Name: Paul Delke

Position: Senior Project Manager and Programmer (Irvine Office)

Bio: Paul Delke has been a spreadsheet specialist for the past three decades. Since 1989, he has served as President of Automated PC Systems, Incorporated. As an independent consultant, he provides software solutions to major corporate clients using spreadsheets from Lotus and Excel. He joined Talon Computer Associates, Incorporated, another consultancy, in January of 1994, the same year the firm was incorporated and earned the esteemed status of Microsoft Certified Partner, which it has maintained since. In November of 1996, Paul and his team moved into their Irvine, CA office, where they have happily remained for nearly 20 years. The company specializes in Microsoft Office Development and provides local onsite service covering Orange County and Los Angeles.

Today, Paul is President of Talon Computer Associates, where he manages a team of seven programmers and trainers from the Irvine office. He uses his comprehensive understanding of spreadsheet software and decades of experience to lead his team. Paul is in charge of contacting clients, developing the scope of projects, assigning team members to tasks, and devising innovative Excel-based solutions for various individuals, organizations, and businesses.

Primarily, Talon Computer Associates automates business processes normally enacted through Excel, improving companies’ efficiency and effectiveness. Using Excel to automatically generate daily, weekly, or monthly routine reports can save employees valuable time. Typically, Paul’s clients are busy executives who have clear goals but lack the knowledge, time, or resources to streamline their systems. To make upgrading these programs as simple and convenient as possible, Paul and his team integrate Excel with pre-existing databases so that information already in the client’s system doesn’t need to be re-keyed. They structure Excel templates to ensure data integrity when reading or writing to databases. Talon Computer Associates also often uses Excel as a front-end window for storing, accessing, and assessing clients’ data. He and his team can work with information stored in Microsoft’s SQL Server, IBM’s DB2 Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, or other data storage programs. Paul and his programmers also integrate Excel with other Microsoft programs, such as Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

In many cases, Paul and his team work with Sales and Forecasting divisions to track company performance, forecast productivity, perform post promotion analysis, and author scorecards. They also collaborate with Human Resources departments to track projects and create employee reviews.

Talon Computer Associates creates interactive reports that can be “drilled into,” adjusted and analyzed to provide new insights into the information contained within them. Paul and his team combine standard, structured programming protocols that are easy to both maintain and modify. In general, Talon Computer Associates strives to make Excel easier to use and provide successful software solutions.

In November of 2013, Excel Consultant brought Paul on as a partner, establishing a close relationship with Talon Computer Associates in the process, as well. We are delighted to work with such a qualified, consummate professional and his skilled team.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys skiing, racing sports cars, and hiking. He is also a member of Mensa International, the intellectual non-profit for individuals with extraordinary IQs, and the Sports Car Club of America, which holds thousands of autocross, road racing, and rallying events each year.

Accomplishments: Paul’s outstanding track record includes numerous achievements. Some of his most notable accomplishments include:

  • Implementing financial consolidation software from IMRS (International Management Reporting Services, Incorporated, now known as Hyperion) for a multi-national corporation worth approximately $500 million as President of Automated PC Systems.
  • Working with well-known clients in his region, including the University of California, Irvine, Yum Brand Restaurants, Taco Bell, PepsiCo, Tempur-Sealy Mattresses, Morgan Stanley, Tyco, Vubiquity, and PSAV – for E&A, as the head of Talon Computer Associates.
  • Partnering with Dechert-Hampe & Company to develop a sales forecasting and reporting tool. Using Excel as a front-end application, this program allows administrators to load data files from the company’s in-house system to the Access MDB database, then aggregate it into an Excel workbook complete with customized pivot tables. This function allows users to manipulate the data even when disconnected from the network so they can generate “live” reports in off-site meetings. Other components of this tool provide for account-level planning for both base- and activity-driven volume.
  • Collaborating with a demographic consultant to create a system for analyzing historic sales activity and proposing resetting of retail shelf quantities for a major Hollywood studio’s Home Video department using Oracle.
  • Customizing an Excel template to permit individual departments to evaluate a nationwide restaurant chain’s employee performance. Paul and his team’s code creates individual files for each department that can be updated even when disconnected from the network and combine them into a file to load into the back end system.
  • Designing an SQL Sever database to track incoming movie views from nationwide cable companies to create front-end Excel reports and calculate royalty payments accordingly.
  • Developing an Excel template that automatically calculates the hours required for field representatives’ appointments to prevent the user from exceeding his or her total daily or period hours, then saves these tasks as Outlook appointments for a more streamlined schedule.

Would You Like to Partner With Paul?

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