopher worked his way up, learning more and more advanced ways to do what he does, and he learned the best ways to program in Microsoft Excel, Access, and SQL Server.  His vision now is for his clients to benefit from those decades of experience, in the trenches, programming, and then later, years managing a development team.




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