Sample Solution: Day Trading Analysis in Microsoft Excel

Sample Solutions: Our Clients' Perspectives

Sample Solutions: Automated Day Trading Analysis in Microsoft Excel

Sample Solutions From Our Clients’ Perspectives: Fully Automated Day Trading Analysis in Microsoft Excel 2019


Over the past three decades our firm has built dozens of advanced customized Microsoft Excel, Access, SQL Server and Power BI solutions for a variety of clients. Our clients in this space range from day traders, options traders, future traders, bond traders, as well as many of the major financial institutions, such as Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Union Bank, Merrill Lynch.


Here are a few of our better known financial institutional clients


The common component of each of these Microsoft solutions was that the client wanted to build their very own Microsoft solution, their way. Many were so unique, with more than an interesting twist or two. Each of these custom needs were turned into an amazingly powerful Microsoft Solution that they designed and we built.


A little background, I too used to be a day trader, trading options, stocks, the QQQ, etc. Over that time I had built my own systems in Excel and Access, fully integrated and automated. All of this know how puts us in a place to build a custom Microsoft solution from the inside out, for your business, government office, educational institution or non-profit.


If you would like to discuss our data scientists and visualization experts to build one for you, give us a call at 877-392-3539.


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