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We offer professional consulting services in all of the Microsoft applications, Excel, Access, SQL Server and Azure.


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Organizations such as Microsoft, USC, The US Department of Commerce and the YMCA have hired our international team of Microsoft Excel MVP’s and Data Visualization Experts to develop 100% custom Microsoft based solutions: Excel workbooks, Access and SQL Server Databases, & Microsoft Azure Cloud based solutions.


At Excel Consultant. Net we earn 5-Star Google Reviews.



Here are reasons why you should hire our Microsoft  Excel, Access, SQL Server, and Azure Consultancy:

  1. For the past 28-Years (Since 1994) our company has been a leading provider of programming, consulting and training services in all of the Microsoft applications across the USA, Can, UK, & ROW as a Microsoft Certified Partner and Application Developer    .
  2. We have a dedicated staff of seasoned Microsoft Data Visualization experts including many of the top Microsoft Excel MVP’s    .
  3. We have a 5-Star Google Business Review Rating, with almost 300 testimonials across all channels   .
  4. Same Day Service, 7-Days a Week. Evenings and select holidays included
  5. Microsoft has hired our firm more than once to assist them with their Excel and Power BI application needs    .
  6. Microsoft hired one of our Top Excel MVP’s (Smitty) to work on the Excel Team at Microsoft, on a permanent basis. Such expert Microsoft Excel talent.    .

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See what Microsoft, PepsiCo, LinkedIn, Red Bull, Toshiba, Amazon, say about our work   


1.  We effectively analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your Microsoft Business Solutions  

We can then formulate custom Smarter Microsoft Solutions centered around optimizing your organization’s current workflow leveraging the power of the Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, Word, …) and the four Microsoft Database applications (Access, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI).

Critical decision-making can make or break a company; and fully optimized, automated and integrated Microsoft applications can empower and enhance the operational aspects of your entire organization. Get the most out of your data, BIG or small.  That is exactly what our offices in Irvine and New York have done for both the Snack and the Beverage Divisions of PepsiCo, we first took the time to fully understand their Microsoft application needs, we provided a statement of work, and this resulted in several repeat projects, with 11 different staff members in total, in three different locations, and a glowing testimonial from Amy, below.


PepsiCo is a repeat Excel client of ours.   I was tasked with seeking out a company to assist us in recreating our department’s scorecard and after meeting with Christopher and Paul – I knew they were the right fit to help get the job done! Paul’s expertise in Excel and his understanding of our needs made the whole process so simple. I was confident each time I threw another task his way that he would be able to work his magic and deliver outstanding results! We have shared our revised scorecard with Sr. Leaders in our organization and have received very positive feedback. It has been such a pleasure working with both Paul and Christopher – and I look forward to working with them again in the future! – Amy Wojehowski, Sr. Analyst, Capability at PepsiCo


Amy at PepsiCo has hired us several times now. Over 10.


♦  Since this client testimonial we have not only worked with this division of PepsiCo repeatedly, but we are now working with two other divisions of PepsiCo, three in all, working with 11 people in total at PepsiCo, in New York, Texas and California. We love what we do, we love working with PepsiCo and we enjoy eating and drinking PepsiCo’s products. We give PepsiCo 5-Stars.



2.  We will exceed your expectations with our 5-Star Advantage Program  

It has always been our primary goal to exceed the expectations of those businesses, government agencies, non-profits, start-ups and colleges that hire us for our advanced Microsoft Excel, Access, Office, SQL Server and Azure programming and training solutions, what we like to call our Smarter Microsoft Solutions. We go to great lengths to do so, hiring only the best-in-class consultants, programmers, trainers, developers and top data visualization experts.

Quality costs, we all know that, and if you want to be among the premier companies in this space it starts with those that you hire. So we hire the best talent available, usually Microsoft certified Microsoft Excel & Access MVP’s, and you can work with them here.  Why do we hire Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel MVP’s, because they are the Microsoft Certified Microsoft Excel subject matter experts. The best of the best some say, definitely top tier talent.  Three of our Excel and Access programmers, Microsoft Excel MVP’s and consultants worked for PSAV over 10 or so years, exceeding their expectations every step of the way. We refer to it as the 5-Star Advantage, Excel MVP Style.


PSAV is a longtime Excel and Access programming client of ours   Christopher has come to the rescue on small and large projects from time saving MS Excel workbooks to customized Access databases. He and his team have exceeded my expectations while not exceeding my budget. Why spend hours or days building Excel spreadsheets or workbooks that only do half of what you need them to do? Let Christopher listen to your needs and provide you with the best solution for your business. Chris McCain – PSAV, VP, Exhibits and Nat’l Ops Support.


