What Makes Excel Consultant’s Dedicated Staff Different from Discount Contractors on Freelancer Websites


Discount Freelancer Website contractors’ are most often simply the lowest bidders, the low end of the consulting services market, unqualified, unreliable, not guaranteed. Find out what sets Excel Consultant’s Microsoft masters apart; “The Smarter Microsoft Solutions Provider”.


Discount low quality Freelancer Websites are an undeniable part of modern business. Over the last several decades, they have become an absolutely integral part of the way smaller companies and individual contractors find each other over the Internet. So many sites competing for the lowest cost per hour. But they are not competing in expertise, quality, speed of service, etc. They are hired simply based on perceived cost per hour with no thought given to quality or risk. The risk of course is 100% accepted by the person paying for the work, not the company marketing the work. Quick to put a hand out, slow if not simply unresponsive to assist with projects gone bad.


The numbers speak for themselves: according to Statistic Brain, four million “job positions [are] posted online per month,” 120 million “U.S. based resumes [are] currently stored in online job posting websites,” and 18.56 million “people [are] hired from online job postings annually.” However, while a discount freelancer website might be a seemingly suitable place to find a tutor, assistant, or plumber, it isn’t the best venue to find a highly qualified technical professional.


In this digital era of enterprise, your software is the bedrock of your business, so you must find someone truly trustworthy to work on it. Get it wrong and you pay the ultimate price of lost time, lost money, lost face. But why not hire “The Smarter Microsoft Solutions Provider” instead, and guarantee your project’s success versus failure? Read on to discover what makes Excel Consultant’s dedicated staff of Microsoft experts different from discount contractors on Freelancer Websites.



There is a crack in the discount freelancer websites offerings, the crack is risk acceptance, as in who accepts the risk of a project gone south.


Avoid Discount Freelancers Hire, a Corporation


If we have a little bit of tone in our message, it is because we hear so many horror tales of projects gone bad. Sometimes more than once. And that is sad. That makes all web based services suspect.



How Discount Freelancer Websites Work

These online platforms connect potential independent service providers with the clients and company who require their assistance. As Top Echelon explains, “online Freelancer Websites help hiring authorities source candidates for open positions and job seekers find employment.” Some sites, like Monster and Indeed, allow companies and organizations to publish positions they’d like to be filled. On other Discount Freelancer Websites, such as UpWork, applicants create profiles detailing their abilities, credentials, and prior experiences so that companies who require assistance can peruse and find them. So instead of hiring a US based corporation with a proven track record of decades of experience assisting organizations with their Microsoft applications, they hire a face on a website based on the cost per hour.


So instead of hiring a US based corporation with a proven track record of decades of experience assisting organizations with their Microsoft applications, they hire a face on a freelancer website, based on the cost per hour, not on the ability to deliver. Risky!!!.


While Freelancer Websites are unquestionably ubiquitous, whether or not they are truly useful is still up for debate. According to Top Echelon, “one reason it’s difficult to say whether Freelancer Websites are effective is that… data [about their statistics on successfully linking contractors with companies] is not available to the public.” The information we do have suggests that Freelancer Websites aren’t exactly ideal when it comes to hiring outstanding talent. When Top Echelon surveyed “the most popular sources for finding high quality candidates…Freelancer Websites made the bottom of the list, pulling in only 9.5 percent popularity.” These systems provide a digital deluge of both jobs and candidates, but with this quantity of users, quality suffers.



The Discount Contractors You Find There

So, what kinds of workers do you typically find on discount Freelancer Websites? The millions of positions posted and profiles created on Freelancer Websites attract a wide variety of contractors. However, for every diamond in the rough you find amidst the flood of available employees, you’re likely to find dozens more duds. In fact, Freelancer Websites are often particularly conducive to the professional equivalent of “drifters,” doing the digital equivalent of wandering into your office and asking to help on a project. Generally, contractors on these platforms are:


  • Not well vetted. Since discount Freelancer Websites are open to anyone, most do not hold their users up to any scrutiny. It is virtually impossible to check that the contractors you find on these platforms are actually qualified. These sites aren’t held accountable for the legitimacy of those who use them to offer their labor. Rather, they just take their cut and move on.
  • The lowest cost contractors. In a flooded market like a discount freelancer website, the cheapest freelancers rise to the top. With so many options offered, contractors compete to offer the least expensive services. However, as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. If you’re getting a several hundred dollar service for one tenth the cost, you have to consider why. Given the low-cost, cutthroat environment of Freelancer Websites, consultants who are worth more than they can get on these platforms tend to take their capabilities elsewhere. Particularly when it comes to highly technical issues such as software consulting, you shouldn’t skimp on your consultants. Sacrificing expertise for expense is a major business blunder.
  • Individuals, not employees. By virtue of the basic structure of Freelancer Websites, the contractors you find there tend to fly solo. Independent freelancers may be an affordable option, but they lack the collaborative power and wide skill sets of a finely honed team. This becomes especially important when dealing with sensitive software issues.
  • Available on a short-term basis. Freelancer Websites tend to focus on temporary projects, and the digital “drifters” who use them to find work are often juggling multiple gigs. This means they’re not likely to be particularly reliable or reachable after the tenure of the task. If you hire a tech consultant off of a discount freelancer website and your database goes haywire six months later, chances are slim that you’ll be able to get back in contact with the person who built it. This means you’ll probably need to head back to the Freelancer Websites just to find someone to fix the problem your initial contractor caused.
  • Limited to remote work. Given the digital world Freelancer Websites inhabit, the freelancers who utilize them to find opportunities tend to telecommute. This may appear to be a workable solution for technical tasks, but in some cases, in-person assistance is completely invaluable.


These are all important characteristics to remember when considering hiring a contractor from a discount freelancer website.


Advantages of Using Excel Consultant’s Dedicated Staff of Microsoft Solution Experts

So, now that you know all about discount freelancer website contractors, what makes Excel Consultant’s dedicated staff of expert Microsoft maestros different? Our tech consultants:

  • Are supremely qualified. We employ Microsoft Certified Partners and Microsoft MVPs, undeniably some of the most esteemed professionals in this field.
  • Work as a team. If you encounter a particularly complex computer catastrophe, having multiple professionals available to you can be extremely helpful. Should you need two programmers and a project manager to get the work done quickly, Excel Consultant can provide them. Furthermore, our team is composed of qualified consultants, each with his or her own specific expertise, ensuring that you always have a software specialist available to help with your particular concerns. For example, if your project requires both Excel and Access, you can work with a veritable virtuoso in each program.
  • Come to you onsite. Unlike discount freelancer website contractors, Excel Consultant’s team will consult with you in-person. For in-depth trainings, advanced advising, and complex programming, onsite work is often necessary. We frequently send two and even up to five consultants to work directly with our clients in their offices.
  • Have a 25-year proven track record of accomplishments. Due to the high quality of service we offer, Excel Consultant has an extensive list of accomplishments with past clients. We are often able to solve problems other consultants (such as contractors found on Freelancer Websites) cannot. Our portfolio of successful case studies exemplifies our abilities.
  • Are part of an enduring enterprise. Excel Consultant is an established consultancy that has been serving international clients for many years. Should you need to follow up on a project, require additional assistance after the fact, or simply have a software-related question, we will be here to help you. You can count on our team to assist you with anything you need.


These are just a few of the qualities that stand Excel Consultant apart from Discount Freelancer Websites. It is your money, choose The Smarter Microsoft Solution.


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