We Build Custom Commercial Microsoft Solutions For Our Clients


Excel Consultant explains the growing field of custom commercial applications, their numerous advantages, and our successes with their custom Microsoft development




Excel Consultant’s team of Microsoft custom solution experts is committing to helping our clients maximize their potential with this essential suite of software applications. Often, this involves consulting with clients to solve problems, programming more advanced functions into their existing software, training them to better leverage their Microsoft tools, or setting up Power BI (Business Intelligence) so they can better analyze their Big Data. In some cases, however, Excel Consultant goes a step beyond these services, creating state-of-the-art programs that make life easier for not just a single business but for many others.


Custom commercial applications are typically much more complex and demanding to build, but they offer tremendous benefits that far outweigh these barriers. Many tech consultancies stick to standard software usages, fixing bugs and streamlining operations. Excel Consultant brings together the best and brightest professionals. Our Microsoft masterminds can dream up, devise, and develop comprehensive, creative custom commercial applications.




What Are Custom Commercial Microsoft Applications (Solutions)?

You may be wondering, “what sets custom commercial applications apart from regular old Microsoft programming?” After all, both involve designing software to exact specifications, a task our team has proven to be quite capable of accomplishing. The difference between a simpler programming project and custom commercial application design is that the latter involves creating a tool that can be used more widely than just by a single business’s internal team.


An application a business created for its customers to use would fall into this category. A custom commercial application could be sold as its own service or product, or it could be provided for free as a marketing, tracking, and loyalty tool. For example, an accounting company could sell a personal finance app as part of its offerings, or a hair salon could build an app to help remind clients of appointments and promote its business. In her Forbes article, “Here’s Why Your Business Needs Its Own Mobile App,” Melanie Haselmayr argues that virtually every company needs a custom commercial application: “a mobile app is going to be a standard component of any business in the future. The choice you make today is going to set the foundation for the future of your business.”


Alternatively, an application that a specific business segment develops for itself and decides to sell to other similar companies would also be a custom commercial application. For example, if a dog grooming company designed an intuitive invoicing system using Excel and Power BI, the original business could use it to enhance their own finances, plus they could sell it as an application to other dog grooming groups.


The potential configurations for custom commercial applications are practically limitless, but the basic concept is simple: in this twenty-first century of business, there really is an app for everything. By having your own, you can take your company to the next level, profiting off of your programming rather than just using your computing to run your day-to-day operations.


As usual, Microsoft is at the cutting-edge of this important trend in technology. The company recently “[announced] new tools and services to help developers modernize existing apps an build more intelligent ones, on every platform, for every platform.” Many of these will undoubtedly be part of the growing wave of custom commercial applications.





The Advantages of These Applications

Excel Consultant is excited to offer custom commercial application development to our clients because these programs offer broad benefits, providing ever-increasing value to the companies that design and utilize them. Custom commercial applications can:

  • Improve your business’s own operations. Custom commercial applications go beyond internal usage, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t incredibly useful to your team. Especially when you partner with the Excel Consultant team, you’ll also love using your own new applications.
  • Become an added source of revenue for your company. In this digital age, paid apps are an important segment of the market most enterprises cannot afford to ignore. USA Today reported: “[app] publishers picked up nearly $89 billion in revenue from downloads, in-app purchases and advertising” and noted that, according to projections, “the $89 billion figure will double by 2020 to $189 billion.” Quite literally, it pays to be ahead of the game by selling custom commercial applications.
  • Exponentially expand your business’s promotional reach with marketing and customer loyalty applications. USA Today also found that surveyed users “spent 900 billion hours using apps. That’s 150 billion more than the prior year, and constitutes a record.”
  • Foster goodwill with your customers, partners, and even competitors. If you create a truly versatile, useful custom commercial application and make it available for others to use, they will be grateful, potentially unlocking valuable business opportunities.
    These are a just a few of the advantages these applications offer. As this field continues to grow, their benefit to businesses will undoubtedly increase, as well.


Our Past Performance

It’s one thing to discuss Excel Consultant’s prowess with custom commercial applications, and another entirely to demonstrate it with actual case studies. Without further ado, consider our previous successes in this field:


  • We created sophisticated custom macros for My Trade Analyzer over a 6 year period, an existing stock market analysis application that its owner wanted to seriously strengthen. After three other programmers gave up on this complex development project, Excel Consultant delivered a stunning system. Now, My Trade Analyzer offers this custom product to hundreds of traders.
  • What began as a simple spreadsheet solution for J.A. Cambece Law Office, P.C. quickly evolved into an extensive debt collection and management system application, built entirely in Microsoft Access and designed to accommodate over 100 concurrent users, advanced graphics, and to-the-minute updates. The company was so impressed with Excel Consultant’s work that they acquired the copyright to sell the custom commercial application themselves.
  • We have built so many small to medium sized solutions that our clients’ used commercially that royalties would be nice 😉


Could Your Business Benefit from a Custom Commercial Application?

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