Chris McCain is the man, always has been, knows his stuff.


   Client Testimonials Matter: One byproduct of exceeding clients expectations repeatedly is the large number of client testimonials and 5-Star Google Business Reviews received. In fact one of the best ways to evaluate a company before you hire them is to look at their testimonials and Google Reviews. How many do they have? What do they say about them? Do you see a recurring theme? How many Google Business Reviews Stars do they have?   What is the 5-Star Advantage?  Do you recognize the names of the organizations that write the testimonials? Do they have hundreds of testimonials or just a few, from individuals you never heard of, as it should matter for the successful completion of your project, the 5-Star Advantage; a Smarter Microsoft Solution.



2.b  Double-Guarantee: We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee and a Lifetime Bug-Free Guarantee.  

Since our founding in Irvine California in 1994, we have stood behind our work; we do so with our “Double-Guarantee” – if you find bugs in our work we will correct them free of charge. More importantly, we also guarantee that you will be satisfied with the work that we do. We refer to it as the 5-Star Advantage, or Smarter Microsoft Solutions. Quality is job one. (Trust me, you will not find bugs in our Excel MVP’s work; these guys are good!).

We exceeded LinkedIn.Com’s expectations with our staff’s high standards, hyper focus on satisfaction and exceeding expectations. But don’t take my word on it, read what Mary Ann at LinkedIn posted on the website, about our work, for the world to read.


LinkedIn is one of our longtime clients, did Excel work for them several times now.    Excel and Access, it’s proprietors, it’s quality and level of work are all phenomenal. We enjoyed our engagement with them on a special project. They were flexible, nimble and was able to meet our very high standards, requirements and tight deadlines. They were available and met the deadlines comfortably. We would hire them again if need arises. They care about their clients and made sure we were satisfied with the completed work. I would recommend their work to anyone, especially if you are looking for an elegant solution with limited resources. They will deliver a sophisticated solution, on time, to automate any need via excel or access. Mary Ann Kim, Sr. Manager, Global Sales Compensation at LinkedIn

Mary Ann Kim hired us to work with LinkedIn, and she wrote a very nice testimonial on LinkedIn.Com



2.c  We have a Client Repeat Rate of 88%

If you hire us once it is more than likely you will hire us again. I say that because 88% of our clients are repeat clients, and most of those repeat time after time, for years. Staples for example has done close to 900 small projects now. That is a repeat client of epic proportions. Not all of our repeat clients do over 100 projects, but 88% of our clients do at least two projects, with the norm being closer to 5-10, often with two to three concurrent projects with us, on average. That is what happens when you exceed the client’s expectations by hiring the best-in-class Microsoft application experts such as Excel and Access MVP’s, that properly analyze the client’s needs. But don’t take our word on it, see what Red Bull says about our work over the past several years.


Red Bull is one of our favorite clients, based on their brand and products, which we love    Christopher and his team performed superb work while supporting our business planning process. He and his team helped create a fully integrated planning tool and subsequent rollup projects which has helped us manage our business effectively. I would highly recommend his company for any work needed in Excel or Access. Repeat Long-Term Client – Quick, accurate, and reliable. Ryan Conway – Red Bull, Vice President of On Premise – North America

♦  As with PepsiCo, Red Bull has come back to have additional work done for a few years now.  Our expert Data Visualization Experts are the reason the clients come back again and again.  5-Star Smarter Microsoft Solutions.


Ryan Conway hired us to work with Red Bull and he wrote that glowing testimonial.



You don’t want this to happen to you, like it did to Red Bull, before they hired us for a Smarter Microsoft Solution. While two of our competitors bailed on this project with Red Bull, we rather designed an entirely new system, and we then went on to deliver a 5-Star solution that earned us repeat projects with Red Bull. When a firm like Red Bull calls, you need to make sure to deliver 5-Star solutions and services, those opportunities do not come everyday. I mean we love Red Bulls brand and their products, and we consume them regularly, just as we do PepsiCo and Chic-fil-a brands and products. The snack and beverage market is billions and these are the firms at the top of the space. Love whom we work with. The 5-Star Advantage; Smarter Microsoft Solutions. Hire the best, forget the rest. We are as solid as they come, and then some:


…. After having two other firms take on the project and then bail, I was panicked and desperate to get the project completed in what was now a very tight time frame….



