Name: Stan B.

Position: Senior Access Consultant, Project Manager, Senior Access Trainer

Bio: Excel Consultant is delighted to have Stan B. as a member of our team. While he is a multitalented Microsoft master, his prowess lies particularly in Access, the relational database management system. Those with the proper skills can use this powerful tool to solve software problems, author new applications, create customized codes, and more. Stan is one of the best Access programmers Excel Consultant knows. We frequently leverage his expertise to complete complex projects for our clients.

Stan B. earned his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the world-renowned University of California, Los Angeles (more commonly referred to as UCLA). Due to his performance in high school Advanced Placement courses (college level classes available to younger students) and an accelerated university schedule, he graduated in just three years. During his time at UCLA, Stan also studied computer programming in C++, economic principles, accounting, finance, business law, logic, and philosophy. His coursework provided the foundation for his Access knowledge and gave him a broader perspective on the important issues Microsoft applications can address.

Since he earned his degree in 2002, Stan has worked as a consultant contractor with various companies, helping them leverage Access to their advantage. He is also experienced with SQL Server (T-SQL), Excel, and other essential Microsoft software, such as Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, and Publisher. Stan can create custom user interfaces and automated procedures using Microsoft VBA (Visual Basic Application). Furthermore, he is familiar with email review software, litigation tools, Adobe programs (Acrobat, Reader, Distiller, and Photoshop), legal research websites such as LexisNexis, WebEx, NetMeeting, and more.

Currently, Stan performs the following functions:

  • Database consulting, analytics, and training
  • Litigation support, financial, and economic consulting
  • Forensic accounting and dispute advisory services
  • Data analysis using Access, Excel, and SQL Server
  • Custom database design
  • Complex data calculation and analysis
  • Financial and economic modeling
  • Customized database solution creation, including multi-tiered user menus, custom forms for data entry, and personalized reports
  • Complex reimbursement calculation, trend analysis, and detailed time studies
  • On-site and remote training in Microsoft Office and related custom database utilities

Accomplishments: Over the past 13 years, Stan has executed numerous assignments, tasks, and projects. He works with some very prominent companies. Some of Stan’s most notable Access accomplishments include:

  • Completing complex calculations regarding Medicare/MediCal reimbursements for healthcare providers.
  • Conducting fraud investigations in conjunction with organizations dealing with white-collar crime and mismanagement of funds through reviewing financial statements and writing reports.
  • Assisting in building a framework database to help companies document and review internal controls in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Act (a 2002 federal law).
  • Training employees and colleagues in database fundamentals (such as design and planning, table schemas, field layouts, data types, data conversions, import, export, data standardization, database relationships, query types, and writing select and action queries) using Access and SQL Server.
  • Teaching coworkers and clients advanced Microsoft Excel techniques such as formula design, shortcut keys, financial modeling, and macro creation.
  • Managing a team of more than 40 professionals and temporary workers to gather evidence for an investigation by conducting reviews of pertinent documents and maintaining a database of important information.
  • Helping legal firms complete extensive email review projects utilizing specialized software.
  • Developing data-driven user interfaces and models, writing custom reports with database information, analyzing large data sets, and creating custom scripts and queries for litigation and investigation purposes using Access, SQL Server, and Excel.
  • Providing computerized analyses for class certification, compensation damage calculations, and settlement distribution support for class action lawsuits.
  • Analyzing shift schedules and employee records to calculate class action lawsuit damages relating to overtime and meal break issues, as well as developing calculation methodology and preparing multiple-scenario damage reports for settlement and mediation purposes.
  • Creating a customized Access database application that provided reports for multiple departments within the Sony Home Media Group based on Nielsen VideoScan analytics.
  • Validating complex economic models in Excel (including quality assurance testing for workbook links, complicated mathematical formulas and logic, and pivot table creation and design) for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.
  • Developing an Access project tracking database tool that assists with data entry and reporting for the Sponsored Projects Office of Loyola Marymount University, as well as translating business rules and methodologies into standardized data units and normalized various sets of stored data for use in this database, creating a user interface module in Access with VBA script for a seamless user experience, and training multiple users in the functionality and user interface of the new database tool.
  • Collaborating with DIRECTV, Inc. to design numerous Access databases for new hire and promotion salary reviews, as well as other functions.
  • Programming automated procedures in VBA to better import and export large data sets and reports.
  • Reconfiguring Access databases to automate import, validation, and maintenance of data sets retrieved from multiple legacy systems, developing custom user interface modules that allow users to create ad hoc queries and reports of base table data and user defined criteria, and integrating linked database modules for coordinated multi-user data entry and support table modification for the University of Southern California’s Department of Medicine.
  • Working with Miramax to develop and maintain a custom multi-user Access database to assist in the calculation and preparation of participant residual payments, as well as create a data mapping engine in Access that converts Excel files into import-ready formats.
These accomplishments are all in addition to the outstanding work Stan has done with Excel Consultant. He has developed dozens of custom multi-user Access databases, led many targeted training sessions, and assisted our clients with all aspects of database maintenance.

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