What We Do For the Local Southern California Community


For the past 25 years Excel and Access, LLC has been committed to assisting local non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and governments in our SoCal community


We Are Committed To Serving Our Local Community

At Excel and Access, LLC our team of Microsoft masters is dedicated to helping clients make the most of their software. With our extensive expertise, we collaborate with businesses, organizations, and institutions around the world, from throughout North America all the way to Australia. Despite our global offerings, however, we are also committed to serving our local community. Headquartered in beautiful southern California, we often leverage our capabilities to improve the lives of those in our nearby neighborhoods.


Here are a few of the many local non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and governments in our SoCal community as well as the rest of the US that we have assisted:



  • UCI, Harvard University, Thunderbird School of Business Management, University of Arizona, UC San Diego, University of Florida, Cal Poly, Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo, Arizona State University, Concordia University Texas, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Charles Drew University, Orange Coast College.
  • City of Rancho Palos Verdes, San Bernardino County, City of Sacramento, City of Long Beach.
  • United States Courts – Federal Public Defender, San Diego Police Department, New York Police Department, United States Navy, United States Army, Social Security Administration, Department of Veteran Affairs, Norther Navajo Medical Center.
  • OCTA, YMCA, The Queen Mary.


In this digital era, it’s not just corporate clients who need sophisticated software—beyond bolstering businesses, we can use our skills to assist non-profit organizations and aid local governments. Excel and Access is proud to provide programming, consulting, training, and other software support in the southern California community.


How We Can Help

Excel and Access offers a wide variety of Microsoft services. We provide:

  • Customized consulting. This involves working closely with our clients to discover what they need and coordinate an appropriate solution. Once we understand what will best serve business, non-profit organization, government agency, educational institution, we draw up detailed plans to execute our ideas. We also update our consulting clients throughout the process to make sure they remain fully informed and beyond satisfied with our work. We can help all types of clients understand how to resolve their software concerns and optimize their operations. Excel and Access especially enjoys consulting with local clients, offering hands-on, high-quality service.
  • Masterful programming. Microsoft applications are versatile and powerful. They can be made even more so with expert development. Our team of coding specialists knows the ins and outs of every program to help clients maximize their efficiency and effectiveness. We often develop custom solutions for businesses, organizations, agencies, and institutions who want to save time, money, and hassle. This allows them to get more done for their customers, constituents, and communities.
  • Certified training. Our qualified instructors frequently help employees, executives, public servants, government officials, educators, and volunteers learn to better use their Microsoft programs. Training a team on this software can make an organization or agency much more successful, whether they need to process paperwork, connect with community members, teach students, or do any other activity to benefit their neighborhoods. We offer both on-site and remote training in the form of workshops, one-on-one sessions, and Webinars. Like our consulting and programming, our training is customized to fit each client’s needs and preferences.
  • We are also Microsoft Power BI experts.


Excel and Access has provided all of the above and more to many clients in our local community for outstanding results.


Why It’s Important To Us

We’re passionate about Microsoft software because we believe it can improve people’s lives. We’ve seen the transformative power of this technology boom businesses, help employees work more efficiently, and grow valuable organizations so that they can do even more good work. To be able to utilize our comprehensive knowledge and specialized skills to serve our local community is the epitome of our purpose at Excel and Access. Anything we can do to improve life in southern California also benefits our team, and it is only right that we do so. This locale has served us very well since 1994. We are steadfast in our commitment to give back to this incredible community.


Our Local Clientele

Excel and Access has been headquartered in Irvine, CA for over 25 years, and in that time we have worked with dozens of non-profit groups, government agencies, and other organizations that benefit the southern California community. A few of our most notable local client projects have included:


  • YMCA of Orange County, an incredible organization determined to enhance the lives of southern California youth, encouraging physical fitness, civic responsibility, and community building. Excel and Access was thrilled to assist this group.
  • The Queen Mary, the renowned ocean liner docked in Long Beach, California for 50 years. This historic ship has become a popular tourist destination and staple of southern California culture. We were delighted to assist with its continuing success.
  • The City of Long Beach, which provides countless public services to its citizens and those from surrounding areas. Excel and Access is honored to have completed projects for such an important local government entity.
  • The San Diego Police Department, which protects and serves the residents and visitors of its great city on the water. San Diego is a vibrant destination and important place for many in southern California, including Excel and Access.
  • Orange Coast College, one of the major community colleges in southern California. We were happy to improve students’ access to education by partnering with this wonderful institution.


These are just a few of the local clients we’re proud to have collaborated with. We’ve also worked with countless others businesses, organizations, agencies, and institutions in the southern California area and abroad. We form special bonds with all of our clients, but those in the local community hold a special place in our hearts.


Contact Excel and Access Today

Do you know of a local business, non-profit group, organization, government agency, or other organization that could use our assistance? Do you want to learn more about our work throughout the local southern California community? Contact Excel and Access today to learn more about us and schedule an appointment with a member of our team.