Smarter Microsoft Solutions, the 5-Star Advantage, as solid as they come.


The home of the 5-Star Advantage and our Smarter Microsoft Solutions




3. Our international team of experts have helped over 7,000 organizations, large and small 

Business, Government, Education, Non-Profits, all come here for our 5-Star Advantage 


   From the smallest sole proprietors to firms listed in the S&P 100, Government, Education, Non-Profits work with us for a reason. Our team of Microsoft experts has provided professional consulting, programming and training services for thousands of clients over the past 25 years.

   We were hired by Microsoft to develop hundreds of Excel templates that are part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Two of our Microsoft Excel MVPs worked on this project. If you have Microsoft Excel 2013 or 2016 you have our work. It is exciting to know that our Microsoft Excel templates have helped helped millions of people around the globe. If you have not used them they are worth the look, you can see them by opening Excel, click on new, and then pick the Excel template, and/or you can use this link to see all of the Microsoft Excel templates on the Microsoft Website.

   Our Microsoft Help Forum, VBAExpress.Com has helped hundreds of thousands of people. There you can post questions on all of the Microsoft applications, VBA included. Then some of the best minds in the Microsoft applications provide answers, for free. There are tens of thousands of people on there each day, non-stop from all corners of the globe.

   Finally, When we say we wrote the book on Microsoft Excel, Access, and Microsoft Office, we did, literally. The books our team has written on Excel, Access, Word, Outlook and ADO have helped hundreds of thousands of people learn how to program in Microsoft Office. The point is this, many of our competitors learned these applications by reading our books.



4. We are Microsoft Certified, we have been every year since 1994 

We are comprised of Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals), a Microsoft Certified Partner (Since 1994) and of career Microsoft Excel and Access experts, with decades of experience when it comes to implementing and developing custom Microsoft application driven solutions. Our senior team is composed of award-winning specialists, certified by Microsoft, that have specific, first-hand industry knowledge. We know and understand the needs of your organization, be it a business, a government agency, an educational institution, or a non-profit or an individual. All get the same 5-Star service and solutions.


certification-banner Talon Computer Associates, Microsoft Certified Partner, Excel MVP prpgrammers.


If Microsoft taps our Excel and Power BI expertise to run their business, so should you   



4.b Microsoft is a repeat client of ours  

Our Microsoft Excel MVPs have worked with the Microsoft Corporation several times now. We developed 70% of the Microsoft Excel templates that come inside your copy of Microsoft Excel. We also worked with Microsoft on several Power BI applications to be used internally at Microsoft. If Microsoft taps our expertise to run their business, so should you.


Christopher and his team are amazing! They are incredibly responsive and do a fantastic job of managing even the most complex of projects.

Microsoft is a repeat Excel and Power BI client of ours. Microsoft Excel 2013 Template Project, Two of our top Microsoft Excel MVP’s worked on this Excel template programming project with Microsoft. One of our top Excel MVP’s worked with Microsoft on two Power BI projects for us, for internal use at Microsoft. It is really nice to be able to work with Microsoft.



   Hire a Firm Microsoft Certifies, Hire a Firm Microsoft Hires   

Talon Computer Associates has been a Microsoft Certified Partner every year since 1994. We are still today.

We have been a Microsoft Certified Partner every year since 1994.




5.a  Our group of companies have been in business for 25+ years now, founded in Irvine in 1994. 

We have more experience than 95% of our competitors as we have been assisting clients around the world since 1994, under a different name, different corp type. You will have to look long and hard to find a firm that can match that level of experience. And we are not going anywhere for at least the next 15 years.

Toshiba hired Excel and Access, LLC to build them a fully integrated and automated system for accounting and finance to share. My company (Toshiba in Irvine, CA) hired Excel and Access in 2009 to improve our financial planning model by setting up Access databases to process the huge amount of data we deal with on daily and monthly basis. Mr. Fennell not only understood our business needs well and reflected them in Access, but his work was done so accurately that 4 years later, we’re still using his work. He also did a great job training all our individuals to maintain the databases and make changes as our business needs evolved over the years, over 6 years later in 2016, we’re still utilizing the same model without a problem. I highly recommend Mr. Fennel and his company to anyone who is looking for an expert, knowledgeable consultant. I will not work with anyone other than Excel and Access, LLC. Majid Soroosh – Toshiba



Majid was the Senior Financial Analyst at Toshiba at that time, great guy.




