Businesses use the Microsoft Excel Choose Function to extract the desired data quickly and efficiently, much like a Microsoft Excel VLookup



The Microsoft Excel Choose Formula/Function.

There are hundreds of Microsoft Excel functions (Over 400) that businesses can use to give them the insight and understanding of how their business performs. Some are more useful or commonly used, such as VLookup, SumIf, If, etc. The Choose formula is one of those that works well for business and is a simple alternative to the most used VLookup.

So what does the Microsoft Excel choose function do? Simple, the Microsoft Excel Choose formula returns a value from a list of values based on a given position. The Choose function is one of over 400 built-in function in MS Excel 2019 that is categorized as a Lookup/Reference Function, similar to a VLookup/HLookup. This simple to use function can be used as a worksheet formula and/or a VBA function in Excell.


The Microsoft Excel Choose formula returns a value from a list of values based on a given position.


When it comes to business operations, say accounting or finance, there are a group of 5 core Microsoft Excel functions. If you do not know these, you should. They are easy to learn, and very effective. Those most used Excel formulas for business are:


Chandoo has a great post on the introduction to the Microsoft Excel Choose Function. Here is the link to the page on his site. Like the other posts on his site, this is well written and explained simply.


CHOOSE() me, an introduction to Excel CHOOSE function


Microsoft Excel CHOOSE function: (The full article on the Microsoft website describes the formula syntax and usage of the CHOOSE function in Microsoft Excel).

Description: Uses index_num to return a value from the list of value arguments. Use CHOOSE to select one of up to 254 values based on the index number. For example, if value1 through value7 are the days of the week, CHOOSE returns one of the days when a number between 1 and 7 is used as index_num.


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