At Excel Consultant, we are committed to helping your business, organization, or institution leverage the power of Microsoft products to your advantage. Our experts maintain an in-depth knowledge of these tools and use their expertise to design customized solutions to suit your needs. To keep up with the latest software developments and establish our credentials as masters of Microsoft, we are proud to employ and collaborate with Microsoft Certified Partners such as Talon Computer Associates. To earn this title, firms must meet strict standards and demonstrate their value to both their clientele and the Microsoft community Talon has earned this award every year since 1994, that is over 22 years!.

What is a Microsoft Certified Partner?

Microsoft provides accreditation for qualified independent consulting firms based on the training their employees have undergone, the products they offer, and the quality of their services. Companies that meet these requirements become official Microsoft Certified Partners. This designation establishes their legitimacy as a consulting firm and allows them to provide additional services supported by Microsoft. In essence, Microsoft rewards the top consulting companies with certification, helping them expand their offerings, in exchange for the quality work they do. When working with a Microsoft Certified Partner, you can rest assured that your IT experts have extensive expertise in Microsoft products and offer outstanding software solutions.

Qualifications for Microsoft Certified Partners

Many companies are interested in becoming Microsoft Certified Partners, but very few fit the required criteria. To attain this title, a consulting company must:

  • Have been in business for at least five years.
  • Provide over three-quarters of its services to unaffiliated (non-Microsoft) companies or individuals.
  • Meet one or more of these qualifications:
    • Employing at least two Microsoft Certified Professionals. These are specialists who have trained and passed examinations from Microsoft’s official courses. They must also have three or more references to confirm and recommend their expertise.
    • Creating a piece of hardware that meets the standards for a Windows logo after thorough testing by Microsoft employees and groups.
    • Producing a Microsoft-compatible software application that passes the company’s requirements for approval.
  • Have sufficient “Partner Points,” which can be earned by garnering favorable reviews from clients and customers.
  • Make an annual investment in the Microsoft Certified Partner application and membership fees.
  • Create an online profile so that interested clients can find and learn more about them through Microsoft.
  • Pass additional technical and business competency exams as determined by Microsoft.
  • Demonstrate superior skill and quality service in its field. For example, our Microsoft Certified Partners have exhibited outstanding knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Access programs.

Benefits of Microsoft Certified Partners

Becoming a Microsoft Certified Partner requires a great deal of commitment, but it also provides substantial rewards for both the qualified companies and their clients. In exchange for demonstrating their dedication to the products, Microsoft provides its Certified Partners with certain benefits, such as discounts on products, access to 24-7 support resources, special cloud computing solutions, payment programs, and licensing options. These highly qualified companies then pass these benefits onto their clients, further expanding the scope of their services and the quality of their support.

Our Microsoft Certified Partner

As of 2013, Paul Delke is our Irvine Office’s Senior Project Manager and the owner of Talon Computer Associates, an Excel consulting group with which we joined forces.  Since 1994, his company has held Microsoft Certified Partner status. Paul and his team of programmers have provided exceptional service and support under this designation for over two decades. We are delighted to have him as a part of our team, extending his outstanding care and innovative Excel solutions to our clientele. Microsoft has given Paul and our team its vote of confidence, so you can rest assured that we can help you develop efficient, effective software solutions for your company.

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