It is very very hard to find a 5-Star firm in the Microsoft consulting space that has been in business since 1994, nor one that has anywhere near this much daily hands on Excel and Access programming experience. This is all we do, this is all we have ever done, 60+ hours a week, decade after decade.  We have been programming in Excel since version 1 in 1985, for the Mac, and ever since.  How can someone have more Excel programming experience than that?

When it comes to the Microsoft Office and Database applications, we are both the application subject matter experts as well as Professional Microsoft Data Visualization Experts, that is how we make our living.




5.b Not a freelancer website, not an after-hours individual, not a company of one, but rather a fully staffed, international corporation with a team of top Excel, Access SQL Server Consultants and Trainers   


   Think hard before you commit your funds, your business and your reputation to that freelancer.  Sure, the cost is ultra low, but with that said, will you get what you paid for, will you get expert results?  Will the freelancer even complete your project as envisioned?  If history is anything, then it is likely that you will not.


   Most of our competitors are either an after-hours freelancer a company of one (just them and whatever skills they have, no other resources avialable). They often have a traditional day job, where some use of Excel is part of their tasks, and then they do either Excel or Access work in the evenings and over the weekend as an independent freelancer. They are often called the office Excel guru where they work because they can do a few things in Excel that others cannot do, such as Pivot Tables or they are good with VLookups. But that is a far cry from an Excel expert.

Rather work with a team of Microsoft Certified Excel MVP’s, Excel experts, and Excel subject matter experts and advanced data visualization experts.

    We however do this fulltime; this is all we do, and we do it at the expert level, such as Microsoft Excel MVPs, Microsoft Access MVPs, etc., the cream of the crop. For example, one of my Excel MVPs is now working directly for Microsoft on the Excel Team. It does not get much better than that. As such we can do the most advanced things such as Power BI and Azure.
   We have had so many projects where there were up to 5 people working on a project. For example we had a large project in Orange County where we had four Microsoft Excel MVPs working on it full-time, that lasted over a year, with much of that onsite. Having the ability to add as many consultants and programmers to the job as needed, in order to make deadlines is something that we can do, that sets us apart.
   And here is the important part, we are a fully staffed international corporation and as such we are almost always available and reachable. We are one of the largest and most successful companies in the local and international space, as we have been since 1994. In comparison most of our competitors just came around in the past 1 to 5 years.




When it comes to business purposes, hiring an independent Excel freelancer is almost always the wrong choice, except for very simple and very small needs where being an expert is not needed and where getting the work done correctly is not really that important either, I mean what do you expect from an independent after-hours freelancer? Their actual skills are quite low when compared to full-time Excel and Access programmers.

Like ordering your dinner off of a 99 cents menu, is it really what you would call dinner from a “restaurant”, or just a low cost, high salt and high fat, frozen and then fried foods, what are you really getting for your money? Quality?

Not a quality meal, and not an Excel expert.  Quality or just a super low quality product at a lower price?



Sometimes you get exactly what you pay for, often that is very little; what did you expect for $5?


Independent after hours freelancers for $5




When you have an urgently critical and timely need that needs to be addressed now, who will answer the phone when you call the freelancer you hired?  The freelancer, or the owner of the freelancer website that you paid, Anyone?   Will you get the support you paid for, or are you left holding the ball, on your own, no way to move forward until you hear from the missing programmer, if you again hear from the programmer, as it happens sometimes they go mia and never return, and it happens more than a lot. Ask Red Bull, happened to them twice. Forget that, forget the rest, hire the best, Christopher and Maria at


Google Business Reviews 5-Stars in New York and Irvine.


We answer the phone when our clients call, that is our job, we own and operate the company, Call Maria to discuss your project,  877-392-3539   





Step 1: Contact Us for a Free Consultation, Step 2: Hire Us, Step 3: Be Happy You Did.

We know that you want to know the cost (an estimate) of the work to be done so that you can get company approval. We get that. We would as well. As such, at our company we offer free consultations in order to evaluate your needs, in complete detail. We are then in a position to provide you with a written estimate for the work, both in terms of time and dollars, either fixed-bid or by the hour.

If you or your organization needs certified Microsoft experts who’s services get the job done on time and on budget, please give us a call at 877-392-3539 or send us an email or use the Chat window.


Amazon hires us for our Excel and Access programming services This is my recommendation for Christopher at Excel and Access, LLC and his team of Microsoft Excel and Access experts. He is a detail-oriented professional who has very quick solutions for complex Excel VBA, Access VBA and SQL projects. I contacted Christopher at 9:30PM on a Sunday evening with a critical need. He replied within minutes, and let me know he would have one of his Microsoft Excel MVPs reach out to help, and I found that the MVP really knew Excel. I asked for an Excel VBA solution and they quickly delivered the workbook within an hour. It was really a great experience to work with Christopher and hopefully I will have the opportunity to explore further. I recommend Christopher and the rest of the team at Excel and Access experts. – K. Kumar, Senior Executive, Amazon.Com


You guys are awesome! A very big thank you to Jacob for his VBA brilliance and Christopher for being so responsive and prompt in your replies. You guys are awesome! Words cannot express how grateful I am to you guys for your patience and assistance in my VBA project! Excellent job!


Wow! This is great. Thanks for the speedy results! I was desperate to find someone that could help me with my Excel scheduling issues and searched the web until I found you. I sent an email saying “Help!” and got an immediate response. You handled my needs with patience and professionalism and actually had my issue solved the same day. Now I can start my freelance job on Monday feeling confident and prepared. I will use you again and gladly recommend you to anyone in need of your expertise.


About Us: At ExcelConsultant.Net we specialize in building applications that are not only advanced but that are also so simple to use, true point-and-click graphical user interface.  User friendly is built-in our Graphical User Interface, it is a “Smarter Microsoft Solution” after-all.

We work in all of the Microsoft applications (Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, Power Point, SQL Server, Azure and Power BI). As a Microsoft Certified Partner for the past  25 years and counting, we have worked at the expert level. What else would you expect from a Microsoft Excel MVP such as Jacob Hildebrand?

If there is something you need to have done in any of the Microsoft applications, built by the top Microsoft Data Visualization experts in the field, one that offers a lifetime guarantee on the work, our international staff of Microsoft Excel, Access, Office and Power BI experts are here to build that custom Microsoft solution with you.


In addition to creating the documents and applications that businesses use to run their businesses, we are able to make our clients more efficient and accurate in all of the Microsoft applications, allowing them to do things they never did before. Our Microsoft Excel MVPs will cut the time and the cost that it takes your staff to perform the complex, time consuming, manual and repetitive tasks.


Our Microsoft Excel Consultant site is powered by the Excel and Access, LLC group of companies which have been in operation since 1994. We are a team of international Microsoft experts composed of professional Microsoft consultants, expert programmers and certified trainers. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide local support with operation hubs in most major cities around the US, Canada, and the UK.




John Winston has hired us for decades for our Access programming work. Christopher, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for pairing me up with your Excel developer Jacob. I had a fairly sized project that needed to be completed quickly and with accuracy. Not only did he deliver on those parts, he completely exceeded my expectations when it came to pulling my AS/400 data into Excel and formatting it properly for flash reporting. All requests were completed 100% and nothing was left undone. I can’t imagine having anyone else do my Excel development. Great job on providing the right talent to satisfy any customers needs.

I have worked with Helen Feddema and Christopher Fennell since 2003. Christopher’s exemplary service combined with prompt and accurate billing makes doing business with him a pleasurable experience. Additionally, Helen’s deep knowledge of Microsoft Access has saved me time and time again from crippling project delays. Her quick turn-around time and accurate work have made her a pleasure to work with as well.

Ms. Feddema is an expert MS Access database designer and programmer. She will keep you from making errors when designing your database so that future expansion is not restricted which is critical for a successful, robust product. Ms. Feddema is very quick at understanding and solving problems even when she is not completely familiar with the technical aspects, mathematics, etc. of the project. We are very happy that she is helping us design and program our new database.

John Winston Radiological Physics, Inc., (John has worked with three of our staff since 2003).


The 5-Star Advantage; Smarter Microsoft Solutions logo



We are the only 5-Star Rated, International Microsoft Certified services provider, employing top Excel MVP’s, with a 25+ year track record of providing superior services to business, government agencies, non-profits, educational institutions, and individuals That is thousands of clients, thousands of projects, and a whole lot of 5-Star Reviews  We love what we do and we love whom we work with.


Want to know who you will be working with – Meet our Senior Team.


If you are still not convinced that we are the corporation that you should hire, then here are even more reasons why you should hire us.


If you want to learn how to successfully Hire a Microsoft Excel, Access or Power BI Consultant, Read The Definitive Guide To Hiring a Microsoft Excel, Access or Power BI Consultant, this link will give you plenty of guidelines to consider.





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